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01/13/17 Update:

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11/11/16 Update:

Section 4 Duties rehaul

Welcome to the Shin-Ra Public Safety Department, we are the military force and the first line of defense in upholding public peace and security for the citizens of Midgar whose lives have been made convenient and sustainable thanks to the energy sources utilized and maintained by the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. All information enclosed in this document must be read in order to understand the rules and roles of a Shin-Ra military personnel. By entering this department, and throughout your tenure, you have agreed to follow and uphold the rules and clauses that have been set down by the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. Failure to do so will hold you accountable for your actions. This can result in a warning, right up to dismissal.[OOC: Items that are italicized are regarded as OOC]

Faction Leaders

Zedrick (DiabolicalSaint Cioc)

Worslei (Worslei Resident)


Section 1: Military Decorum

Military Decorum.jpg

Personal Conduct

An MP or cadet should practice self-discipline and maintain a professional military etiquette. Be it lower or higher ranked, all Shin-Ra affiliated personnel are to be treated with respect. (Lose and win with grace and being a good sportsmanship. Lag can happen to anyone. Use loss to improve your IC tactics. Set a good example and everyone will have much more fun.)

Parade rest is to be used when encountering those of an NCO, or SNCO Position.

Come into attention when an Officer/High Commanding member The Salute is given to only those that are a Commissioned Officer, or High Command Position, once you have greeted them, and you are not to break it until they have acknowledged you, are say At Ease. Which is the immediate term to break away back into either Parade rest if they continue to focus on you, or if they specifically tell you other-wise.


All law abiding innocent civilians who have not breached protocols are to be treated fairly. (It’s always good to check on the player OOCly, some new or returning players are still not familiar with the new environment and might not know whether they are doing right or wrong.)


Depending on severity, a criminal or prisoner loses his/her right to be treated as a civilian until they have fully served their time and punishment. Terrorist/Rebel affiliated members are excluded from this.As long as they are affiliated with AVALANCHE, they their rights to be treated as a Civilian is ultimately lost.

Section 2: Uniforms

  • ON - DUTY: Full-uniform and gear as provided. Exceptions are made when an On-Duty military personnel is on break in which case, the helmet can be removed when indoors unless ordered by an officer to adorn them.
  • OFF - DUTY: Civilian clothings. Military personnel can carry their com to keep themselves up to date with the latest news. MPs are encourage to use their Off-Duty time to relax, recuperate and interact with civilians without the uniforms. (Who knows what you might run into!)

Shin-Ra Cadet

Cadet Uni.jpg
A bed and storage unit will be provided for personnel to place their belongings in and rest if they do not have a residential place to stay. For Demi-humans: tails are to be tucked in, boots and gloves are to be worn without any modification. Upon entering Private, you may wear either brown or blue tinted digiboots. (The requirement is that the digiboots need to be plain and simple and subjected to approval. PDAs, Shin-Ra IDs, ID Scanners, Handcuffs, keycards and rank pins are generally RPed out and do not necessarily require the physical object for it.) After a period of 3-7 days, a cadet can approach an officer to ask for a cadet exam. Cadets who have passed their exams are promoted to a full MP with the rank of Private. Cadets who have failed, however, will be required to take the exam again at a later date once they have gone through the handbook. Repeated fails in the exams will result in a dismissal. Cadets who have not reported for duty after a week will be terminated.

Full MP

Once promoted to a full MP, at the rank of Private, the MP can have the option to equip themselves with a tonfa and also able to use their own personal weapon while On-Duty. Enlisted.jpg


To progress in ranks, MPs are given an allocated number of modifications depending on rank. All modifications are subjected to approval and can be rejected. Extra modification allowances may be given to those who outperform but these can still be taken away as punishment if it deems fit. See Section 2.5 for modification allowances per rank.

Free Mods, these are but not limited to:

  • Face Masks (same color as scarf)
  • Visors
  • Medic Glove
  • Undershirt (Black or white)
  • Sleeve removal (Rolled up)

Restricted Modifications, these are but not limited to:

  • Pauldron artwork, no obscenities or offensive images
  • Non-standard issue gloves and boots
  • Three or more pouches/medical kits
  • Additional body armor (Sergeant or above)

Illegal Modifications, these are but not limited to:

  • Recoloring (Of any kind; metal, leather, fatigues, scarf, etc)
  • Removal of helmet pieces or adding objects onto it
  • Use of something other than standard shirt and pants

Officer Uniforms

Commissioned Officer / Company Commander: Uniform is green with dark pants, helmet, pauldrons and includes all other parts of the uniforms.

Vice-Company Commander: Uniform is red with dark pants, helmet, pauldrons and includes all other parts of the uniforms.

High Command: Overall uniform is black with black scarf and includes all other parts of the uniforms.

