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The Turks, also known as the Investigation Sector of the General Affairs Department or the Department of Administrative Research, serve as the ShinRa Electric Power Company's intelligence organization; They perform black operations, reconnaissance, espionage, kidnappings, and assassinations. The Turks rely on exceptional training, high-tech gadgets, and their base intuition to see their missions through. No matter the job, they get it done!



Turk Culture

The Turks are most easily labeled as an intelligence bureau, but they have their fingers in a variety of other relevant and more morally defunct areas. Every mission a Turk undertakes has ShinRa's best interests in mind and must be adhered to until its completion. A common sentiment expressed to those seeking entry into the Turks expresses their commitment best, "We are the Turks. We complete the mission. No matter what." Despite the huge amounts of freedom and power afforded to the Turks, they represent security risks should they ever decide to leave. Retirement is rarely seen in the Turks and those who see it rarely remain permanently so.

Turks all adhere to a typical uniform while on the job but are given some leniency to allow personal tastes to shine through. A Turk typically wears a black business suit, a black tie, a black pair of boots or shoes, and a white shirt. An individual may choose to compliment their ensemble with gloves, jewelry or glasses, concealed armor, or they may choose to lose the tie and leave the top buttons of their shirt unbuttoned. The Turks can often present as 'normal' ShinRa employees and it could be argued their choice of attire is consequently intentional.

Agents receive most, if not all of, their equipment from the Research Department QMC. Often shortened to QMC, this department serves under the Turks' flag to explore technology that serves beneficially to the missions the Turks undergo. Concealable armor, cameras hidden in glasses, and collapsible stun batons are all examples of the sorts of devices churned out through the Research Department QMC.

Turk Prospection

Since the Turks' authority is only superseded by that of the President's, himself, members are privileged to very sensitive information; Because of this, the Turks are incredibly selective and careful on who they recruit. The first step on any individual's trek toward Turk begins with prospection, where the interested party serves as a disposable and deniable asset.

A Turk prospect is someone who's still working to prove their worth to the company and to the Turks. Often, a prospect starts off with no known ties to the General Affairs department, allowing them to be assigned as penetrating agents to other groups such as gangs, rebel organizations, or even planted as moles within the paramilitary.

Once a prospect has piqued the interest of an agent, they are assigned a handler. The handler serves as that prospect's line to the Turks, as their trainers over the coming months, and as their boss for the duration of their prospection. The handler will usually assign the prospect to a long-term project such as the above, joining an enemy group under cover or performing lower level investigations that a Turk doesn't have the time to commit to. The handler will also select missions from their own docket to share or assign to their prospect, or fabricate scenarios, with the intent to test and stress the prospect.

Should a prospect manage to succeed during the time as under their handler, they are inducted into the group as a Junior Turk.

Junior Turks

A Junior Turk is recognized by the company as an agent with some restrictions placed on their authority and to the information they have access to. A Junior Turk will spend the next month recieving training at an off-the-books facility known only as 'The Farm'.

This is where the Turk's final tests reside: Personality exams, incredibly thorough background checks, and medical profiling confirm the Junior Turk's ability to perform and adhere to their job.

Aside from the battery of exams, the Junior Turk phase of their career represents their reward after have proven their commitment. They are given increasing access to the Turks' suite of gadgets, given extensive trainings on the 'tradecraft' involved in an intelligence agency, as well as brought up on a combination of martial disciplines. This is where a Turk is taught how to be a Turk.

Ace Turks

Should a Turk prove themselves capable of going above and beyond the job they signed on for, a promotion to Ace Turk is in order. An Ace Turk is the upper echelon of what an agent is capable of, often already trained extensively in their area of focus, the promotion comes with a healthy pay bump and access to QMC+, a subdivision of the Research Department QMC that provides technology on the cutting edge. Although the position comes with no official increase in authority, especially over other Turks, they're often looked to as respected veterans within the division- those whose commitment all aspire toward.

Standard-Issue Equipment

Grappling Hook

Turk Territory

The Turk Floor
Wall Market Pub
"The Farm"

Turk Musical Themes

Original Final Fantasy 7 Turks Theme
Before Crisis Turks Theme
Crisis Core Turks Theme
Advent Children Turks Theme
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Tseng -Field Commander-

Kitsune Tenkishu -Field Leader-

-Ace Turks-

Adewale ObiArynn ValenFaith JinTelyn AmellZuelia Y'settia


Alecto SciarriCarlos PullanDarcy AdlerHikaki TenkishuTim Rygast

Junior Turks

Cypress LeclairGeorgia HaleKate NoelLori WhiteMaria BredalYuuko Ja'fir


BaronMiko Flores

Faction Leaders

Colby Radek

List of all Turk Characters


Turk Management
About the Turks

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