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SOLDIER 70th Regiment - Jupiter

The SOLDIER Division is a specialised, elite fighting force of the ShinRa Electric Power Company; the upper echelon of military strength, tactical excellence and prestige. As shock-troops operating directly under the Director of Public Safety, Heidegger, SOLDIER is the final line of defense the company has to safeguard its interests, property and population.

Expected to be at a constant state of peak performance and ready to respond to, and destroy, any threats that emerge against the ShinRa Electric Power Company within a moment’s notice, SOLDIER's overwhelming offensive capability is backed by the superhuman physical stamina and endurance unique to the division, and careful planning and execution. Truly, SOLDIER is the elite of the elite, bound by signed vow and strict dedication to the Company- against all odds and enemies both foreign and domestic.

SOLDIER are specialized in close combat, monster hunting and combatting augmented individuals. Given superhuman strength, speed and agility, SOLDIER are an exclusive and powerful unit, organized into distinct Classes representative of their strength and skill- the greatest of which is SOLDIER First Class.


Creation of SOLDIER

SOLDIER Third Class

SOLDIER are an abomination of science, specially created super-soldiers designed to carry out the company's will. Created using a special process developed by Professor Hojo, Professor Gast Faremis and Professor Hollander, the unique treatment process of a SOLDIER operative is a secret kept even from most men and women within the SSD. Though many identify SOLDIER through the characteristic glow in their eyes and recognize it as a sign of mako influence, the truth is far darker.

The SOLDIER is initially showered in a mako catalyzing solution and is then injected with Jenova Cells, a potent cocktail that can make or break a human being. Those who survive the process emerge superhuman, blessed with enhanced physical abilities and healing factors.

As well as being a physically painful procedure, the treatment process has potentially destructive mental effects. In weaker people, this process can be harmful or even deadly. Mako Poisoning alone is an affliction many can never heal from, and being overwhelmed by the spirits of the Lifestream can drive one to insanity. A person with a weak will cannot assert themselves over the powerful influence of Jenova, which has a special bond to each and every one of its cells. This influence will often drive those of weak mind insane. Furthermore, those who are physically weak may also suffer moderate to extreme mutations, eventually turning them into horrible creatures.

In addition, those with disabilities or physical handicaps (i.e a missing limb) are disqualified from the SOLDIER candidacy. Jenova Cells seek out damage to heal, and in the chance they discover a missing limb they are likely to try and reconstruct the appendage themselves- usually with deformed, mutated results.

Few know the truth of the treatments themselves, outside of the original project heads and members of the secretive Scientific Inquiry Section. Over time, some members of the Turks and SOLDIER themselves have become privy to this information, but it remains the closest guarded secret of ShinRa.


Though the individual abilities of SOLDIER Operatives differ, in general the infusion of Mako and J-Cells tends to produce similar results within the individual. Typically, SOLDIER Operatives gain superhuman strength beyond the physical limits of a human being, coupled with increased endurance, speed and the ability to fall from great distances with little issue. Increased magical affinity is observed in some, but not all, SOLDIER Operatives upon their first treatment. All SOLDIER operatives have been observed to gain a strange mako-glow in their eyes. Typically this is blue in color, though variations have been seen, ranging from almost grey, to teal. Sephiroth, for example, has green eyes with a slatted pupil.

Provided with time to naturally develop, to grow and adapt to their new abilities, the attributes of a SOLDIER Operative can increase exponentially.

Regardless of ranks, because of their treatment, genetic reinforcement, and Mako infusion, all SOLDIERs inherit the ability to access the use of gathered external Mako that accumulates into their bodies. This catalysed mako is used to heal injury and to push the limits of a SOLDIER operative even further. SOLDIER who have been away from the field a long time, for example, will begin to lose this accumulated mako. The individual levels of catalyst often differ from SOLDIER to SOLDIER.

Because of their highly dangerous work, SOLDIER are often expected to undergo routine maintenance in which their J-Cells and Mako saturation are normalized and recorded, often leading to short periods of sickness, nausea and other side effects that recall the initial treatments - during this time, a SOLDIER can often become 'out of touch' with their own abilities, leading to wild fluctuations in control. Some units have this event occur at spaced, regular intervals- whilst others maintain an almost ritualistic tradition of maintenance being scheduled following a 'Class-Up'. Though traditional and required for a SOLDIER to maintain peak performance, a maintenance session (often colloquially referred to simply as a 'treatment') is not a necessity.



