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"This sword is a symbol of my dreams... and my honor. No... it's more than that..."

Within The Planet, various weapons of varying shapes and sizes have gradually risen to prominence. Through their multiple wielders , their symbolic designs and their astonishing reputations, these swords can be known as legendary weapons.


  • Weapons have to qualify with the GM team to appear on this page.
  • Many of these weapons are given a special history within the sim and setting, and can sometimes possess special, unique effects.
  • These weapons can sometimes be given away at events!



Those who have achieved SOLDIER First Class rise quickly to prominence. And often, their weapons ascend equally into legend.

Buster Sword
A sword made for felling monsters.
Type: Single-edged Greatsword

Known Wielders: Zack Fair, Angeal Hewley (Former)

History: A weapon Angeal's father created to symbolize their family's honor. Though often seen and associated with Angeal Hewley, it was rarely used by Angeal, who didn't want to damage the blade. But when Angeal no longer felt worthy to wield it, upon his death he passed it to his apprentice, Zack Fair- symbolizing Zack coming to fill the role Angeal had once held. The blade disappeared with him.

A legendary katana without peer.
Type: Odachi

Known Wielders: Sephiroth

History: A seven-foot long sword almost as enigmatic as its wielder. Known for its near invincibility, it is unknown how Sephiroth keeps this weapon concealed. The weapon is frighteningly powerful and is said to be unusable by any except Sephiroth himself.

A graceful weapon, covered in mysterious runes.
Type: Broadsword

Known Wielders: Genesis Rhapsodos

History: A strangely named weapon. A crimson broadsword with a rapier-style hilt. The runes upon its surface have been known to come alive with Genesis' magical affinities. This same blade has been mass-produced for use amongst the G-Army, though it's unlikely any replicas match the quality of the original.

Save the President
A sword representing ultimate loyalty.
Type: Greatsword

Known Wielders: Varen Lionheart, Rianna Mitsukara

History: A specialized weapon based on the SOLDIER Standard, built to represent a legendary sword of history. It was used for some time by Varen Lionheart, who occassionally lent it out to his significant other, Rianna Mitsukara. The blade's current location is unknown.

A rusted blade with a pure heart.
Type: Double-Edged Greatsword

Known Wielders: Asura Dyfan, Ash Lior

History: ((New description needed!))
A specialized weapon based on the SOLDIER Standard, built to represent a legendary sword of history. It was used for some time by Varen Lionheart, who occassionally lent it out to his significant other, Rianna Mitsukara. The blade's current location is unknown.

Warblades of the Five Saints of Wutai

As the original leaders of the Imperial Crescent Unit of Wutai, each of the five Saints were gifted a unique Warblade by the Wusheng master of Weaponry, Staniv, and were considered Imperial treasures. Forged in the heart of the sacred flames in the Da-chao mountain statue, most are given ceremonial rings along the blunt edge of the blade that store the energy of the blade when it starts swinging, and give it back when it the reachs the target, thus increasing the strength of the blow. These Warblades were highly decorative and ceremonial- many too large to effectively wield in an 'untransformed state' and were often given to the Saint's personal guard of Vajradhara. Designed primarily for use against large contingents of enemy troops in a smaller area, the Warblades were utilized in the early phases of the Wutai War, though each eventually was destroyed or captured by ShinRa Forces. Quietly, the existence of the Warblades was swept under the rug and rarely mentioned again out of shame. In particular, these captured Warblades found a more worthwhile ownership in the hands of SOLDIER operatives better equipped to handle their unique designs.

Gott Richt
A weapon of God's Judgement.
Type: Single-edged Greatsword

Known Wielders: Gustav Kraft, Gale Trevise (Former), Godrich Kraft (Former).

History: Eventually fell into the hands of SOLDIER First Class Godrich Kraft, wherupon it was customized and modified to the SOLDIER's needs. Renamed the 'Gott Richt', it was utilized as 'A weapon of God's Judgement'. Eventually passed down to Kraft's protege, Gale Trevise, following his death. Trevise returned the Warblade to Gustav Kraft, Godric's nephew and SOLDIER Third Class.

A gateway to Oblivion.
Type: Single-edged Greatsword

Known Wielders: Gabriel Lycanthyr.

