Lilian "Evie" Eaves

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Lilian "Evie" Eaves

Urban Flora

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I aim to preserve that which is most worth fighting for.

The White Swan


FULL NAME... Lilian Miranda Eaves

SPECIES... Human

AGE & DATE OF BIRTH... 20 - July 1st [ μ ] – εуλ 1984


EYE COLOR... Green

HAIR COLOR... Ginger

HEIGHT... 5'2"

WEIGHT... 125 lbs.


FACTION... ShinRa Medical Department; Queens Hospital / The Warren

OCCUPATION... Nurse Practitioner (Nursing Supervisor) / Waitress / Prima Ballerina

PLACE OF BIRTH... Midgar; grew up in Kalm

RELATIONSHIP STATUS... Dating Alecto Sciarri

EDUCATION... Privately Educated; Blau Preparatory School in Kalm

KNOWN RELATIVES... Charles Mallory - Father; Tracy Eaves - Mother; Margaret Eaves - Grandmother




Primarily raised in the quiet and patient town of Kalm, Evie's calm and poised demeanor is a far cry from the intensity of the typical city dweller. Once quite shy by nature, Evie has grown considerably since coming to live in Midgar, taking on a much more mature and confident composure. Her inherent desire to help others continues to thrive in her chosen work environment.


Early Life

Lilian and her father.
Lilian "Evie" Eaves, daughter of a Kalm native private school teacher, Tracy Eaves and career-driven Marine, Charles Mallory, was originally born in Midgar where her family was stationed at the time. Evie's father's dedication to his career path caused considerably strain in his marriage to her mother, causing the couple to eventually divorce with Evie at age four. After a strenuous custody dispute which her mother inevitably won, they subsequently moved into Kalm with her grandmother in order to raise her in an environment lacking the cold, uncaring edge that the city with the iron sky had become notorious for.

Evie's father stayed in constant contact in spite of her mother's attempts to separate her from his way of life. Frequent visits and phone calls kept her relationship with her father healthy and strong despite the odds against them. Growing up with her mother and grandmother affected Evie's overall personality, giving her a quiet, modest demeanor with an inherent shyness, particularly around unfamiliar men.

Life in Kalm was quiet, and Evie's private schooling at Blau Preparatory School located in Kalm allowed her to flourish academically, at a pace far beyond that which public school systems could provide. By sixteen, she was continuing her education with the intention of becoming a nurse.

Alongside her studious school life, Evie balanced many hobbies, including sewing, gardening, and most endearingly, ballet. During her tenure at the ballet company run by her preparatory school, Evie ascended to prima ballerina status, regularly receiving lead roles in their various productions.

It was around this time in her life that Evie attracted the attention of the son of a wealthy, well-liked Kalm businessman, Felix Tamoney. This suave dandy won her young heart almost instantaneously and the pair began dating, much to her mother's utter delight. The relationship was steady for many months, until Felix's verbalized desire for physicality reached its apex. The hard-working student and prima ballerina refused his every advance to further their relationship in such a manner, leading the spoiled son to seek satiation for his desires elsewhere. He found his needs satisfied in the company of Evie's best friend at the time, betraying her to serve his baser desires.

Heartbroken and embarrassed by rumors spread of her prudish, stuck-up behavior, she isolated herself from her social circles, turning her mind entirely to her studies.

The Move to Midgar

Upon completing her schooling at the age of 18, Evie made the decision to move back into the city of Midgar to live alongside her beloved father. Confident that the citizens of the large city would be more desperately in need of her skills, she devoted all of her time to supplemental study while waiting for the opportunity to interview at the Queens Hospital. Her father's current executive role within the Company provided her with additional confidence in her safety in the new, unfamiliar territory.


Nurse Evie
Nursing School Graduate: July [ μ ] – εуλ 0002

Evie had roughly two years of schooling experience with a focus on nursing. Practically speaking, she was still rather green and desired to acquire more hands-on experience in order to attain complete confidence in her abilities beyond the span of her textbook knowledge.

