Midgar Wastelands

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Typical geography of the Midgar Wastelands.
The Midgar Wastelands are the large, desolate areas of desert surrounding the city of Midgar. The geography is characterized by its expanses of mudflats and dried river beds, rocky outcrops, cliffs, mesas, and the treeless mountains on the horizon. It is suggested that these wastelands exist due to the nine Mako Reactors of Midgar siphoning Lifestream from the area, and the large amount of pollution given off by the gigantic Mako-powered city.

The last AVALANCHE base was located somewhere in the Midgar Wastelands. It has been destroyed by an airship bombing.

500 years after the events of Final Fantasy VII, it is shown that the area will become a dense forest once the Mako Reactors are permanently disabled.

Meteor Icon.png Locations Meteor Icon.png

Sector 0
ShinRa AcademyShinRa Building ShopShinRa HeadquartersThe Legion Bar

Sector 8
Bar FateChocobo KingDark NationLes MarronniersLOVELESS SquareLOVELESS TheaterModeo Freight & ShippingSecond Hope HospitalShinRa HospitalThe Chubby Chocobo

ChurchHappy Materia ShopLeft 4 SaleSector 5Sector 6Sector 7Seventh HeavenSilver Lining Homeless ShelterWutai Joes

Other Locations

Eastern Continent
Chocobo FarmFort CondorJunonKalmMidgar MarshlandsMidgar WastelandsMythril Mine

Western Continent
CorelCosmo CanyonCosta del SolGongagaMt. CorelMt. NibelNibelheimRocket Town

Northern Continent
Bone VillageForgotten CapitalIcicle InnModeoheimNorthern Crater

Other Areas
BanoraFort TamblinMideelWutai

List of all Locations

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