ShinRa Headquarters

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Shinra Headquarters
Shinra Headquarters

The Shinra Headquarters is the head office of the Shinra Electric Power Company and the ShinRa Security Forces. The most dominating sight in the Midgar skyline, this building is the staging ground of the SSF's ongoing war for dominance. All of the company's department heads maintain their offices here. It acts as the army headquarters and nearly all of Shinra's scientific research.



The city entrance to the building is located in Midgar's Sector 0. Regular civilians are permitted to enter the lobby, where two mirror-image staircases lead up to an elevator shaft. The ground floor houses a help desk, a directory-like information panel, and doorways to the Exhibit Room. On the entrance's upper level, several bistro tables sit for guests.


The Shinra Headquarters consists of no fewer than 70 floors with all floors above 59 requiring special clearance in the form of keycards. The building is split into two tower structures with the bulk of it's office space in the form of massive open floor plans, housed in the lower tower. The lower is rounded and tapers upward standing 59 floors high, with the 60th floor serving as a transfer floor between the upper and lower towers.

The upper tower is suspended above the lower tower, perched atop two angled, steel stilts and held in place with further steel girders and webbing. Floors 61 - 70 are contained within the upper tower and house all the highest level executives and their offices. The building is directly linked to the city's power infrastructure and several pipelines and condensers are situated around and on the building itself.

Generally only Shinra employees are permitted on the elevator to floors higher than the entrance level and Exhibit Room.

Basement Levels

The headquarters has a number of basement levels. They consist of a network of steel corridors twisting through the plate interior.

Floors 1-3

The first three floors consist of the entryway and shopping area. The front desks and two elevators that access all floors of the building are situated in the foyer. Through doors on either side of the front desk is an Exhibit Room displaying vehicle models designed by the Shinra Inc., including the Hardy-Daytona motorcycle and a photo of the airship Highwind. President Shinra's private entrance to Deepground is also located here, concealed beneath a display platform.

Floor 44

The home of the legal department.

Floor 45

Floor 45 is the Military Floor, Occupied by the Paramilitary. It contains the barracks, CO Office, MAD headquarters, a briefing room and a Virtual Reality Chamber.

Floor 49

This floor is known as the "SOLDIER Floor." Located on this floor are the SOLDIER Training Room, Materia development room, known as Materia Room, mission Briefing Room and a lounge area for off-duty SOLDIER operatives. The Training Room activates a holographic image of a pre-programmed surrounding, complete with digital enemies to fight. Health experts also train and supervise the Mako-enhanced SOLDIER members. The floor's residents get free equipment from the company for missions and sign up for extra missions in the Briefing Room antechamber.

Floor 50

This floor holds numerous offices and areas used by members of the Military's Command structure.

Floor 51

This floor holds the SOLDIER Director's office. The office holds the Director's work station as well as a small library. The floor is accessible at will by SOLDIER 1st Class members.

Floor 58

The hangar of the Aeronavy Division.

Floor 59

A mundane, open area that has two sets of elevators (one leading back down to the bottom floors, the other that allows access to the higher floors) and access to the stairway. From this floor on, special keycards are required to ascend the building.

Floor 60

A sort of "buffer" floor under heavy guard.

Floor 61

A break area made for Shinra employees. Features numerous tables and a large tree in the center of the area.

Floor 62

The Midgar government offices and Shinra research library are located on this floor. The library is separated into four rooms each of which is categorized by one area of research conducted by Shinra. Mayor Domino's office is in this floor.

Floor 63

Floor 63 is a storage area containing many rooms. Access to these rooms is done through a complex security process that allows a single person to enter.

Floor 64

The Shinra company recreational area includes a gym, locker room, showers, restrooms, and a rest area for employees.

Floor 65

The major feature of this area is the scale replica of Midgar and it is the headquarters of the Urban Development department.

Floor 66

This floor contains the Shinra executive offices and meeting room.

Floor 67

Floor 67 is the Shinra Science Division headquarters. Once headed by Professor Gast Faremis, and later by Professor Hojo, many primary experiments for important studies, and some studies themselves, are carried out here. Several prison cells occupy the floor. There is also a specimen containment unit, an office for data storage, and elevators for personnel and specimen transport.

Floor 68

The 68th floor houses the science department's main laboratory. There is a specimen containment unit and a control room. Access to floor 69 is only possible by passing through three security fields.

Floor 69

This is yet another foyer area, and also an office space, currently including the Vice President's Midgar office. Only the highest Shinra officials can gain access to this floor as there is no separation of the 69th and 70th floors by a security device.

Floor 70

The topmost floor of the Shinra building houses the company president's personal office. It is decorated with purple carpeting. There is an access door to an open air balcony that overlooks the city of Midgar.

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