Nursing Assistant: August [ μ ] – εуλ 0002

Evie's interview ended up being her first day on the job, following an apparent sniper attack that injured Cathirine Ronoke, an off-duty MP on her way out for coffee. After tending to the immediate danger and forwarding the woman to the third floor for recovery, she left feeling extremely satisfied. All background checks came back clear and Evie began work as a nursing assistant with aspirations of completing her Midgar certifications to become a licensed nurse. Long hours and odd schedules left Evie with little time to pursue anything more in her social life.

Licensed Nurse: May [ μ ] – εуλ 0003

Following her elopement to Junon, Evie continued her career as a nurse following completion of the required certification exams. Due to the resounding worldwide shortage of medical professionals, Evie's time at the hospital increased exponentially with each new responsibility she was tasked with. While this new change began to stress her recent marriage, Evie came to realize that her career was more important to her than the normality of marriage.

The divorce was clean and quick. Evie returned to Midgar with her sights set on providing her help and expertise to a community that needed it far more than Junon and her resident ex-husband. After a brief meeting with Director Alecto Sciarri, Evie was once again serving Queens Hospital, this time as a licensed nurse with full responsibility over her patients.

Nurse Practitioner: July [ μ ] – εуλ 0003

Evie quickly made her way up the rungs at Queens to achieve the best position she every could have wished for. After working hard to assure the finest quality of care within the hospital, Evie had been promoted by the Director to the role of Nurse Practitioner, happily taking on even more responsibility for her patients and the nurses working under her supervision.

Nursing Supervisor: October [ μ ] – εуλ 0003 - Present

Comfortable and content as a nurse practitioner, Evie now also oversees the entire nursing department of Queens Hospital, organizing schedules and handling training.


Voice . . . Bryce Dallas Howard [1]
Evie . . . Alone in the Town by Akira Yamaoka [2]
Urban Flora . . . Urban Flora EP by Alina Baraz & Galimatias [3]
Pure of Heart . . . I'm Back, Lucius by James Newton Howard/Hilary Hahn [4]
The White Swan . . . Dance of the Swans by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky [5]
Severed . . . Spark by Nitin Sawhney [6]
All the colors are crackling, the leaves are alive. With a note from your heart I keep written inside. Frozen air surrounds your eyes. As you speak fountains collide. With a mouthful of stars I trip over my feet. You've blown me away, I can hardly speak. Stolen my silence, scattered my peace. I'm lost in the dark, mislaid my spark.
Metamorphosis . . . Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine [7]
And I've been a fool and I've been blind. I can never leave the past behind. I can see no way, I can see no way. I'm always dragging that horse around. All of his questions, such a mournful sound. Tonight I'm gonna bury that horse in the ground. So I like to keep my issues drawn. It's always darkest before the dawn.
A New Outlook . . . What Your Soul Sings by Massive Attack [8]
Don't be afraid. Open your mouth and say, say what your soul sings to you. Your mind can never change, unless you ask it to. Lovingly rearrange the thoughts that make you blue. The things that bring you down only do harm to you. And so make your choice joy; the joy belongs to you. And when you do, you'll find the one you love is you. You'll find you love you.

Always Odette . . . Mad About You [Orchestral] by Hooverphonic [9]
Feel the vibe, feel the terror, feel the pain, it's driving me insane. I can't fake; for God's sake why am I driving in the wrong lane? Trouble is my middle name, but in the end I'm not too bad. Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad about you.
Take the Risk for Me . . . Overcome by Tricky [10]
You sure you want to be with me? I've nothing to give. Won't lie and say this loving's best. Whoa, leave us in emotional peace. Mmm, take a walk take a rest and taste the rest. Don't wanna be on top of your list, monopoly improperly kissed. We overcome in sixty seconds with the strength we have together. But for now, emotional ties they stay severed. And when there's trust there'll be treats. When we funk we'll hear beats.
Passion . . . One by Lamb [11]
Here's a story of lovers finding union so deep there is no unwinding. Tender threads exquisitely finding; two lives together one soul deep resounding. Love so strong, whatever the weather. Even apart our souls are together. It's you and me babe, forever and ever. Even apart we're dreaming together. Suddenly all time and space loses it's meaning when I see your face. And I'm wrapped up in Heaven's grace, feeling so safe in your sweet embrace.
No Revelation . . . Don't Look Back by Télépopmusik [12]
Sit still, and close your eyes. What's behind the other door? No more silence; don't kill this thing we got called love, just searching for the perfect drug. When Love comes calling, don't look back. When love comes calling, don't look away.

