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Jade Lycanthyr

Artfully Manufactured

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Every step now is a step in the right direction.

Emancipated SSD Field Experiment


FULL NAME... Jade Lycanthyr, née Lionheart

SPECIES... Feline Hybrid

AGE & DATE OF BIRTH... 23 - June 6th [ μ ] – εуλ 1982

BLOOD TYPE... Redacted

EYE COLOR... Pale Blue


HEIGHT... 5'5"

WEIGHT... 145 lbs.


FACTION... ShinRa Science Department

OCCUPATION... Administrator

PLACE OF BIRTH... Midgar; SSD Laboratory

RELATIONSHIP STATUS... Married to Gabriel Lycanthyr - August 15th [ μ ] – εуλ 0003

EDUCATION... Privately Educated

KNOWN RELATIVES... Amber & Opal - Sisters; Benjamin Fitch - Father; Lionheart Family - Gene Donors

ELEMENTAL AFFINITY... Poison / Science


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Over time, Jade has become less inherently warm and significantly more cautious around people she has not grown to trust. Ever attentive and perceptive is she to the mannerisms and personalities of others. Jade performs her work with utmost professionalism, a master of her placid, complacent demeanor even in the face of the extreme prejudice of a human-centric upper-class society. Exuding an air of confidence and unmatched poise, Jade's prowess is evident in the way which she carries herself every day.



Jade is the result of Project CHIMERA, a 17-year scientific endeavor focused on genetic splicing, developed by the Science Research Division of Shin-Ra Electric Power Company in Midgar. The genetic information for the project was collected under the guise of a ShinRa donation drive fronted as a means to aid infertile couples in child-bearing. The egg and sperm combinations were then used to manufacture the subjects without the knowledge or consent of those who chose to donate.

When the time inevitably came to terminate the project in favor of pursuing other avenues, a group of three docile females (age 17) were saved from liquidation, with the remaining 23 subjects subsequently culled. The subjects were thusly dispersed via ShinRa benefit auction, with Vice President Rufus ShinRa staking his claim to Company property and coming away with this particular hybrid in his employ. With her two "sisters" (Opal and Amber) relocated to other facilities across the Planet, Jade was the only hybrid remaining under the direct supervision of the company HQ. In order to assure the maximum potential, Jade was put through rigorous schooling to hone her clerical and interpersonal skills. She was eventually assigned the task of working as the Vice President's secretary and assistant in Junon for the sake of company confidentiality, leaving his personal and professional matters in the hands and mind of what could ultimately be considered company property.

Jade, her genetic makeup, and her every asset were considered to be the sole property of the Company, her body bearing the Company logo on the inside of both wrists. Jade was required to report to the laboratory bi-monthly for physical and psychological assessment to assure she was still functioning at maximum capacity with no alienation from her original purpose. During the course of her experimental trials, she was implanted with a microchip that would alert security, should she stray too far from Company property without the proper escort and prior authorization.


“Are you awake?” She stirred, a Pavlovian fluttering of heavy eyelashes partially obscuring her centering gaze before she pulled herself to sit upright. The stark white sheets draped loosely over the contours of her pale thighs, wrinkled at the bend of her waist. There was a moment of trepidation; feline ears tilted back upon her ivory crown in a decidedly concerned display as she fully regarded the man seated before her.

“Good morn—“

“Stand up.”

“Yes.” She offered plainly, immediately abiding and pushing herself to stand from the firm, thin mattress, the sheets now hanging limply from the edge and curling lazily upon the white tiles below. His tone was tense, the sleeves of his white coat rolled haphazardly into the bend of his elbow, perspiration still present in the wrinkles lining his forehead. The fluttering in her chest caused her gaze to break away, instead opting to study the grey plaster of the furthest wall within the enclosure.


There was not a life to live before you.


“They’re shutting us down. This program… we’ve been at it for 17 years. The Company has decided to, ‘shift focus.’”

A fragile stillness set in between them, hands hanging listlessly at her sides, fingertips dangling just beyond the hem of a wrinkled blue gown, as the man sought to drive the ball of his palm into a throbbing temple, disrupting the perch of his glasses. Within the pause, her gaze finally settled upon his face once again, her head tilted inquisitively. “May I ask a question?”

“Of course, but I can’t promise you’re going to get the answers you want.” In the haze of the fluorescence against the single window leading in, a cross-armed silhouette stood glaring into the enclosure. Jade noted a small red stain upon the inner sleeve of the professor’s white coat.

“Why are you telling me this?”