Warrant Officer & Master Warrant: OOverall uniform is black with red scarf and includes all other parts of the uniforms.

Dress Uniforms: Formal Wear to be worn at ceremonies, official receptions, and other special occasions. (They are not mandatory, you can search 'Defectiva' for the most commonly-used dress uniform)

Rank Structure

(The rank insignias are as follow, indicating your rank in the VII:DS Overhead will mean that you are ICly wearing your rank pin in your uniform. You can also wear the rank insignia if you have the object to attach on. For a timeline progression and period needed to grade, refer to google sheet link here MP HUD & RANKS. Do keep note that those who are inactive for a prolonged period without notification will be removed. Inform your Faction Leader in advance.)

High Command

[O-10] General [GEN.]

[O-9] Lieutenant General [LTG.]

[O-8] Major General [MG.]

[O-7] Brigadier General [BG.]

[O-6] Colonel [COL.]

[O-5] Lieutenant Colonel [LTC.]

[O-4] Major [MAJ.]

Commissioned Officers [Black Scarf]

For Commissioned Officers, SFC ranked MPs who have pass their Commissioned Officer exams will proceed to the rank of Second Lieutenent and up to Captain and then serving up to a year or more to proceed to the rank of Major

[O-3] Captain [CPT.] [Unlimited Mods]

[O-2] 1st Lieutenant [1LT.]

[O-1] 2nd Lieutenant [2LT.] [4 Modification Allowances]

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers [SNCOs] [Red Scarf]

For Field Officers, the MPs who have passed the SNCO exams will progressed to Master Sergeant and up to Sergeant Major and then serving up to a year or more to proceed to Warrant Officer.

[E-9] Sergeant Major [SGM.]

[E-8] First Sergeant [1SG.]

[E-8] Master Sergeant [MSG.] [3 Modification Allowances]

Non-Commissioned Officers [NCOs] [Teal Scarf]

[E-7] Sergeant First Class [SFC.] [Able to take C.O test]

[E-6] Staff Sergeant [SSG.]

[E-5] Sergeant [SGT.] [Able to apply for C.O]

Enlisted [Yellow Scarf]

[E-4] Corporal [CPL.] [2 Modification Allowances]

[E-3] Private First Class [PFC.]

[E-2] Private [1 Modification Allowances]

[E-1] Cadet

Section 3: Equipment

Shin-Ra military personnels are able to retrieve their equipment from the barracks upon being hired (activated by SPSD group tag). Any loss of item has to be reported at the earliest possible opportunity to the Shin-Ra HQ.


The weapons a Shin-Ra military personnel can use are, but these are not limited to;

  • Tonfa
  • Single-handed Melee
  • Two-handed Melee
  • Tomahawks
  • Combat Knives
  • Materia
  • Basic Rifle
  • Grenades (Required to have RCS Grenades to use)
  • Flash Bangs (Required to have RCS Flash Bangs to use)
  • Heavy Ordinance (IC training)
  • Sniper Rifle (IC training)

Illegal Weaponry are things such as Gunblades (can be worn when off-duty), buster swords or any overly sized weaponry. High Command has freedom to carry any weapon. (Please consider the size of your weapon, one that is as thick as your body OR as tall as you would be hard to wield)


Provided upon reaching the rank of Private, the Shin-Ra MP Helmet comes with unique features for the MP’s daily duties.

Shin-Ra MP Helmet.jpg

Materia Bangles & Necklaces Optional. All other jewelry must be either removed or concealed while on duty. (Please be sparing with these, one bangle is enough to hold your Materia.)

Chest Plates Optional upon reaching Sergeant but should only be worn when going into a dangerous situation that warrants it. (Chest plates may stop penetration but does not diminish the kinetic impact. People in bullet-resistant vests still get broken ribs, subdermal bleeding, etc.)

Shields/Riot Shields Optional upon reaching Corporal. Inappropriately decorated shields are prohibited. IE: skulls, dragon heads, etc. (You are also required to realistically account for a shield in your RP. Depending on size, material and weight, they can hinder your flexibility and choice of weaponry.)

PDA A direct link to the vast Shin-Ra Network Database where documentations, announcements (group notices) and emails (IMs) can be accessed on the go especially if you don’t have the other party’s personal frequency or personal contact number. Access to the database requires a login and security key which is logged onto the main server in the tower.

