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Yuffie overlooking Wutai from Da Chao Mountain.

Wutai is the nation occupying the western-most continent on The Planet, although the name is also primarily used to refer to the nations' only known major settlement, Wutai Village. The countries' people are also referred to as Wutai.

A once proud, powerful and independent nation state known for its peoples' honor and mystique, they were engaged in a war with the ShinRa Electric Power Company- referred to as the Wutai War. Rebellious elements of Wutai have also been known to collaborate with AVALANCHE, even going so far as to give AVALANCHE a base of operations.

The nations' guardian deity is Leviathan and as such the god's likeness appears throughout the nations' architecture through banners, flags, and statue representations.



As mentioned previously the nation of Wutai occupies the western-most continent on The Planet. While comparable in size to the other continents the majority of Wutai's landmass is occupied by mountainous terrain and forests. The only way to access the continent via the ocean is via a beach head along the southern tip, the rest of the landmass is skirted by cliffs. The town of Wutai is located to the north of the continent at a forest and river junction at the foot of the Da Chao Mountain.

The People of Wutai

Wutai soldier.
Wutai civilian.

The Wutai people, much like the culture and settlement, are based primarily off of Japan and China. They have the characteristics, appearance and somewhat stereotypical personality traits of real-world East Asia.

Wutai soldiers wear Samurai-like uniforms of green and orange, the color of which dictate rank, and wield varieties of halberds with gun attachments. Another notable Wutai weapon is the oversized Shuriken.

The nation is traditionally ruled by a monarchy, whose leader resides in a large pagoda overlooking the village. Wutai is ruled by Godo Kisaragi, his daughter, Yuffie Kisaragi, is next in line for the throne.

Characters born in Wutai


Wutai War

Wutai troops.

In 1992, the Shinra Electric Power Company sought to control the Wutai area as an ideal area for a Mako Reactor. At the time Wutai was the last area on the Planet which remained free of Shinra's control, and fiercely defended its independence. Although putting up a good fight, they were eventually defeated, mostly thanks to the might of SOLDIER and legendary SOLDIER operatives such as Sephiroth; the war officially ending in February of [ v ] – εуλ 0001.


Some of the locations found in Wutai include:

Wutai Forces


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