Sector 0

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The plaza in front of ShinRa Headquarters.

Sector 0 is the central sector of Midgar from which the ShinRa Headquarters looms over the rest of the city. Sector 0 is completely occupied by the ShinRa company, containing some company residential areas, a security checkpoint, The Legion Bar, ShinRa Military Academy, and the ShinRa Tower itself. Sector 0 is powered by it's own secret underground Mako Reactor, Reactor 0, which is also the headquarters for ShinRa's Deepground facility.

ShinRa Headquarters

See ShinRa Headquarters.

ShinRa Military Academy

A lecture hall used for Paramilitary training located in a guarded plaza next to ShinRa Headquarters. The classrooms have fallen into disuse due to drill instructors favoring the briefing room and VR Chamber for trainings. ShinRa's low-security jail cells are located in the basement level of this building. The military entrance to the Sector 8 Train Station is located nearby.

The Legion Bar

An exclusive ShinRa Bar and Officer's club located between the Sector 0 checkpoint and the civilian entrance to Sector 8. The Legion is frequented by ShinRa Employees and has a very strict dress code; formal wear or full military uniform only. MP Cadets and on-duty military personnel are barred from being served alcohol, but this rule is often overlooked for 1st Class SOLDIERs and high ranking paramilitary officers.

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