ID Scanner The ID Card Scanner is used to ID civilians or suspicious persons. The ID is swiped through the slot of the scanner which will then process the data and shows up as either Red, Yellow or Green. The MP is also able to see the name on the ID as well as the photo, and can look into further particulars of the civilian by keying in their security code. (Take note that fake IDs can be scanned as legitimate depending on the source. IE; An Avalanche Mechanical Division Leader with more experience)

  • RED: To be arrested and processed in the cells to serve out their time. The MP should com in to alert the Headquarters that they are bringing in a Red ID civilian. This is so that other MPs can be on standby in case there is trouble.
  • YELLOW: Civilian has been marked for suspicious activity previously but no concrete cause for arrest yet. The MP can check for details of the past activity of the civilian and then decide whether to bring the civilian in for questioning or let off with a warning.
  • GREEN: Civilian has not committed any crime

Section 4: Duties

The Shin-Ra MPs are regularly utilized for a variety of tasks. They include, but are not limited to, the following:

Missions / Events:

All MPs/cadets are expected to follow the orders of the personnel who is leading the mission/event and work efficiently together to accomplish the missions' goal. The missions/events vary from off-city assignments to executive protections that are requested for by the Executives.

Public Safety Enforcement:

Patrols, posts and roaming, are conducted daily to give the citizens of Midgar a sense of security and presence of Shin-Ra.

Security Installation:

Setting up a perimeter on an area of interest and ensuring all external complications are handled within efficient timing.

ID Processings:

ID Processings includes the creation of IDs for civilians and the scanning of IDs. These are to be done when called for or when there is an alert of a situation. (You can also IM the person to ask if they’ve been IDed by another MP and if they are fine being IDed again. It gets annoying if the same person gets IDed every few hours.)

Patrols,Posts & Roams


  • Roams can be done alone, ableit frequent Radio calls is encouraged to ensure that the wellbeing is safe. If engaged in combat, radio in as soon as you have a safe chance to do so. Roams are limited to the Upperplate. The Sewers, or the slums are not allowed to be ventured into alone freely.

Upperplate Patrol (Minimum two personnel)

  • Patrol Leader (MP of any rank)
  • Cadet or MP [COM Duty]

Slums and Sewer Patrol (2 personnel required. 4 Recommended.)

  • Patrol Leader (MP of any rank)
  • Cadet or MP (Com Duty)
  • MP, Marine, or Grunt (MP of any rank)
  • MP, Marine, or Grunt (MP of any rank)
  • SOLDIER or Mighty Grunt to be on standby (if available)

COM Duty personnel must state the objective of their patrol (sector roam, slum patrol, etc.) as well as who is in it before departing the tower. Updates are to be radioed in every 15 minutes to let the HQ know of what is going on. (Delays are acceptable especially in RP combat in which case, a quick OOC message to the radio would let everyone know that a post order is observed. In times of low sim traffic and little activity, the rule is relaxed so players do not have to com in when no one else is listening in. See Sector 7 Upperplate Map [1] for posts. Patrol routes not officially implemented yet.)


Can be done by an MP; Cadets require an MP to accompany. Maintain updates over the coms just like a patrol would and do not leave your post without informing HQ.


Can be done by an MP or a Cadet. For Cadets, keep close to the main streets and do not go beyond the Hospital or the Fountain alone. Roaming is considered a Solo-one manned run, and is restricted to the Upper-plate.


It is common for civilians to carry their weapons with them since monster attacks are unexpected. However, on the upperplate, these weapons need to be sheathed or not openly displayed. Weapons that are not openly displayed, are considered ‘idle’ as civilians do keep their weapons on them incase they are attacked and no Shin-Ra personnels are around. However, weapons that are drawn out for no apparante reason whatsoever can be considered suspicious and more likely be prone to be IDed by the MP. If the civilian IDed is deem not a threat, then the MP may chose to let them go with a warning. Only experienced Shin-Ra personnels are allowed to possess Red Alert Weaponry.

Yellow Alert Weaponry (The person may be IDed, monitored or taken note of)

  • Sniper Rifle
  • Unsheathed bladed weaponry (or no magnetic catchment on their belt or any part of them to keep the weapon away)
  • Anti-Armor Rifle
  • Unregistered Armored Vehicle

Red Alert Weaponry (To be confiscated if seen on upperplate without proper permit)

  • Explosives of any kind
  • Firearms with no safety mode
  • Unregistered vehicle with rapid fire or explosive attachments
  • Biological weaponry
  • Grenade/Rocket Launchers
  • Firearms that are drawn

ID Processing

For IDs lost or damaged, the procedure is repeated and the previous ID would be deactivated on the database. Charges apply with each new ID issued and IDs that are replaced due to expiry or change of current address will be waived and the civilian is not required to pay. ID Creation.jpg

Operational Stages

Operational stages are alert levels that has been formed together to give a city-wide message among those of the Military Police a general idea of each of the ongoing issues going on. Based on the issues, High Command, or even the board of directors may issue out one of the three Category, with Category three being the highest thread of utmost priority, and something rarely taken into effect unless under very extreme circumstances that deems such a thing to become activated. From this, varying rules may either become temporary, or hold itself with permanence until further notice.