There was another long pause, the professor’s contemplative stare shifting to regard the figure in the window. With a reassuring nod, his attention returned to Jade. “Because you and your sisters have performed so well in these trials, they’re offering an opportunity that you would not have had before.” Her attention drifted up as the man stood, closing the distance to place a hand upon her cheek, the fatherly gesture met with an instinctive lean. “My sisters and I?” Another pause lent to a moment of thought. “But what about the others?” There was a loud tap upon the glass, causing her shoulders to jolt in fright before pulling her attention away from him. He drew it right back with a tilt of his wrist. “Look at me, Jade. It’s done. I have to go. Just do whatever they ask of you. Never talk back. Never disappoint them. They’re going to take you some place safe where you will be treated well.”


“And Jade, you need to promise me this.”


“When you pass the med bay, you must close your eyes.”




A younger Jade during her employ beneath the Vice President in Junon.
Following release from the SSD Laboratory, Jade was turned over to the custody of ShinRa's Vice President Rufus. Her tenure under his employ would prove to be severely challenging to her emotions, with the young VP excessively critical of her and her behavior. Just barely balancing on the line between physical and psychological abuse, the SSD subject had resigned herself to a life of unpleasant servitude to the next-in-line to the Company throne. Her professional relationship with the Vice President would remain consistently strained by his unrelenting treatment. However, her growing professional relationship with Reeve Tuesti served as a welcomed reprieve from Rufus's consistent disrespect.

With the ShinRa son stationed largely in Junon during her tenure, Jade would face inevitable opposition from the slums beneath the towering military city. One kidnapping attempt at the doors of the ShinRa HQ was thwarted by the presence of SOLDIER--a fateful glimpse into Jade's future, as Gabriel Lycanthyr first laid eyes upon her in the midst of this daring rescue, sparking an unspoken, mutual interest between the two. During a job fair in the HQ Lobby, a gunman emerged from the bustling crowd, his aim centered upon the young Vice President. In an act of unwarranted selflessness, Jade pushed the VP to the ground, clearing him from the assassin's sights and subsequently taking a near-fatal gunshot to the lung.

Recovery following her injury was slow, and the wound left a garish scar upon her previously unmarred flesh. Despite her grievous wounds, Jade's work for the VP continued almost as soon as she was able to walk again. While running her typical errands, Jade crossed paths with SOLDIER Third Class Gabriel Lycanthyr upon the gondola. In that decisive moment, as Jade and Gabriel shared words in the duration of the gondola's trip to the tier below, that spark began to burn with the persistence of an ember. Finding that the pair lived in the same apartment block only served to intensify the steadily growing tension. Mutual feelings of appreciation for enduring ShinRa servitude evolved into genuine feelings of need for one another. Daringly, Jade and Gabriel chose to slip beneath the watchful eye of the Company and pursue their passionate romance, the SOLDIER's presence in her life proving to be the greatest source of light in the overall bleak outlook of her existence.

It wasn't until Gabriel's deployment to Junon was unexpectedly cut short that Jade began was forced to come to terms with the nature of her place within the Company's grasp. While unclear as to whether or not the Vice President had been made aware of their affair, any strides Jade had made in earning the VP's respect under his employ seemed all for naught. The years following proved tumultuous at best.

Rufus would eventually earn his father's ire in the midst of an argument that resulted in Jade being plucked from his grasp like a toy from a sniveling toddler. With her fate once again in the hands of the Company, Reeve stepped forward to take Jade into his employ under Urban Development. With that, Jade was sent off to Midgar to begin her life anew.


Jade's arrival in Midgar met with trepidation. Despite her relative confidence in her safety and comfort in Reeve Tuesti's employ, her mind could not help but linger on the longterm. Life in Junon had been a vastly difference experience; the breeze and daily sunlight had been traded for artificial fluorescence and the ever-present scent of Mako on every street. Even at the fortunate expense of leaving the custody of the Vice President, Jade could not help but allow her thoughts to wander to the possibilities of this move.

Tuesti's significantly more lenient scheduling meant shorter hours and a surplus of free time that Jade made use of to focus her attention upon deeper introspection. In spite of her gradually broadening freedom under the Director of Urban Development, Jade's persistent thoughts of loneliness plagued her so severely that the Director himself found them easy to pick up on. However, quite unwilling to push her luck, Jade would not venture to search for her lost love. Over a year had passed, and Jade thought it preferential to resign herself to the fact that the SOLDIER had moved on without her.

Reunited. A love separated only by time and distance.

Jade spent the next few months working as an assistant to the Director, regularly heading onto the Plate to run errands for the Department of Urban Development. Freed from daily torment, Jade's heart still yearned.