History: Captured by members of SOLDIER Unit : Lost Force towards the start of the war, this warblade was taken by the SOLDIER Division and entrusted into individual care & restoration. It was passed in-between private collectors before finally coming to rest in the trophy room of Site S, the original SOLDIER Floor, where it was finally recovered during a mission in 0003. At some point, the Wutai characters on the 'hilt' of the weapon had been replaced with archaic SOLDIER symbols, suggesting its capture very early in the war.

Nameless Dadao
An intricate weapon of Staniv's mastery.
Type: Dadao.

Known Wielders:

History: Captured during the war, the Dadao was placed in a museum of war until it was awarded in 0003's Spring Festival Combat Tournament to Miyamoto Kaizen.

A katana said to drink the blood of countless enemies.
Type: Nodachi.

Known Wielders: Asura Dyfan, Kira Hinamouri (Former)

History: Destroyed three years into the War, in the midst of a one-on-one combat between Sephiroth and the third Saint of Wutai. Raising the nodachi in defense, the blade proved no match for Sephiroth's aggression as he sliced through weapon and wielder alike. Rumored to have been reforged by Sephiroth and presented as a gift to Kira Hinamouri. It is said that whenever it is drawn, it must draw blood before being returned to its sheath or its power will be turned upon its wielder.

Unknown Warblade
The unknown fifth warblade.
Type: Unconfirmed, possibly a Jian.

Known Wielders: None.

History: The fifth of the national treasures of the Saints. Current whereabouts unknown and information unconfirmed.

The Emperor's Sword.
Type: Enormous Jiu Huan Dao.

Known Wielders: Godo Kisaragi.

History: An enormous weapon created for Godo Kisaragi's transformed state and named for the avatar of War it represents. Though not counted amongst the 'five' main Warblades, it is still amongst the masterful weapons Staniv produced.

Elemental Brands

A sword with a frozen spirit within.
Type: Longsword

Known Wielders: John Kinsman, Star Layne (occasional), Asura Dyfan (former).

History: Taken from the Icelord upon defeat, the sword was literally pulled from the stone it was stabbed into - thus allowing John Kinsman to become the owner of it. The brand boasts several special traits, seeming to have some of odd 'magic' to it.

Marauder Blades

A slab of iron.
Type: Single-edged Greatsword

Known Wielders: Cheryl Cardas,Lucius Grant (Former).

History: An enormous weapon that rivaled the size of the Buster Sword, this weapon was riveted and welded together rather than traditionally forged, though took its cues from some of the captured Warblades in some stylistic choices - including the weighted rings that would become popular throughout the Marauder blades. Found on Goblin Island and worshiped by the monsters like some kind of monument. This tremendous weapon was specially tailored to Lucius Grant's extreme strength, and quickly became a symbol of resistance against ShinRa - making it highly prized upon Grant's death. It eventually fell into Cheryl's hands, though the weapon is likely too unwieldy for her to use effectively.

Royal Ludroth / Volksjager
People Hunter / Fighter of the People.
Type: Single-edged Greatsword

Known Wielders: Gabriel Lycanthyr, Leonardo Volk (Former), Lucius Grant (Former).

History: A sister-sword to the Lagiarant given to Leonardo Volk by his friend and mentor, Lucius Grant. Though initially housing mako vents for engineered, propelled slashes, it was eventually tattered and darkened as Volk turned against the company, becoming an Ex-SOLDIER. Years following Volk's disappearance, it reappeared in the hands of Gabriel Lycanthyr who had presumably slain the rogue. The sword was restored to its former glory in an act of private symbolism.

An undying symbol.
Type: Broadsword.

Known Wielders: Hikaru Arcand.

History: A massive broadsword forged in steel and mithril, it is one of the few Marauder blades remaining in their posession. Kaige carries many of the identifying traits of its predecessors 'Lagiarant', and 'Volksjager', most notable of which being the six weighted rings along its edge. Shortly after the disappearance of Lucius Grant and Leonardo Volk, Kaige came to infamy in the hands of Marauder Commander Hikaru Arcand, who rallied the Marauder's dwindling forces around it.

Blank Caption.
Type: Blank Type.

Known Wielders: None.


A virtuous judgment
Type: Double-edged Greatsword

Known Wielders:Rem Yamane

History: A greatsword tempered by the spirit of its holder. While its offensive strength is nothing special, it boasts itself in resilience with its more defensive design. It lacks notable features of other Marauder blades, like the weighted rings and worn metal appearance. When the Marauder's forces were numbered, Rem Yamane responded to the final rally cries with this blade in hand.

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