Sector 8

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Sector 8 is one of the many upper plate Sectors in Midgar, and is sometimes referred to as the entertainment sector- it is one of the primary residential and commercial Sectors in Midgar. It has a high crime rate and heavy ShinRa presence. If there's something happening in Midgar, it's usually in Sector 8.

For years, Sector 8 was the main location of the Midgar RP sim until it ceased use late in 2013.




Station 0-1b

The first place one usually comes across when in Sector 8 is the station- typical of most Midgar Sectors, it also includes a route to Sector 0 accessible only by military personnel.

Industrial District

The Warehouses and Reactor Power Station

Used largely for shipping goods to and fro various Sectors, the Industrial District includes a series of marked warehouses and, of course, the power station leading up to the main Reactor.

Residential District

Upper Residential

Home to the denizens of Sector 0, the Residential District is split into two distinct layers- upper, and lower. The upper is home to the Iron Beasts' headquarters and overlooks both LOVELESS square and the Commercial District. The lower overlooks the train tunnels and includes Bar Fate.

Bar Fate
Lower Residential District

Commercial District

Perhaps the largest district in Sector 8, the Commercial District includes all of the main stores along the main street in Sector 8. It extends to the alleyway that holds the Dark Nation bar, to the Chubby Chocobo area. It also includes a direct exit to Sector 0, the city's main hospital, the Chocobo King restaurant and art galleries.

The main commercial street
The Dark Nation bar and street
The Chubby Chocobo Cafe
The exit to Sector 0


One of the central attractions of Sector 8 itself is the LOVELESS square, named after the famous play. As well as being home to a fountain feature, it is loomed over by a large archway and clock tower that serves as an entrance into the LOVELESS District.

The Fountain Square


Home to theaters, restaurants and other fine establishments, the LOVELESS District is named well after its namesake and is a cultured and famous part of Midgar.

The LOVELESS District
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