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MAD's Metal Plated design, MAD ingenuity at it's best.


MAD Company Motto

"The Red Wall of ShinRa"

MAD Company Primer


MAD Company, known for it's ability to bring down the house...or whatever else happens to be in the way.


Before the Mechanized Armor Division's creation the technology that would later become the foundation of the group's combat prowess was weaponized and tested under the project name 'Juggernaut', a large, bulky bipedal suit of power armor. Created by Scarlet and piloted by a Military Policeman that would later become the division's first leader, Juggernaut was a creation of immense power and glaring weakness. While the suit was fit with inch-thick steel plates and powered by a reactor usually reserved for ShinRa submarines, it was a slow machine that required a dizzying amount of manual piloting and increasingly expensive and time consuming maintenance. While Juggernaut was eventually decommissioned and put on display in Junon, it gave birth to the first five prototype Mighty Grunts, their pilots each hand picked from the ShinRa Safety Department. The technology was comparatively miniaturized, systems were created to automate basic functions, and an experimental surgical procedure was drafted to implant Neural Interface Ports in the new pilots' bodies. The first five pilots would later go on to be the backbone of the Mechanized Armor Division's command in Junon during the division's official creation.

MAD's Guidelines:

1. Our primary objective is the defense of ShinRa Personnel and Equipment.

2. An Operative within MAD is expected to speak forcefully to civilians, as most we make contact with will be tresspassing, threatening ShinRa property, or threatening ShinRa personnel.

3. Respect is to be given to every member of the ShinRa Public Safety Department regardless of rank. Refer to Guideline One for clarification.


Company Commander

  • Mk. Zero Type Mighty Grunt Igloo

Vice Company Commander

Head Drill Instructor

  • Mk. II Mighty Grunt Kit

Assistant Drill Instructor(s)

  • Vacant

MAD Roster

If you do not see your name on this list, please add yourself at your corresponding rank

Commissioned Officers

◀◀Captain [CPT]

◀◀1st Lieutenant [1LT]

◀◀2nd Lieutenant [2LT]

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers [SNCOs]

◀◀Zero-Type Mighty Grunt [ZERO]

◀◀Master Mighty Grunt [MMG]

◀◀Mighty Grunt Mk. II [MGII]

Non-Commissioned Officers [NCOs]

◀◀Senior Mighty Grunt [SMG]


◀◀Mighty Grunt Mk. I [MGI]


◀◀Senior Grunt [SG]

◀◀Special Combatant [SPC]


MAD Award

Each month an MAD Operative is chosen for their astonishing work within the Company and Paramilitary.

ShinRa Icon.png
None (None)
[ v ] – εуλ 0004

Former Commanders/Vice Commanders

(Anyone know anymore, feel free to add them.)

Former MAD Operatives


Killed in Action/Decommissioned

Cold Storage/Transferred

MG Icon.png MAD MG Icon.png

Director Scarlet


Mark II
Igloo Kit

Mark I
Cerberus Momba Vixen

Senior Grunt

Special Combatant
Hellhound iHop Thumper Tonberry Spider


Igloo Momba

List of all MAD Characters


MAD Management
About Mighty GruntsNeural Interface Ports

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