Category 1: Operation Clover [Peacetime]

  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Disaster Relief
  • Civil Support
  • Peace Building
  • Security Assistance
  • Foreign Internal Defense

Category 2: Operation Anise [Conflict]

  • Anti-terrorism
  • Counter terrorism
  • Non-combatant evacuation
  • Peacekeeping
  • Peace Enforcement
  • Show of Force
  • Strikes, Raids and Attacks

Category 3: Operation Cinder [War]

  • Limited Warfare
  • Joint Warfare
  • Multinational Warfare
  • Large Scale Combat
  • General Warfare
  • Global Warfare

Rebel Engagement Clause (R.E.C)

The Rebel Engagement Clause is an introduced clause enacted into the cases of encountering Rebel units, in the other-wise famous terrorist organization, AVALANCHE. AVALANCHE Members are not considered on the category of what could be considered a 'normal' criminal status. They Cause harm not only to the Citizens with their erratic methods, but to the City as a whole. They are a menace to society. For that reason, any rights they have as Citizens are automatically forfeited by associating, or actively fighting alongside their numbers. This is one of the many big organizations that poses such threats, and for that matter, the Job and lifestyle of an MP can change drastically from normal civil duty, to active war units, bringing about the varying scales on the job. Fighting AVALANCHE Operatives can happen at any given moment, and for that matter, you have to always stay not only ready, but fully aware to ensure not only survival, but survival of your comrades, and citizens, through tactical means of taking them on. when in engagement with AVALANCHE units, normal standard applications become no longer enforced for full flexibility of our Military Police force to function in accordance to however they see fit to drive out, neutralize, or even arrest these threats. However, as restrictions do not apply, an MP is responsible for their own individual actions that they take.

When Engaging AVALANCHE, keeping communication of the location you was stationed were prior to engagement helps a lot to ensure a consistent, and readily available back-up is provided if the situation requires for more. AVALANCHE members comes with all various experience, so treat them all with the very same level of extreme prejudice if attacked by them, to ensure higher chance of survival.

When Engaging in Groups, keep these in mind:

  • Avoid the chance friendly fire. Friendly fire in war often times comes around as one of the key factors to victory on AVALANCHE's side, and defeat on Shin-Ra's side
  • Use numbers to your advantage to create tactical maneuvers. AVALANCHE is very well known for their capabilities in guerrilla warfare and will impose a danger if coordination is not present to hold ground.
  • Have keen awareness of the environment around you, assess each threat, and build counter plans, or change tactical coordination in response to the each of them.
  • leave no blind-spots. Try to avoid separation, and spreading yourselves out without a contingency plan in mind.
  • Avoid calling in for back-up, unless the odds are greatly pushed against you, or there are far too many injured to continue to function as normally.
  • Consider options, and avoid acting irrationally to ensure you do not potentially keep chances of a survival at a sharp downturn.

When Engaging alone, keep these in mind:

  • Do NOT openly engage head-on.
  • Take Extreme caution. Whether it against just a singular one, or multiples of them at once.
  • If safe, calling for back up is encouraged.
  • Be very aware of surroundings. As you are alone, you may need to utilize parts of the terrain to your advantage to give you the upper hand in combat.
  • Engage with Extreme prejudice, or open yourself up enough time of a window to consider a tactical pull away from the combat, and either approach from a different angle, or wait for comrades to come over your way.
  • If unable to retreat, and the odds are stacked against you, engage with extreme prejudice, and with finesse, to not only maximize your time for survival, but to at least raze down the numbers until either help arrives, or you open yourself that window, unless all members have been taken out.
  • It is a strong recommendation to carry a fire-arm, or an assault weapon with you, to stretch out much more of long range capabilities, if close combat proves itself to be a risk.
  • Carry out Materia usage sparingly, to ensure that you are kept at a capable level, and avoiding immediate exhaustion.


Combat can be engaged on Law breaker, or in other terms, 'Criminal' for:

  • Firing upon or otherwise attacking any Shin-Ra personnel.
  • Failure to comply with mandatory ID check or questioning.
  • Failure to observe installation security protocol.
  • Any confirmed or suspected terrorist, insurgent, or spy.

If there is no immediate danger to ShinRa personnel, a warning should be issued to the suspect prior to engagement. Allow the suspect some time to comply with the warning, fully understanding what the outcome will be if he/she does not. Targets that are taken down are to be quickly cuffed and removed of all articles found in their clothing for prison processing and to prevent any further attacks or attempted escape. Criminal Charges.jpg
(The charges do not stack; players are NOT required to remain physically in the cell to serve their character’s time. Provide some length of rp such as processing them and do not just dump them in the cell and leave. If you need to afk or log off, let the player know and try to get another MP to take over. If you want info from the char, you need to stay and rp it out or arrange for another person to help out before you go. Materia can be ICly confiscated, but not OOCly taken away, these are player earned unless consented.

