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The village plaza.
Kalm is a quiet mining village located to the northeast of Midgar. Distinguishable by it's fortress walls and Tudor-style housing, the village's economy is based off of Mythril from the nearby Mythril Mine. Kalm is the closest named settlement to Midgar and is connected to it by a series of dirt roads spanning the Midgar Wastelands. The ShinRa Company has plans to build a highway between Kalm and Midgar, but thus far the project is incomplete.
Kalm seen from the worldmap.

A large portion of the village was accidentally destroyed by the ShinRa Company in [ μ ] – εуλ 1997. A target 50km north of the town was ordered to be firebombed in order to eliminate a Company information leak, but an equipment malfunction lead to the explosives hitting the village itself. ShinRa ordered a full cover-up of the incident and many of the survivors were sent to Nibelheim to be used as subjects in Hojo's experiments.

Characters born in Kalm

Meteor Icon.png Locations Meteor Icon.png

Sector 0
ShinRa AcademyShinRa Building ShopShinRa HeadquartersThe Legion Bar

Sector 8
Bar FateChocobo KingDark NationLes MarronniersLOVELESS SquareLOVELESS TheaterModeo Freight & ShippingSecond Hope HospitalShinRa HospitalThe Chubby Chocobo

ChurchHappy Materia ShopLeft 4 SaleSector 5Sector 6Sector 7Seventh HeavenSilver Lining Homeless ShelterWutai Joes

Other Locations

Eastern Continent
Chocobo FarmFort CondorJunonKalmMidgar MarshlandsMidgar WastelandsMythril Mine

Western Continent
CorelCosmo CanyonCosta del SolGongagaMt. CorelMt. NibelNibelheimRocket Town

Northern Continent
Bone VillageForgotten CapitalIcicle InnModeoheimNorthern Crater

Other Areas
BanoraFort TamblinMideelWutai

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