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The Shinra Company Logo

The ShinRa Electric Power Company, also known as Shinra Inc.and sometimes spelled Shin-Ra, is a major company in the world of Final Fantasy VII. It is primarily a power company, supplying Mako energy to the world and making electricity efficient and easily available. However, Shinra also operates in genetic engineering, space exploration, and has a strong military power including the elite group SOLDIER. This military power, combined with their monopoly of Mako energy, effectively gives Shinra a measure of control over the world populace.



Shinra employees.

Shinra was originally a small weapons manufacturer known as the Shinra Manufacturing Works. When they discovered how to refine Lifestream into Mako energy as an electrical energy source, they exploded in power. The company spread power to the entire world, setting up Mako Reactors, quietly taking over every aspect of The Planet. With their ever-increasing finances, they began expanding into many areas, including space exploration, weapon development, etc. As people became more dependent on Shinra's power and goods, President Shinra, the owner of the company, became a global autocrat.

Starting its own private army, using Mako energy to power the elite SOLDIER class and funding an undercover corps called the Turks, Shinra ruled with an iron fist. They even began performing human experiments to create supersoldiers. When the people of Wutai disagreed with setting up Mako Reactors, Shinra sent in their army to overwhelm them and force their influence.

Shinra constructed the metropolis Midgar, which housed the ShinRa Headquarters for all their actions as well as eight large Mako Reactors. It ultimately has control over the city and lives of its people, although the company introduced a figure-head mayor. It obtained control of much of the world's information and broadcasting services, and created a propaganda news service called the "Shinra News Network". The main purpose of this propaganda machine was to declare those considered disloyal to Shinra dead and to considerably distort events to Shinra's favor. Though, in protest to Shinra's lies, an anti-Shinra news service called "Shinra Truths" appeared.

Shinra eventually began secretly pursuing the Promised Land, a land famous from Cetra legends that is said to be very fertile; Shinra believes the land to be full of Mako energy, and plan relocate their center of operations there in a plan named Neo Midgar. Shinra goes through great lengths to create a person with Cetra's power who could lead them to the Promised Land.


Dissent had long been felt amongst the people under Shinra's rule. As the Mako Reactors destroyed wildlife and outcast villages, people began to despise their work. Many began researching Mako, and realized that Shinra was ripping life out of the Planet. Anti-Shinra groups such as AVALANCHE and the Wutai Liberation Front sprung up to combat the army. The Turks themselves at a point, had mutinied over their leader's unfair treatment and the immense amounts of human rights abuse, causing a major fallout of many members.


Shinra executives. From left to right: President Shinra, Scarlet, Heidegger, Hojo, Palmer, and Reeve.

ShinRa is led by President Shinra, with his son Rufus Shinra serving as Vice President. Its multi-affairs were divided into several departments:

  • Weapons Development Department: Led by Scarlet. It developed most of Shinra's weapons of war, including the Sister Ray.
Shinra hierarchy.
  • Science Department: Led by Professor Hojo. The Science Department was the main manufacturer of the army's Materia. It also conducted secret human experiments, heading the Jenova Project, and Deepground. Other scientists include Professors Gast Faremis, Hollander, Lucrecia Crescent, and the late Grimoire Valentine.
  • Urban Development Department: Led by Reeve Tuesti. Reeve designed the city of Midgar from this department, and ran the city's day-to-day affairs.
  • Public Safety Maintenance Department: Led by Heidegger, this is basically the Shinra army and police force. Being charged with the responsibility over all of Shinra's armed forces, this department consisted of a few different sub-branches.
    • Security Department: In charge of Shinra's non-Mako infused infantrymen. Although hardly having as much of a reputation as SOLDIER, the Security Department's infantry still made up the majority of Shinra's military force, and was deployed far more often than SOLDIER. Members of SOLDIER were often Recruited from members of the ShinRa Security Forces
    • The Investigative Division of General Affairs Department: Also known as the Turks, this department was headed up by Veld. Officially speaking, the purpose of the Turks was to seek out potential SOLDIER recruits, but in reality, the Turks were highly skilled special agents used by Shinra for gathering intelligence, providing additional security, and protecting the company's secrets no matter what the cost. Membership in the Turks seemed to have be somewhat exclusive.
    • SOLDIER: Led by Lazard Deusericus. This department dealt with Shinra's elite branch of warriors, SOLDIER and their battle strategies. SOLDIER operatives are divided into three classes, depending upon skill and success in the field.
  • Space Exploration Department: Headed up by Palmer, the Space Exploration Department planned on using rockets to launch men into space, their first being the ever-willing Cid Highwind.


Shinra has been involved in many immoral human and animal experiments during the course of their existence. They were directly involved in the creation of monsters for military use. These experiments led to the increase of monsters seen on the Planet. They also experimented on the effects of Mako energy on human subjects. In small doses, it led to enhanced warriors called SOLDIER, but prolonged exposure has more horrifying results.

Professors Hojo and Hollander competed in the Jenova Project in creating a human with Cetra's powers.

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