It would become readily apparent as the months carried on that Jade was not alone in her longing. By chance, her presence in the city was noted by that long lost companion. Completely unbeknownst to her, Gabriel Lycanthyr began a relentless search to track her down after barely missing her upon the train platform. That continuous search of Company databases and employee files brought him to the door of hew new apartment.

The knocks came as a complete surprise in the early hours of the morning, but Jade's first look at those familiar features brought every pleasant memory welling back up into her mind. Jade broke down before him, sealing their reunion with an impassioned kiss and inviting the Second Class SOLDIER into her abode to continue their love life where they had left off. The time apart had only served to intensify their undying need to be together.


Upon arrival in Midgar, Jade's SSD record undoubtedly ended up on the desk of ShinRa's Chief of Security at the time, Brigadier General Varen Lionheart. The information contained within the confidential documents linked the two by inescapable means, a fact that the Brigadier General opted to keep to himself. In a moment of grave clerical ineptitude, the classified documentation intended for Reeve Tuesti's desk ended up on that of his secretary. After briefly gleaning over the information contained within, Jade immediately sought out the Brigadier, demanding clarification. Listed as gene donors upon Jade's records were Eveline and Raeth Lionheart, the parents of the snowy-haired SOLDIER First.

Varen's initial reaction was scornful. The impurity of Jade's genetic makeup presumably made her unfit for consideration within the Lionheart family, but Jade's continuous effort to work her way into the Brigadier's life has served to endear her to him over time. During Jade's 21st birthday celebrations, Varen Lionheart finally legitimized his sister, inducting her officially into the Lionheart pride. For safety and security, Jade had forgone taking on the surname. Their blood bond has been kept largely secret, only known by a handful of close contacts. Varen elected to take Jade on as his secretary and personal assistant, under the guise of requiring a competent aid following the mistake that led to Jade's discovery of this fateful fact.


Facing the inevitability of defeat beneath the weight of ShinRa, Inc, Jade discovers that Rufus ShinRa still owns her contract. Powerless, Gabriel looks on.
Following SOLDIER's mandated beach vacation and the subsequent disappearance of Director Lazard, Jade received notice from the SSD to return to Midgar for immediate physical examination. During the exam, Jade's relationship with SOLDIER Second Class Gabriel Lycanthyr inconveniently came to light. With the blossoming romance between SOLDIER and Science Department property deemed unethical, overseeing scientist Josh Baines seized the opportunity to attempt blackmailing the couple to keep their secret from the watchful eyes of the Company.

In a desperate attempt to aid his sister in her moment of need, Varen made an effort to purchase her open contract from the ShinRa Inc., a tactic that would pull her out from beneath the immediate oversight of the SSD. Sobered by a realization of complete powerlessness, he found that Jade's contract was still held in the name of the Vice President, unable to be purchased and unlikely to be bargained for. This daunting news served to remind Jade of her place within the company, and particularly beneath Rufus. She became terrified of the potential consequences.

As the hand of fate played heavily upon him, Varen found himself unexpectedly removed from his position as Chief of Security. This change resulted in Jade's position beneath him becoming unnecessary, leaving her once again in the hands of ShinRa with no certainty as to where she would end up within it. The oppressive weight of ShinRa began to affect those around her in ways that Jade had only fathomed possible for those of her origins. Between the crestfallen Lionheart and the lost Lycanthyr, Jade had, given no foreseeable alternative, once again taken to veiling her inner turmoil to provide those she loved with the strength that they needed to survive in a world that Jade knew better than any other.


The winning costumes; Halloween [ μ ] – εуλ 0002.
In a feeble attempt to reconcile the differences and ease the strain between her brother and her beloved, Jade forced the two into an impromptu session to air their grievances with one another. The talk went completely awry, leaving Jade with no choice by to expel Varen from their home upon Gabriel's request, until an opportunity would arise to speak with him alone.

That opportunity came, and despite her brother's unrelenting melodrama, it was revealed that Varen had, with the invaluable aid of Asura Dyfan, managed to procure Jade's contract from Rufus ShinRa, stipulating within the new transfer addendum that she was granted the right to pursue romantic interest with anyone of her choosing. While merely a formality, Jade knew that this contract's existence still restricted her ability to continue on with a normal life, uninhibited by the confines of ShinRa rule. She was still under ownership, even if the name upon the contract was now her brother's. While the news was met with anticipated elation from her beloved Lycanthyr, Jade knew that more had to be done to assure her personal freedom.

You again...

