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Midgar in Final Fantasy VII

Midgar is the capital city and power base of the Shinra Electric Power Company
A large circular structure supported 50 meters (about 160 feet) above the ground by eight reactors and a central pillar. On top of the structure lies the city proper, divided into eight sectors, while underneath it on the ground lies a large slum; created by the city's unfortunate and downtrodden. Midgar was the most technologically advanced location ever constructed on the Planet.

Governed as a police state, the city is home to some of the richest and most powerful men and women on the planet, who run most of the city's affairs from the central ShinRa Headquarters which dominates the cityscape.

Construction of the city began in 1976, to provide residence for the Shinra Electric Power Company's growing investment and employment base.

Thanks to its eight Mako Reactors, the city's massive power-demands were easily met, but at a cost to the surrounding countryside, which has become a barren wasteland due to the city sapping the surrounding Mako energy. Due to this, the city and its reactors are a prime target for terrorism/rebel groups like AVALANCHE who seek to restore the planet to its former state and stop Shinra from sapping its life energy.

The city runs on Midgar Standard Time, the only known time zone in the series.

Midgar under construction



Described as a "technological pizza", the city is divided up into nine sectors; Sectors 1 through 8 all refer to the eight districts of the city, with Sector 0 being the central district which holds the main headquarters of Shinra. The upper sectors are referred to as "plates" and are separated from each other by a vast expanse with a mako reactor sandwiched in between. Each Sector has a Mako Reactor. Each Sector initially had a name- likely after the settlements they were built over, but this was quickly dropped early in the city's construction.

Access to the ground-level slums can only be achieved either via the city's train system or via hidden paths threaded throughout the city's sewer system.
An additional secret city, only known as Deepground, is located below both Midgar and the Slums, only accessible via the Sector 0 reactor.

Upper Plate

Sector 0

The ShinRa Headquarters dominates the Midgar skyline from Sector 0. Mayor Domino works in the building's upper floors. Although supposedly in control of the city, he is little more than a librarian; President Shinra himself rules the city from the top floor.

Sector 1

The story of FFVII starts here with AVALANCHE departing a train and proceeding to fight it's way into the Number 1 mako reactor. Not much is known of this sector.

Sector 2

Largely a residential plate. Like most areas in Midgar, it is still under construction.

Sector 3

It is often assumed to be a mix of housing and industrial factories of the Shinra Company. It is considered under heavy construction

Sector 4

This sector is a mix of apartment housing and businesses.

Sector 5

Largely a home of warehouses and factories, as well as employee housing.

Sector 6

Still under construction.

Sector 7

A large residential plate.

Sector 8

Largely considered to be the entertainment district of Midgar.

Ground Level

A large slum that developed underneath the elevated city, the Midgar Slums are a warren of desperation and underhand/criminal activity.

Midgar Wasteland

A wasteland that surrounds the city and slums of Midgar, the Midgar Wasteland is the result of Shinra's syphoning of the area's Mako energy, sapping the planet of its life energy.

Below Ground

Shinra's darkest secrets lurk miles underground with an entire hidden city home to their Deepground program.


In preparation for the city's extension, highways were constructed on the upper layer to provide easy access from the city center to the city edge.

Characters born in Midgar

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