S K I L L S / H O B B I E S

Licensed Nurse Practitioner: Evie's education combined with her practical work experience has provided her with ample knowledge and understanding of her role. She is very proficient at her work and is classed as one of the most skilled and dependable nurses at the hospital.

Seamstress: Being raised primarily by her mother and grandmother gave Evie ample opportunity to hone her skills in sewing. Her favorite items to construct are dresses, especially with elegant floral patterns. She is also proud to create her own costumes for her ballet performances.

Daddy's Girl: Under the ever-present watchful eye of Charles Mallory, Evie feels comfortable with her level of safety within Midgar.

Prima Ballerina: Evie has been practicing ballet since she was a small child, and still regularly practices at Iron Steel. More recently, she has been getting back into public performances.

Innocence: Evie knows the world around her is full of bad people, as well as good people stuck in bad situations, but she refuses to allow the world to cloud her own personal judgment and moral fiber.

Green Thumb: Despite the dreariness of Midgar's skies, Evie manages to keep her various potted houseplants alive.


FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Floral EVERYTHING: Evie's affinity for floral fabrics is readily apparent in her choice of attire. It's nigh impossible to find her without a flower on.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG WindWhisper Cherry Pink Flip Phone: Her PHS of choice.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Sakura Pink Diamond Ring: A gift from her father. Evie wears this ring upon her right middle finger.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Ribbon Choker: An occasional accessory that doesn't have much sentimental value other than looking cute around her neck.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Amber Rose Eau de Parfum: A gift from her father on her seventeenth birthday. A very expensive perfume with a lasting scent.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Maverick: The cat. He's pretty cute, even if he's ruined a few good pairs of drapes.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Filigree Heart Locket: What matters most is within.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Monogrammed Anklet: Picked up on a shopping trip, Evie cherishes this adorable rose gold anklet with the letter "L" engraved upon its heart-shaped charm.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Caduceus Pin: Added to her nurse uniform at the time of her promotion to Nurse Practitioner. The pin itself is gold-plated with inlaid emeralds.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Pointe Ballet Shoes: In many colors. Extended use causes pretty significant pain, but Evie finds the posture on pointe to be comforting when she dances.



  • Charles Mallory [Daddy]: The guardian. More and more, I'm is coming to respect your wisdom. You speak from experience and I know that you have my best interests in mind. You're always right, but I know how much it pains you to see how much more we have in common now.
  • Baylian Ashheart [Friend]: You've helped me through so much and you're always going to have a special place in my heart. Please be safe out there.
  • Alecto Sciarri [Boss/Friend]: I'm glad that you were so willing to humor my stupidity. Thank you for allowing me to return to my true purpose in life so readily. The fact that you permit me to confide in you means so much to me. I'm only sorry that I didn't see this sooner.
  • Izuna Amamiya [Friend]: Your optimism and cheerfulness is really refreshing. Thanks for being such a great listener!
  • Zero [Friend]: You're in the shadows, keeping me safe and sound. Thank you.
  • Friedrich Eisenherz [Ex-Husband]: When you looked at me, it was like... You were looking in a mirror. There was so much familiarity because you saw a part of yourself in me. The part that made you whole. You left without it, and you took a part of me with you. So, neither of us are whole now. I'm only just now facing that reality. Wherever you are out there... Please be safe. Maybe one day, we'll both grow up and come to terms with our destiny.


  • Gabriel Lycanthyr: We are our own harshest critic, as they say, so don't be so hard on yourself. If you need a friend, I'll be happy to provide.
  • Constance Marren: I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive my intrusion...
  • Jade: Thank you for taking care of SOLDIER.


  • Tracy Eaves: After sending Felix Tamoney into Midgar to look for me, saying we're no longer on speaking terms is a grievous understatement.
  • Felix Tamoney: You don't want to see what my father has in store for you, should you ever set foot back in Midgar.

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