Let the player know if they have to stay longer than 4 hours. A floating text left behind in the prison cell would help to clear away any ooc confusion and it must include the length of time needed to serve, charges, prisoner name and SL name, as well as the person who processed the prisoner. Players who chose to remain in the cell and not change chars or log off, can leave the prison cell if there is no one to rp under SIM rules, the duration that one has to wait before they can leave, can vary. If the next available guard is confirmed to be taking over but got caught up in real life, consideration should be observed.)

Disciplinary Actions

Senior NCOs and NCOs are empowered to carry out minor corrective punishments for enlisted ranks and these are not limited to - e.g. push ups, running up and down the stairs, etc. Officers may fire unruly Cadets if deemed necessary but only as a last resort and after consultation. They may also use their discretion to apply appropriate disciplinary measures on a case by case basis. Should there be such issues, witnessed by the cadet or MP and the person in question is an officer or higher ranked than the MP or cadet itself, they are to report the matter to the next highest officer. (Make sure chatlogs are available if the situation escalates)

1st Degree Penalty: Offenses committed against executives, officers, anything concerning Shin-Ra's classified assets and Shin-Ra policies. Requires the inclusion of Attorney General or Internal Affairs.

  • Assault on Executives or comissioned officers or high command
  • Aiding an enemy against Shin-Ra
  • Raising or pointing at gun point or blade point to an Executive or comissioned officer/high command and offering violence
  • Conspiring whether with another individual/group or not, to overthrow Shin-Ra
  • Misbehaviour by surrendering, abandoning, delivering a command, unit, or Shin-Ra property he is supposed to defend without approval from an authority
  • Using contemptuous words, provoking speeches or gestures against an Executive or Shin-Ra
  • Aiding a foreign government, party, faction by supplying whether directly or indirectly, any advanced classified military documents, equipments, blueprints, soft or hard copies of data in any form of communication or transportation or delivery.

Actions- Execution, Court trial, Dishonorable Discharge, Lifetime Imprisonment or multiple rank demotion.

2nd Degree Penalty: Offenses committed against another military or civilian department. May or may not require the inclusion of Internal Affairs.

  • Conspiring with members from another Shin-Ra department or employing a civilian to take out another Shin-Ra personnel
  • Impersonation as another Shin-Ra personnel without proper authorization
  • Wilful obstruction of investigation/arrest/interrogation including concealment of information, eye witnesses, evidence etc
  • Causing public disorder/ false alarm in a command or place under control of Shin-Ra
  • Failing to afford any practical relief and assistance to another department's call of distress.

Actions- Prison block detainment, suspension, demotion, probation or dismissal.

3rd Degree Penalty- Offenses committed against members in own department

  • Disrespect, abuse on another personnel higher than one's own rank or officer when on duty or off duty
  • Possession of illegal drugs/ explosives without proper authorization when on duty or off duty
  • Disobeying/ Overiding orders issued out by someone higher than one's own rank
  • Speaking of contempt or using provoking speeches or gestures against a comissioned officer
  • Ignoring or expressing a disinterest to a distress call without plausible cause and reason
  • Assault on civilians/ Shin-Ra personnels

Actions-Suspension, demotion, probation, dismissal or officer's discretion.

4th Degree Penalty - individual self: Offenses committed that is in violation to the Terms of Services of every MP.

  • Disrespect, abuse on another personnel of the same rank or lower than one's own when on duty or off duty
  • Wearing improper attire while on duty
  • Public displays of affection with another while on duty.
  • Smoking/Intoxication/ Listening to loud music while on duty in public presence of an officer or Executive.
  • Forcing self to stay on duty while still injured/recovering/pregnant
  • Failing to do utmost to encounter, engage, capture, destroy enemy when confronted
  • Discarding arms and ammunitions and running away when confronted by an enemy
  • Quiting his place of duty to plunder or pillage

Actions- Suspension, demotion, probation, dismissal or officer's discretion.

Section 5: Military Infrastructure

Corporate & Military Administration

President Shinra:

Founder and owner of Shin-Ra Inc. The absolute authority on everything related to the company. Responsible for all major decisions.

Vice-President Rufus Shinra:

The overall "face" of the Company and also responsible for ensuring the President's orders are carried out appropriately.

Board of Directors:

Considered the VIPs of Shin-Ra Inc. Each member directly oversees a specific Division within the Company. While they generally do not get involved in military affairs, occasionally they require the support of the Paramilitary.

Director Heidegger:

Member of the Board of Directors and head of the Shin-Ra Paramilitary. Responsible for overseeing all major military operations as well as reviewing and approving Officer promotions. While a member of the Board of Directors, Director Heidegger currently commands most of the departments.

High Command:

Coordinating with the Director Heidegger, their duties and tasks varies depending on each officer and also assist with the current officers below them to handle several duties relating to the overall security of the Shin-Ra Tower.

