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The Ravens are a squad of genetically engineered super soldiers created under the supervision of the AVALANCHE scientist Fuhito. Fuhito created this group using data he had gathered on SOLDIER, intending the group to be a counter-force to ShinRa's Superhuman unit. This organizations main purpose was to serve directly under Fuhito as his enforcers to further complete his plan of "purging the planet". These soldiers are capable of advance fighting skills and are able to heal from fatal wounds at a generally fast rate. A consequence of these new found abilities is that those within the group have lost most of their humanity- initially, most Ravens became monstrously insane.



The foundation of the Ravens were something that was developed in Secret over the course of the months shortly after AVALANCHE's inception by the Intelligence, and Tactician of AVALANCHE, Fuhito, as he was gathering as much data as possible on SOLDIER in an way to assist AVALANCHE, but it hadn't proven itself enough, given that SOLDIER, the ones who were the single Group to Curve the Wutai War far in their favor, could have wiped out their following of AVALANCHE. Instead, using the data, it allowed him to make the counter against these super-human beings, through extensive genetic modification to create the Perfect Super-human beings, designed to be assassins of SOLDIER, and AVALANCHE's own Shock-Troopers, empowered far beyond ones understanding. Paired with Other-worldly abilities to do their task efficiently, and their most notable ability to regenerate, and survive wounds that would be, other-wise, force someone to succumb to fatality, and able to come right back to it at a rather fast rate. Because of this, Fuhito is proud of his contribution he has made for AVALANCHE, being able to have these Advanced fighting super-human warriors right at the ready to Deploy to be the problem solver for most of the much more extreme issues AVALANCHE may face.



Original Ravens

The first known deployment of the Ravens was to steal information on SOLDIER from a ShinRa Scientist named Professor Rayleigh, where they most frequently clashed with the Turks.


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