Jade and Gabriel found themselves in an almost uneasy sense of contentment that had eluded them since the very beginning of their clandestine romance. Months had since transpired without incident. Even in spite of the unfortunate news surrounding the loss of Sephiroth and Zack Fair, SOLDIER continued to persevere. Jade's professional and clerical expertise was called upon by Karen Rice, who elected to hire Jade into an executive assistant role with a focus on public relations for the SOLDIER Division. Once again finding herself with a purpose, particularly pleased with the opportunity to better serve the Division within which she found more kinship than any others before, Jade's outlook on the future was particularly bright.

The seasons began to shift. The late summer warmth gave way to a temperate Fall. With their social life returning to relative normalcy, Jade and Gabriel found triumph in a Halloween Ball costume contest, which resulted in Jade's acquisition of the Hades materia.

The onset of a chill in the following month brought with it an unexpected visitor; Jade encountered the Vice President for the first time since being transferred to Midgar. She made her desire to keep her distance readily apparent, but she knew that her civility and basic courtesy would keep the VP's curiosity at bay. Keeping him from weaseling his way into her personal life became Jade's foremost priority.


The final resolution of the ongoing Titan conflict had provided the SOLDIER Division with some much-needed relief. Upon assuring the SOLDIER team's safe return back to Midgar following Chronos' defeat, the battered, exhausted group could call the mission a complete success. With Constance Marren back and Friedrich Eisenherz making a steady recovery, it would almost feel as though everyone had an opportunity to breathe.

Conflict would still persist in spite of the successful recovery. Following an unexpected dance with the Vice President at the Winter Ball, Jade made the definitive decision to take the matter of keeping herself free from his influence entirely into her own hands.

To compound the impending distress, Director Heidegger later conferred with her regarding the Rufus's insistence on reclaiming her Company contract, further solidifying Jade's intent to win her freedom. Taking a chance, Jade has attempted to convince President Shinra to grant her an audience to discuss the current situation in hopes of attaining a resolution that will grant her the rights of any other citizen of Midgar.


Stop being a passive observer in your own life.

Perhaps to her own surprise, the President was willing to meet with Jade in regards to her concerns with the Vice President's behavior. During this once-in-a-lifetime meeting opportunity, Jade made her long term intentions very clear--Jade requested freedom from her contract entirely and to be offered the chance to become an official citizen with the rights and privileges contained therein. Well aware upon entering the arrangement that the President was by no means entirely altruistic, Jade agreed to a risky bargain in order to guarantee her freedom. In order to secure her independence, the President requested that Jade use her presumed closeness with the Vice President in her favor, in order to keep tabs on the VP's potentially more nefarious activities.

Using her growing connection and confidence with the Director of Public Safety, Jade continued to pry for more information. Heidegger would eventually relent, admitting to her that Rufus had attempted to procure information on outside contacts--particularly one known rebel by the name of Yahiko Toshi. Using her influential prowess, Jade managed to convince Heidegger to accompany her in bringing the information to the President's attention, hoping that this revelation would be enough to win her freedom.

Much to her chagrin, President Shinra was not entirely impressed by the information alone. Citing a requirement for concrete evidence on his son's actions, he simply stated that the data provided would not suffice. In a moment of determination and finality, Jade stepped up, volunteering to collect the evidence, organizing a stakeout with Director Heidegger in a predetermined location in order to catch Rufus Shinra in the act. Days of planning and worrying came to a thrilling conclusion, Jade's hard work and dedication proving successful as she managed to document video and audio of the Vice President's meeting, finally securing her conclusive evidence for the President. After painstakingly compiling all of her collected information in one concise report, all that was left would be to present her findings to the President in hopes of satisfying his specifications. The waiting game began.

In the midst of waiting for the President's availability, Yahiko Toshi would make an effort to contact Jade directly in the guise of a lounge act lizard man by the name of Antonio. Jade's perceptive eyes were able to pick up on the disguise, and "Antonio" was thus escorted to a private location with the assistance of Gabriel Lycanthyr and Varen Lionheart. At which point, she would present her ultimatum to the known rebel.

"Your information is of no use to me, child. But I will correct you. You will not get the job done. Not this time. Your saving grace in this entire predicament is -me-. Your life is in -my- hands. For conspiring to bring harm to one of SOLDIER's executives, you are exceedingly lucky that I do not unleash these two on you in here, right now. We are a very tight knit group up there, after all... And we do not take kindly to threats, as a Division. Here's what you're going to do." She stepped back, delicate hands resting pointedly upon the slope of her shapely hips, a leg extended to idly roll the heel of her boot along the tiles below. "I am giving you -one- chance to clear your name of this. You are, as far as I'm concerned, a bit of a fool.. And even if you are a scum-of-the-Planet rebel fool, I am feeling exceptionally generous this evening. You will inform your contact that you are backing out. You will tell them nothing of this meeting. You will inform them that you had a better offer for another project. I -assure- you that this is the best possible scenario for you, Toshi." Her tone was soft and almost salacious in its delivery, her pleasure in maintaining the upper hand readily apparent. "There is no amount of money in the world that will make your aspirations worth what this Division will do to you if you -dare- to lay a hand on me. Any attempts to harm me -will- be assumed to originate from you. You will be implicated in -everything-, should anyone seek retaliation from this -extremely- amicable 'negotiation.'" Clearing her throat, a hand arose once again, sweetly cupping at Toshi's cheek. "We will find you. Hunt you down like the rat you are. We will beat the very will to fight from you. But Toshi? Under my orders, they will not kill you. That will be a luxury reserved for my gun. Do you understand?"

