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The Planet, (sometimes referred to as "Gaia") is the name of the world in which Compilation of Final Fantasy VII- and by extension, SLFF7, takes place.



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The Planet from space

The Planet is made up of three unnamed continents: one in the east, one in the west, and one in the north. Other large islands include the Mideel island south of the Eastern Continent part of a long chain of islands, a large forested island that holds the Temple of the Ancients in the southwest of the Eastern Continent, and a long island to the west of the Western Continent that is home to Wutai. Most of the world has a temperate climate with large grassy plains broken up by tall mountains. The Icicle Area taking up the entire Northern Continent is made up of a massive plain of ice known as the Great Glacier. At the northern tip of the landmass is a gigantic crater called the North Crater that has a cave inside known as the Northern Cave which leads deep into the bowels of the Planet. The most prominent desert is in the Western Continent below Gold Saucer. Marshlands can be found in the Eastern Continent in front of the Mythril Mine in the Grasslands Area.


The Planet is not simply a planet in space, it is a living organism from which all living creatures are born and to where they all return upon death. Its life blood is the Lifestream, a flow of energy that contains all the knowledge of all the creatures that ever lived on its surface. Since the Planet is a living creature, it has a mind of its own. Humans with special powers, called Cetra, can speak directly with the Planet. Being alive, the Planet creates protectors called WEAPONs to be summoned whenever the Planet feels threatened.

Minerva seems to have some kind of connection to the will of the Planet, and she may be its Goddess, though is also referred to as a Summon.


Ancient History

Approximately 2000 years before the start of Final Fantasy VII, the Planet was home to an ancient nomadic group of people called the Cetra. The Cetra were close to their homeworld, and could communicate with it. One day, an extraterrestrial being crashed into the Northern Continent, causing a massive wound in the Planet's surface that would one day be called the North Crater. This creature was Jenova. Jenova used her power to take the form of Cetra and trick their loved ones into letting their guard down. Slowly, Jenova destroyed most of the Cetra, until what remained of their number sealed Jenova away. Humans, a branch of the Cetra who abandoned their nomadic ways and built permanent settlements, largely survived the calamity, and became the dominant race on the Planet. The Cetra were reduced to almost nothing, the only signs of their existence being the ruins called the Forgotten Capital on the Northern Continent.

Shinra's Rise

2000 years later, humans have inhabited the Planet. A former weapons manufacturer, the Shinra Electric Power Company run by President Shinra, finds a way to harness the Planet's Lifestream to create Mako energy. With this power, humans build titanic mechanical wonders, such as the great city of Midgar on the Eastern Continent. However, the power slowly sucks the lifeblood out of the Planet, and the world is slowly dying. The area around Midgar becomes a dead-zone of perpetual night. Hoping to find the fabled Promised Land, Shinra hunts for the Cetra's remnants. Instead, all they find is the sealed Jenova. Thinking Jenova to be an "Ancient", Shinra starts the Jenova Project to breed a human with Cetra powers. The company slowly grows from a mere corporation to the world's de facto ruler. The only state that continues to oppose Shinra is Wutai. After the Wutai War, Shinra takes over that territory as well, and holds complete control over the Planet.

Two separate threats appear to oppose its rule. AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist army that wants to destroy Shinra and save the Planet from the threat posed by Mako power. One AVALANCHE commander called Fuhito betrays the organization and summons a monster called Zirconiade. A group of Shinra defectors from the Turks, a Shinra secret agent force, defeat Zirconiade in the Midgar slums. At the same time, Genesis Rhapsodos, a member of Shinra's special forces, the SOLDIERs, and a child of the Jenova Project, also defects from Shinra. He leads an army of his copies to fight the corporation and his former SOLDIER friends.


There are only two known sentient races on the Planet: humanoids, such as the Cetra, humans and demi-humans; and Red XIII's Species, who have far longer lifespans than humans but have never been known to build civilizations, existing only in small numbers. Outside of worship of the Planet itself, and Wutai's worship of the summons, no other established religions are known. The ancient epic LOVELESS mentions a Goddess, though no organized religion for her exists- she lacks a distinct dogma.

The world's calendar is the same as the real world Gregorian calendar, with twelve months of the same name and 365 days.There is a day of celebration at the end of December similar to Christmas. The world seems to be divided into Time Zones as well, since the Midgar trains run on Midgar Standard Time.

The Planet is heavily modern- with television, Cellphones, cars, planes, and all kinds of modern amenities that require massive power sources, such as Mako energy. Before Mako, the town of Corel was a coal exporter, and after Mako the people returned to fossil fuels again. However, only the major cities seem to enjoy all of the benefits of high technology, while the smaller towns around the world are stuck in a far less developed state. Thanks to easy transportation, several towns are tourist areas, such as the beach town of Costa del Sol, the resort of Wutai, and the ski-slopes of Icicle Inn.

List of Locations

Eastern Continent

Western Continent

Northern Continent

Wutai Continent

Mideel Continent

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