Brigadier General Zedrick LaVend (Diabolicalsaint cioc)

Lieutenant Colonel Soma (Izenagi)

Major Worslei (Worslei Resident)

Commissioned Officers and Field Officers: These people are responsible with day to day operations of the Paramilitary forces. Upon reaching the minimum rank of Sergeant, an MP can chose to be either a commissioned officer or a field officer and their progression monitored throughout their time in the military as an MP. Both branches are capable of doing the tasks of the other, however, the responsiblities are divided to ensure the duties of the Shin-Ra Public Safety officer can be fully optimized. Commissioned Officers are responsible for the administrative and internal operations of the Shin-Ra Public Safety Department as well as being involved in the welfare of the military personnels’ progression and contribution to the Shin-Ra’s infrastructure. Field Officers focused on enemy engagement and hands-on approach when training cadets and MPs under them. They are rarely at the tower and commonly out and about on the upperplate or the perimeters of the prison facility.

Company Commanders (CCs): Commanders who run one of the three companys under the Shin-Ra Public Safety Department, a Company Commander can be either a Commissioned Officer or a Field Officer and are responsible for overseeing the professional progression of the MPs’ physical, mental and emotional stability throughout their employment tenure under Shin-Ra.

Vice Company Commanders (VCCs): Assist the CC in many aspects and takes care of more minor issues. Duties include handling cross-company issues with the assistance of the Company Commanders and carrying out their CC's orders.

Divisions & Companies

Shin-Ra MP Companies - The primary military infrastructure of the Shin-Ra Public Safety Department; there are currently three Companies in the SPSD and these exist to provide a Chain of Command for the MPs to refer to when submitting reports, seeking training or answers, and addressing issues and concerns.

Alpha Company - Results-driven. Believe in the motto of "Victory, at any cost". Members of Alpha aren't evil, but believe that accomplishing the assigned goal takes precedence. Realistic and sometimes cynical, they are not afraid to get their hands dirty, but still serve the greater good that Shin-Ra professes.

ShinRa Icon.png
Alpha Company Commander:

-Captain Blake Shepherd (Saingoth)

ShinRa Icon.png
Alpha VCC:


Bravo Company - Focused on professionalism. Logical and somewhat aloof, members of Bravo are by-the-book and the most police-like out of the companies. If the rules don't fit, they tend to rewrite the rules to fix it.

ShinRa Icon.png
Bravo Company Commander:

-Second Lieutenant Tigerlilly Zhang (Amalliashadegate)

ShinRa Icon.png
Bravo VCC:

-Master Sergeant Joel Blackheart (Bourne Blackheart)

Charlie Company - Integrity and family are the pillars of Charlie. Brothers-in-arms, the are fiercely loyal to each other. Members of Charlie are also committed to preserving peace without lowering themselves from their ideals, acting as modern-day "knights".

ShinRa Icon.png
Charlie Company Commander:

-Captain Zachary Stark (Seipher Dreadlow)

ShinRa Icon.png
Charlie VCC:


SOLDIER - The elite fighting force of the Shin-Ra Company's mass military structure, specialized in close combat, monster hunting and combating augmented individuals. SOLDIER are advanced super-soldiers with superhuman strength, speed, and agility designed to combat high profile threats.

Mobile Armor Division - Consisting of Shin-Ra’s beam-gun toting Grunts and heavily armored Mighty Grunts, MAD brings the Company’s most advanced weaponry onto the battlefield. Operating on their own or in tandem with the MP Corps, MAD is driven to bring peace and security to Midgar by crushing those that threaten it


These specializations augment an MP’s training and allow them to learn a set of advanced skills with a variety of applications as they progressed. (There are no restrictions for entry into a specialization, and anyone who is interested may host a specialization-specific training after clearing it with a FL. Players can choose up to two specializations and characters with skills that would fall under multiple specializations prior to the system being implemented can be grandfathered in.)

Attack Squad: Specialize in close-quarters and unarmed combat. They are trained to more effectively utilize personal body armor and fight with whatever they can get their hands on.

Combat Medics: Trained in battlefield medicine and equipped with field kits and capable of treating lesser wounds on-site and stabilizing the heavily-wounded so that they can be moved to the Hospital.

Pilots: Kings of the skies. Able to provide quick transport or heavy firepower as the situation demands, increasing proficiency unlocks heavier and more complex craft for deployment.