SOLDIER Trooper, Circa [ μ ] - εуλ 1977

The need for specialized close-quarters Infantry has always existed in ShinRa’s peacekeeping forces. SOLDIER can trace it’s origins from earlier, specialized units operating around the time of the ShinRa Manufacturing Works and the mainstream adoption of firearms and materia combat. These men and women were hand-picked to undergo the strictest training regimes the Military had to offer, with a staggering 90% fail rate. The result of this elitism, spawned a Division of highly skilled troops prepared for even the most perilous of tasks without question or hesitation.

Approximately 30 years ago, the Jenova Project was initiated to produce a human-Cetra hybrid using the cells from Jenova and Mako Energy from the Planet. The result of this experiment was Sephiroth, who, although not possessing the powers of the Cetra as originally intended, was a child with exceptional abilities. Shinra recognized the potential of such a powerful warrior, so a method was planned to begin a mass production of more fighters of his type.

With the age of Mako dawning, ShinRa took bold new steps to ensure maximum efficiency from it’s elite arm, and so the creative minds of Professor Gast Faremis and colleagues Professor Hojo and Doctor Hollander, gave birth to a new treatment process that would change the face of the Division forever. Special technology was developed and used to transform it’s members into super-human combatants capable of enormous feats of strength, endurance and agility. This breakthrough produced astounding results during its test phase, with such a high rate of success that the decision was made to implement the process throughout the entire Division, funding was approved for continued research/refinement and so, SOLDIER was born.

Wutai War

By this time, ShinRa now dominated most of the globe with but one stubborn opposition to an age of modern convenience. Most of the world had greeted ShinRa’s technology with open arms, yet Wutai remained vehemently against the installation of a Mako Reactor and refused to acknowledge the benefits it would bring to their nation. A heated correspondence began and when reason gave way to violence, war was declared and SOLDIER dispatched. Now operating on a global theater and in the public eye, SOLDIER’s extraordinary abilities caught the attention of the press and both the adoration and awe of citizens worldwide. In particular, one man stood above all others on the battlefield. A man whose very name quickly passed into legend... SOLDIER 1st Class, Sephiroth.

Wutai were crushed, their forces quickly diminishing under the mighty fist of ShinRa, yet Wutai continued to resist, responding in desperation by wrangling monsters native to the region and using them as weapons. The Vajradhara were the first in a line of ‘Anti-SOLDIER Monsters’, scientific abominations designed specifically to tackle the new threat SOLDIER posed. Despite the extension of the war (thanks to the Vajradhara and their successors) SOLDIER still proved victorious, stapling their prestigious reputation. Under the supervision of SOLDIER Director Lazard Deusericus, the decisive battle took place at Fort Tamblin, and was won almost single handedly by up and coming SOLDIER Operative Zack Fair. Finally, Wutai’s government surrendered, thus paving the way for peace. Only a handful of terrorist cells remained, acting of their own volition, and a cleanup operation ensued over the coming months.

SOLDIER Second Class

This effectiveness was broadcast through the SNN, and SOLDIER was frequently painted in heroic lights by the ShinRa Company and its media divisions. SOLDIER's activities and successes effectively became propaganda, and SOLDIER like Sephiroth became heroic figures, some even gaining their own official fan clubs.

In addition to working as strike teams in the Wutai War, SOLDIER garrisons were employed in ShinRa's home provinces of Junon and Midgar, serving to support the Paramilitary and suppress rebel elements, typically dealing with hunting monsters that threaten home territory and dealing with high profile threats.

Though SOLDIER was technically a part of the overarching military as commanded by DirectorHeidegger, SOLDIER was given autonomous leadership in the form of a Director of SOLDIER, the latest of which was Lazard Deusericus. Lazard himself was often supported by a staff of Assistant Directors, and often trusted individuals from the upper echelons of SOLDIER, usually First Class, were trusted with commanding the Division from time to time.

Mass Desertion - The Genesis War

In late summer of εуλ 0000, Genesis is wounded in a sparring match with Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley. The Shinra scientist Dr. Hollander sees to his injury, and during the recovery Genesis learns of his origins as a member of the Jenova Project's Project G, and that the wound has triggered his genetic degradation due to his imperfect inheritance of Jenova's abilities. Hollander manipulates Genesis into warring with Shinra, promising a cure for his condition. Hollander approaches the director of SOLDIER, Lazard, who has his own history with Shinra, and he agrees to secretly fund Hollander and Genesis.

