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The ruined towns below Midgar were largely demolished but they still serve as Slums to the needy people of the city. Either because they love the land too much, or because they're too poor to move up to the Upper Plate, the Slums is just as big as the upper city itself and is still counted as a part of the city.



Sector 5

A commercial town in the slums, Sector 5 is made mostly of a circle of stores and homes, illuminated by large screens. It holds stores, warehouses and includes the Sector 5 Church, one of the only places in Midgar one can find flowers. Notably, Left 4 Sale, the Item Shop can be found here.

Sector 5 stores.
The Warehouse and Street outside of Sector 5
The secluded Church

Sector 6

A series of shops and buildings, Sector 6 is famous for its popular shopping area, Wall Market. It is also home to a now iconic park. Above Sector 6 is a large half-built highway.

Part of Sector 6

Sector 7

One of the main Slum Towns in Midgar, Sector 7 is where most depart the train- it is one of the few slums with a direct train route to the upper plate. As well as the train, it holds a large electronic support pillar. Sector 7 itself holds a variety of stores and multi-storey housing complexes, including the Seventh Heaven bar and, more importantly, the Happy Materia Shop.

Sector 7 Station
Sector 7
Sector 7 Support Tower

Characters born in the Slums

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