Wutai War

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The Wutai War is an ongoing military conflict into its final months. It is a conflict between the modern power of Shinra against the fiercely independent western island nation of Wutai. The war has been raging since [ μ ] – εуλ 1992.

The Conflict

The initial spark was over a dispute of a Mako Reactor. Shinra wished to place a Reactor at Wutai, and thus economically dominate the nation like the rest of the world. However, Wutai, lead by Godo Kisaragi, refused to surrender to Shinra authority. From this point, a long conflict began.

Shinra held a clear advantage over Wutai; its power dominates the entire rest of the Planet. They also held the world's most advanced technology, having planes, machine guns, robots, and the genetically enhanced special forces unit, SOLDIER. Sephiroth, still in SOLDIER at the time, became world famous as the hero of the war, inspiring many young men to dream of joining the organization to become a hero just like him. Shinra was able to conscript forces from around the entire Planet.

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