SOLDIER First Class

A few months before the end of the Wutai War, Genesis, Hollander, and a large number of 3rd and 2nd Class SOLDIERs go missing in the Mass Soldier Desertion Incident. The group went to Banora, where Hollander uses his knowledge of Jenova to begin producing Genesis Copies. The defected SOLDIER members were implanted with cells taken from Genesis, granting them enhanced physical capabilities and Genesis's facial appearance. Banora became a base for the rising Genesis Army, most of the civilians fleeing the area as Genesis and Hollander built up their forces.

A series of cloning experiments led to the creation of what would later be dubbed the ‘G-Army’. Hollander gathered genetic information in the run up to their appearance, abducting and experimenting on almost half of SOLDIER’s operating staff. This ‘G-Army’ were possessed of inhuman abilities and conducted numerous terrorist attacks, waging war against ShinRa for almost half a decade.

During the attack on Fort Tamblin, Genesis sends a force of Genesis Copies to Wutai to contact Angeal and persuade him to join their cause. Angeal never returns from Wutai, and Shinra declares both him and Genesis killed in action, presuming Angeal to have allied with Genesis. In truth, Angeal never committed to either side, torn between his conflicting loyalties and helping either side as he struggled to come to terms with the events and his past.

Throughout εуλ 0001, Sephiroth, Zack Fair, and the rest of Shinra and SOLDIER combat Genesis's forces across the globe. The Genesis Army's boldest move is an attack on Midgar, infiltrating the Shinra Headquarters there and narrowly being stopped from capturing Professor Hojo.

With Banora destroyed by Shinra, the Genesis Army relocates to a new base, a Mako Reactor near Modeoheim. Zack is sent to the reactor and confronts Genesis, who is fed up with Hollander's failures to cure him and declares to find a new path. Zack battles Genesis and sends him falling into the reactor core. Zack finds Angeal who is unable to handle the truth of what he is, and he attacks Zack. Zack kills Angeal, who grants Zack his Buster Sword. Hollander is captured by Shinra forces, and the Genesis War is apparently over.

Skirmishes with AVALANCHE

Operating out of the fallen country of Wutai and striking out against ShinRa came the terrorist organization known as AVALANCHE, who notoriously conducted a series of extreme bombing operations and military attacks on ShinRa and the civilian populace at large - including a particularly high profile raid on the Military City of Junon, and various guerilla campaigns in ShinRa's home territory of Midgar. The most disturbing of their activities, came with the invention of a genetically engineered strain of self-regenerating super-soldiers known as ‘Ravens’. Created using stolen ShinRa research, a heavily bastardized medical process was devised to augment the subject, turning him/her into a powerful and merciless killing machine, but at the cost of their very humanity. AVALANCHE proceeded to raise an army of Ravens to use in the upcoming onslaught of battles against ShinRa.

Age of Heidegger

A decade of war had shown SOLDIER’s nature, and its readiness to respond quickly and efficiently to the threats that faced the Company. Though the Unit had become thinner and wearier, it had forever proven itself as an invaluable asset to ShinRa.

A bitter twist of fate, however, reminded all of the virtues of readiness. Two SOLDIER Firsts, including Sephiroth, tragically lost their lives on what was to be a routine mission to the western continent. Though these SOLDIER had survived and excelled through the world’s most turbulent times, their loss only bolstered the Division’s core principle, that a SOLDIER is always ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure ShinRa’s interests remain protected. This sacrifice was and is used even today as a prime example of the commitment expected from all SOLDIER applicants.

SOLDIER has suffered great losses in it’s time, from it’s leaders and legends to the lesser known, but it remains vigilantly committed to it’s purpose. Now under the personal supervision of the Director of Public Safety, Heidegger, SOLDIER moves forward with the emphasis falling away from individual ‘heroes’ of note. Henceforth no SOLDIER shall be overshadowed in their contribution to the Division.

Sim History & Major Plots

Atma Force - The First SOLDIER

The transition towards Mako infusion in SOLDIER was a radical one - and the first unit selected for advancement was the ShinRa Manufacturing Works' finest special infantry unit of the original SOLDIER- Atma Force. In these early trials immediately following the birth of Sephiroth, the process to create a SOLDIER was largely unrefined. The Mako solution created, and the precise dosage of J-Cells was at best guesswork, and Atma Force were the unwitting guinea pigs to this new generation of warriors.