Section 6: Tower Access

The MPs operate on assigned shifts and duties; at the start of their shift, they report in with their name and rank, HQ would then confirm their identification and direct the MP to the next available duty which can either be an unguarded tower entrance, outpost, join a patrol or a roam that has not been conducted within the past two hours. These are monitored by HQ who would then inform the Sector 7 Dispatch of the MPs entering Sector 7 from Sector 0. (We don’t enforce this as it would be mundane to the players however, they can rp out if they wish for the added flavour to a miltary corporation. Do take note in accordance to SIM Rules, the tower is always guarded. Click here for ooc reference[2] ) Tower Access.jpg

Section 7: Recovery

The SPSD takes in great care to maintain the safe well being of all Shin-Ra Employees and ensuring that their best healthcare will provide a full health recovery no matter the injury. Just present your Shin-Ra ID at the Shin-Ra Medical Hospital to enjoy free health care checkups and surgery grants for injuries inflicted in battle. Any recovering SPSD personnel are required to stay off duty and recover, this includes maternity. The SPSD does not force its personnel to come on duty as it will slow down recovery time or even cause more complications. An SPSD Officer is allowed desk work in the office.

Sometimes a medical personnel will do a followup post recovery to ensure there are no complications. If you are not sure if you are fit for duty, check with the medical personnel who is available. They might prescribed you some medicines before you are discharged or ask that you stay longer while they run more tests on you.

(New2017) If you are medically treated, there needs to be a decent lengthy RP post of the medical treatment see Section 4N. for the Sim Rules. The minimum injury period is 4 hours and permanent damage or PK is consented only by the player receiving the damage. You are not required to stay longer than 4 hours even if your char sustains severe multiple wounds. )

Section 8: Termination

Termination of employment is conducted when the Shin-Ra Company has deemed the services of the employees to no longer be required. This applies to all current and returning Shin-Ra personnels and may include but not limited to;

  • Prolonged Inactivity without prior notification to the officer in charge. This applies to returners as well.
  • Conflict of interest
  • Repeated unruly behaviour (applies to ooc behaviour as well)

Allowances in any form or manner, are not permanent and approvals done by an officer who is no longer under employment will be considered null. This is to prevent any abuse of authority and allows a progressive and unbiased flow of MPs working in the company instead of one full of stagnant MPs who chose to ‘wait out the weather’. MPs who have been terminated but wished to return may speak with an officer to return to active duty. However, if there is no activity from the MP upon return and no notification whatsoever, the MP will be removed again. MPs that have been terminated will have their uniforms and all other access and communication items taken away, any records of new IDs created by the MP, spare uniforms, or access items requested by the MP prior to removal will be looked into.

Section 9: OOC Info and Tidbits

Hang out with the community! SLMidgar Forums! [3]

Alt accounts: Using alternate SL accounts to spy on other groups and then revealing the information to the opposing faction is frowned upon.If your char has obtained information on another opposing faction, be prepared to keep the chat logs of how your char has acquired it. Remember, rules are meant to be stringent and strict depending on the factions but because this is a RP, certain factors are overlooked for the sake of player’s inexperience and RL circumstance.

Activity Although we do expect more activity from your char, we don't expect you to be around 24/7. Take some time to relax, go off-duty and have your char interact with other people. RL does comes first but remember not to expect a promotion after you are gone for a long period of time.


Dice Rolls: Dice rolls are aimed to provide a probability factor that an attempt done by a char is in their favor. Do read up on the current DS system to have a better understanding of the dice system used in this roleplay.

Keycards: If any one wants to steal a keycard, they would have to obtain it from a Playing Character MP by either KOing in 7RCs or RP battle or pickpocket and this is up to the MP player's consent.


MIAs: It is assumed that those who do not show up may be considered MIA and thus, their com frequency and access to the main database have been limited to public news only. Players who have been inactive for a prolonged period will be removed eventually from the PM group. The player will need to contact the FLs if they wish to return to duty. Under a Returner Policy, players between the ranks of Cadet up to Sergeant First Class, can return with their rank intact the first time irregardless of how long they were absent for. A 1-2 month probation period is observed for activity, attitude and actions of the player's char. Returners of ranks above Sergeant First Class are handled on a case by case basis. Allowances are made for those who are in existing officer roles and may be shifted onto Reservists. More information is available for those who wish to return for the second or third time or more, by contacting the FL.

Role: Each and every one of us have a role to play, and as Shin-Ra, our chars are part of a military that is to uphold the law and provide a reason for opposing factions and members to attack. The same goes for the opposing factions, it’s their job to attack us and create roleplay. While we all enjoy peaceful periods or ‘truce’ moments, we still need to create conflict every now and then. Some ‘enemies’ are courteous enough to check OOCly if anyone is interested in a conflict event. So always appreciate the efforts of those in the opposing faction who try to create a tensed atmospheric roleplay for ours!


Reports: Reports serve to keep people informed of what is currently going on, they also help to let higher ups know that you have been active and if you have any disagreements with someone, you can fill out the report and attached a log of what happened and submit it in the forum which can be viewed by other MPs. Alternatively, reports can be submitted privately to the FL.

