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Current: ShinRa Public Safety Department

Referred to as: ShinRa Peacekeeping Troops, Paramilitary, ShinRa Army or ShinRa Security Forces (SSF). They are the official armed forces of ShinRa Electric Power Company.

It is the duty of members of the Paramilitary to protect Shinra and it's assets from terror threats, war and other entities that would seek to damage the company and its holdings. The Shin-Ra Public Safety Department falls under the Department of Public Safety Maintenance & Peace Preservation, which is overseen by Director Heidegger. It works in conjunction with all other departments within Shinra as an all-purpose military powerhouse, picking up the slack and charging into battle with courage and determination.

Chain of Command

President Shinra:

Founder and owner of Shin-Ra Inc. The absolute authority on everything related to the company. Responsible for all major decisions.

Vice-President Rufus Shinra:

The overall "face" of the Company and also responsible for ensuring the President's orders are carried out appropriately.

Board of Directors:

Considered the VIPs of Shin-Ra Inc. Each member directly oversees a specific Division within the Company. While they generally do not get involved in military affairs, occasionally they require the support of the Paramilitary.

Director Heidegger:

Member of the Board of Directors and head of the Shin-Ra Paramilitary. Responsible for overseeing all major military operations as well as reviewing and approving Officer promotions. While a member of the Board of Directors, Director Heidegger currently commands most of the departments.

High Command:

Coordinating with the Director Heidegger, their duties and tasks varies depending on each officer and also assist with the current officers below them to handle several duties relating to the overall security of the Shin-Ra Tower.

Brigadier General Zedrick (Diabolicalsaint cioc)
Major Worslei (Worslei Resident)
Major Soma (Izenagi Resident)

Commissioned Officers and Field Officers: These people are responsible with day to day operations of the Paramilitary forces. Upon reaching the minimum rank of Sergeant, an MP can chose to be either a commissioned officer or a field officer and their progression monitored throughout their time in the military as an MP. Both branches are capable of doing the tasks of the other, however, the responsiblities are divided to ensure the duties of the Shin-Ra Public Safety officer can be fully optimized. Commissioned Officers are responsible for the administrative and internal operations of the Shin-Ra Public Safety Department as well as being involved in the welfare of the military personnels’ progression and contribution to the Shin-Ra’s infrastructure. Field Officers focused on enemy engagement and hands-on approach when training cadets and MPs under them. They are rarely at the tower and commonly out and about on the upperplate or the perimeters of the prison facility.

Company Commanders (CCs): Commanders who run one of the three companys under the Shin-Ra Public Safety Department, a Company Commander can be either a Commissioned Officer or a Field Officer and are responsible for overseeing the professional progression of the MPs’ physical, mental and emotional stability throughout their employment tenure under Shin-Ra.

ShinRa Icon.png
Alpha Company Commander:


ShinRa Icon.png
Bravo Company Commander:

-Second Lieutenant Cathirine Ronoke "(Monstaar)"

ShinRa Icon.png
Charlie Company Commander:

-First Lieutenant Zachary Stark "(Seipher Dreadlow)"

Vice Company Commanders (VCCs): Assist the CC in many aspects and takes care of more minor issues. Duties include handling cross-company issues with the assistance of the Company Commanders and carrying out their CC's orders.

ShinRa Icon.png
Alpha VCC:


ShinRa Icon.png
Bravo VCC:

-Master Sergeant Janus Grimory "(Skialo Resident)"

ShinRa Icon.png
Charlie VCC:

-Second Lieutenant Tigerlilly Zhang "(AmalliaShadegate Resident)"

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers [SNCOs]:

SNCOs are the Field Officers of the Paramilitary. They answer directly to the VCC, CC, or XO's. Their ranks are capped at SGM [and receive their R6 rewards early]. Duties include organizing and conducting patrols, directing squad-sized engagements, training enlisted members, and setting strong examples of leadership within the ranks.

Non-Commissioned Officers [NCOs]:

NCOs are the experienced members of the Paramilitary. They answer directly to the VCC or CC. Duties include organizing and conducting patrols, training enlisted members, and setting strong examples of leadership within the ranks.

Additionally, at Sergeant, MPs have the choice to be trained as an officer, working mainly in the background to ensure a smooth running of the military, or continue on the Enlisted Track and primarily be in the field which is advancing to SNCO. Officer Training can be undertaken at any time, and upon passing to the satisfaction of a majority of commissioned officers, will receive a promotion to straight to 2nd Lieutenant. Exams will be held once the MP reaches the rank of Sergeant First Class and after having served one and a half months, can approach an officer to take the exams.


Duties of Enlisted MPs include organizing and conducting patrols, running ID scans, taking post on the Plate to provide a Shin-Ra presence among the civilian populace and maintain order, to stand watch over prisoners, escorting VIPs, creating civilian IDs, as well as any other tasks directed by the Chain of Command. They are also required to attend regular training and sparring sessions to both learn and maintain their skills. Enlisted MPs answer to the NCOs.


The duties of cadets include learning the Paramilitary handbook, demonstrating a knowledge of the rules and regulations of the Paramilitary and attending trainings on combat, patrol duty, ID creation, and division opportunities. The cadet phase ends with the successful completion of the Shin-Ra Cadet Test after a mandatory seven day period. Cadets who fail the test twice are released.

In the absence of command [whether the player playing the officer char is ooc or afk] and during a crisis, all MPs and cadets must follow orders of the next ranking personnel should they give an order ie; SOLDIER, Investigative Department [Turks] etc.

Former Leadership & MPs

Former Officers in charge

Former [?] Junon Command:

General Zeon Ra'Kath [IceWolf Karlfeldt]

Brigadier General Kevin Cooper [Kenji Yalin]

Captain Freya Feltice [Spa Wind]

First Lieutenant Rachel Norosui [Karlhocky Forte]

Former Midgar Command [2006-2013]:

General Gale Trevise [Darshe Aliev] First Class SOLDIER and former Chief of Security

Brigadier General Maste Kaijin [Aurora Tokhes] and Vice Chief of Security

Brigadier General Evir Drakkon [Neo Draken]

Colonel Zedrick [Diabolicalsaint Cioc]

Colonel Samson Caudron [Samson Caudron]

Colonel Jeff Brundle [Rufus Lykin]

Lieutenant Colonel Rikka Langly [Kourtnee Kupfer]

Major Sera Otoro [Sera Otoro]

Major Hidou Kobayashi [Nivanglus Aya]

Major Lux Caelum [Spearman Somerset]

Major Shania Mirajkar (Shania Mirajkar)

Major Nyx Langly [Casey Harden]

Captain Gren Darkwolf [Gren Janus]

Captain Renlu [Renlu Roeth]

Captain Lana [Lianna Nephilim]

Captain Rhian Oris [Ravenna Rossini]

Captain Valerick Goodliffe [Valerick Goodliffe]

Captain Bob Ross [Illyana Rysios]

First Lieutanent Gen Ronmark [Genesis Ronmark]

First Lieutanent Ashalia Ravenshaw [Pheobe Belgar]

First Lieutenant Raelene Carethers [Hollystyx Resident]

Second Lieutenant Baylian Ashheart [Cloud Gainsbourg]

Second Lieutenant Nickolas Leonwolf [MasterIckolas Xaron]

Officer Faust Milev [Faust Milev]

[OOC Note: Some of the names may have been missed out and the ranks jumbled up. A little hard for me to keep track when the pages are not updated or it's deleted guys D: I'm adding these names for history sake]


ShinRa Paramilitary Handbook
Jail time Information

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