Despite this, Atma Force operated themselves as a particularly honorable legion of warriors, becoming quickly adept with their newly infused abilities. However, as time went on, the Call of Jenova became louder, the cells improperly activated with the prototype infusion. The first of them to snap entirely fell during a mission to the North Crater, where sudden mania brought the SOLDIER to an enormous cave at the base of the mountain. Stricken by some nameless terror, compelled by some unseen threat, he was the first of his brothers to suffer the Call. As he delved deeper and deeper into the Crater, desperately pursued by his comrades, he came face to face with an ancient terror beneath the ice that slaughtered him in combat, granting the man an honorable death before he succumbed to mania.

Following this event, the cave was held with a particular reverence by members of Atma Force who, one by one, would feel the Call in their blood and would undergo a ritualistic pilgrimage to the Cave, where they would fight the King of Beasts in a final showdown of glory before they lost their minds. But as it fed upon their tainted flesh, the beast within the cave mutated. The creature would later become known as Atma Weapon.

Though Atma Force eventually dwindled entirely, the lessons they left behind helped shape the future of SOLDIER. Their almost knightly mannerisms served to build a unified will that helped combat the Will of Jenova with time- and it was from one of their crippled members that SOLDIER learned the dangers of Mako Treatment upon someone not physically 'intact'. The practices and legacy left behind by Atma Force shaped the future of the Division - and their disastrous mako treatments ensured a future of refinement to the means of becoming a SOLDIER.

Site S

Site S.

When Midgar was initially built and as the Plate begun to take shape, the newly blooming SOLDIER Division was given access to one of the upper floors of the prototype medical facility that was housed within the central pillar of the city. Dark, industrial and ominous, it was in these halls that SOLDIER began to take shape - and until the Headquarters was ready for habitation, where the SOLDIER Program operated out of for the first few decades of its life.

Staffed by a variety of top scientists and housing specialist training facilities for SOLDIER operatives, Site S also boasted a large data center that connected operatives with goings on around the world and in particular within the city. Though many SOLDIER were trained on off-site facilities responsible for their mako treatments, Site S began the long standing traditions of Midgar's personal SOLDIER Garrison and was the first place in which SOLDIER treatments were developed.

Initial SOLDIER treatments used a cocktail of mako solution and 'dormant' J-Cells that would be administered in small doses throughout an Operative's career, gradually awakening their latent abilities. This means of treatment paced out full SOLDIER indoctrination between the three 'Classes' that had been established. Though severely weakened in the early two Classes, SOLDIER would experience an incredible boost of abilities when reaching SOLDIER First Class. This fluctuating power and unstable means of production eventually came to a close when it was estimated that earlier J-Cell introduction could have superior effects and 'regulate' a SOLDIER's growth far better. Various concentrations of J-Cells and various concoctions of Mako were tried and tested, but the over-arching factor to a SOLDIER's ability seemed to be latent, personal potential rather than the means of treatment.

As SOLDIER began to be introduced to the 'awakened' J-Cells from Third Class onwards, study shifted from the means of treatment to the -method- of treatment, with some cells attempting an immediate injection through the retina and others into the spinal column, though in all cases J-Cell saturation was quick and complete. Midgar's Garrison continued to experiment with varied means of treatments to create the 'perfect SOLDIER'- with the scientists involved in these experiments quickly awed when a young SOLDIER named Sephiroth was assigned to the Program and seemed to out-perform everyone involved. Many scientists were later re-assigned to other ventures in the Deepground facility.

Eventually, the Division seemed to settle on a single-use treatment that would introduce the base levels of Mako and J-Cells into the body upon becoming a Third Class, with staggered maintenance and additional boosters coming later in a SOLDIER's career- usually at the point of Class promotion.

The Garrison in Site S was the operational heart of SOLDIER across the world in the dawn of the Wutai War, with the lower facilities of Deepground opening up for medical care of returning SOLDIER. During this time, SOLDIER operated directly under a variety of high-rank, high-class Operatives like Sephiroth himself, though military rank was only called upon when necessary.

Though initially accessible through a series of 'quick response' elevator chutes within the Plate, continued construction rendered these chutes obsolete and a freight elevator was connected to a special door near the back of the lobby. When years later the Headquarter's SOLDIER floor was completed, the Division eventually moved out entirely from the sublevel of Site S and expanded into the Headquarters itself, with Floors 48-51 dedicated to barracks, operational centers and offices for the developing SOLDIER Division, which was shifted from direct Military Command and placed under the supervision of Lazard Deusericus.

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