OOC Abuse: In OOC circumstances, you are not required to take abuse from anyone. Remember that game rank does not carry over into real life, do NOT let yourself be intimidated, regardless of threats of demotion or ban. Only members of the SLFF7 Management are responsible for banning players who go against sim rules. Report any abuse or intimidation to the CC, XO, CO, or GM.

New Chars/Alt Chars: If you wish to create a new char or alt char, fill out the application and send it over to the FLs who will review them. Alt chars can be rejected on a case by case basis.

NPCs: NPC chars can be created depending on your current rank and would be equivalent or lower. They are meant to stimulate RP for events or any general RPs but keep them in moderation. Abuse of the NPC privilege can be revoked and can affect the person who abuses it. There are always NPCs around the tower, the prison facility and most public establishments as well. Just because there is no player around does not mean it is empty.

Over the top: Be it in combat or non-combative roleplay, practice moderation whenever and wherever possible. Sometimes it is fun to border on excessive but if it becomes too frequent, it can affect your future roleplay with the others and affect your progress. There’s no guarantee whether it will affect you positively or negatively IC or OOC wise.

Teamwork: Working together be it OOCly or ICly helps to create a more conducive roleplay environment and attracts players into the roleplay.

Tower: While ICly only the first 3 floors are allowed for civilians and Shin-Ra Civilian Employees only have access to non-military floors but this does not apply to employees who have higher access, the tower can be explored by anyone OOCly. Don’t shoo them away, let them know they can check out the floors and make sure they have an OOC tag on. It will make new players comfortable and more willing to try and participate in the future.


Q: "I always miss out on events / lag a lot / I'm not good in combat. What can I do to get myself recognized?"

A: If you've read the handbook, you will see there are several ways to get your MP recognized without relying on metered combat, a good computer or high speed internet. Observe your duties, get out and roleplay, and do your best to have fun. The recognition will come.

Q: "What are ID checks for?"

A: Midgar is a city founded upon tier systems. Security measures are implemented to ensure citizens are staying within their allotted residential areas. Higher-class citizens have IDs that verify their right to be on the upper plate. Slums citizens only have IDs that allow them to stay within the lower sectors. Such a simple fact is often overlooked.

Q: "Why can't I carry a buster sword/large weapon?"

A: Normal humans/demis/hybrids don't have the strength to wield them properly. Even if you could swing them, you almost certainly couldn't use it in an effective manner. If you don't have the money, use the free standard issue Shin-Ra weaponry or something from the 1st Act fan gallery (NOT the SOLDIER sword/lance).

Q: "I want to join SOLDIER/TURKS, how do I do this?"

A: Your duties as an MP are a priority. SOLDIER recruit only a few times per real-time year in the form of tryouts. Prepare yourself by observing your MP duties well and qualifying to attend them via a commanding Officer. You cannot apply to join the TURKS, they find and recruit you. Methods of how to "get noticed" cannot be revealed ICly or OOCly.

Q: "What are reports for?"

A: Reports are to let other officers know that you have been active. This becomes a growing investment in the future for your rank progressions and allowances as other FLs or officers would want to know how dedicated you are. As most officers are also busy due to RL, reports help them to be informed of the current situation and take action if necessary.


Q: "What is Shin-Ra's concept?"

A: Shin-Ra's aesthetics is a multi-faceted array of alignments which can commonly range from Lawful Good to Neutral Good. In rare circumstances, it can shift to Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil and Chaotic Good. These will depend on the personality and actions of the MPs throughout their time here.

Section 10: OOC Afterword

Here in the SPSD group, we focus on creating a conducive and harmonious environment for the MPs in an OOC aspect. While the characters and enviroment on an IC setting can be edgy, dangerous and dark due to Shin-Ra’s overzealous and domineering authority as a prominent feature in their presence, we aim to create a better roleplay enviroment for the MPs. Not everyone who comes here to roleplay in the MPs are familiar with the military, the FF7 world or the roleplay schematics in SLMidgar. Be tolerant of each other’s inexperiences, help those who want to learn and be courteous to the players around you.

While we respect each character’s personality and quirks, the Faction Leaders, Officers and Vice CCs in this group took time off their Real Life commitments to ensure that no MP or cadet is left behind in their rank progression and that all issues brought up, are dealt with quickly to minimise any delay in the rp and character’s growth in Shin-Ra. The MPs play an integral part of the Final Fantasy 7 storyline as Midgar’s upperplate security and the reason why the civilians in the upperplate trust and rely on Shin-Ra. As such, we place priorities on players who focus on their MP chars and are always active and have good behaviour OOCly and ICly. We want to encourage mature and helpful roleplayers who may later on take on more responsible duties to help the sim in the future or become rolemodels for other roleplayers. Players whose real life circumstances hinder them from RPing will be handled on a case by case basis.

Faction Leaders

Zedrick (DiabolicalSaint Cioc)

Worslei Storm (Worslei Resident)

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