The rebel presumably surrendered after coming to an agreement that assured he would not be harmed upon release, but Jade did not put much confidence in the trust of rebel scum. She would continue to carry her own weapon on her at all times.


A hard-earned reward for an arduous journey.
The President would eventually call upon Jade alone to present her findings. While the information was not entirely definitive as to the true motives behind Rufus' meeting, he was clearly satisfied enough to keep up his end of the bargain, content to turn the information over to Investigative Affairs to pursue further. In return for her hard work and diligence, the President of Shin-Ra Electric Power Company, Inc. finally bestowed upon Jade her Certificate of Citizenship, freeing her from the binds of the Company and permitting her to pursue a life free of the complications of her previous ownership.

The news was received warmly by her beloved Gabriel. Jade finally signed her official documents with the surname given to her on her 21st birthday by the brother. Subject J, Jade the experiment, the property, the personal commodity, became Jade Lionheart, the strong-willed, independent, assertive, and confident woman she always had the potential to be. In the wake of her success, Jade came to the realization that Director Heidegger, against all odds, had endeared himself to her. She personally assured him that she would be at his disposal in the future, should he require her skill set, given his willingness to aid her in her time of need.

Triumphantly, Jade returned to the Science Department Laboratory with Presidential orders to remove her SSD-issued tracking microchip. Josh Baines was personally selected for the task.

With the burden of her past now behind her, Jade found herself eager to see what the world truly had to offer her in light of her new-found, hard-earned freedom. Shortly thereafter, Jade was called upon by the Science Department to consult in the administrative office in order to account for an increase in demand for funds from its Director. Financial consultation would evolve into complete administrative overhaul within the following weeks.


Corporate intrigue would not cease following the completion of her work with the President. Months of careful observation had afforded Jade the opportunity to keep watch over the activities and opinions of the Administrative Department of the SOLDIER Division. Slowly but surely, Jade would build her own arsenal against the standing members of the board. Keenly aware of the whispers and scheming carrying on around her, Jade eagerly pursued her secondary avenue within the Science Department, biding her time before she intended to submit her resignation.

However, before Jade would have such an opportunity, the Admin Department of SOLDIER would make their careless move, practically staging a Directorial coup in going over Director Heidegger's head to terminate Jade's position without notice or authorization. The injustice was dealt with swiftly and relentlessly, and Jade's involvement in the retaliation would remain deliberately ambiguous. With the SSD still in the midst of its overhaul, Jade was immediately picked up by the Department and placed into the position of Administrator, overseeing the SSD's finances, public relations, human resources, and all legal matters, freeing the exceedingly busy Director, Professor Hojo, to continue on his clandestine projects within the laboratory.

As a final display of solidarity for the men and women of SOLDIER itself, Jade requested that Director Heidegger convey her personal address to the Division in regards to her departure.


My colleagues, my family, my beloved:

Every day that I've spent working with all of you on a personal and professional level has been wonderfully fulfilling. The men and women of SOLDIER are the most hard-working, dedicated, powerful, and fearless individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Every single one of you has positively limitless potential.

However, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you all that, even prior to this sudden Directorial coup that resulted in my termination from the Administrative Department, I have been consulting with the Science Department to handle their finances and return the department to its former highly productive glory. My unauthorized removal from the Administrative Department of SOLDIER has, perhaps as a blessing, brought me into a position of leadership alongside the Director of the SSD.

Jade leaves the SOLDIER Department in pursuit of her own greatness.

This transition has not been an easy one, but in regards to your directorial aides, I was able to see the writing on the wall long before any of this transpired. Barring Charles Mallory and Nicholas Nacht, every member of the SOLDIER Administrative Department has been proven to have their own personal agendas that did not represent the best interests of SOLDIER as a division. In some cases it was completely obvious--in others I was perhaps just as blindsided as you all may feel.

There is something that I want all of you to understand. My appreciation and respect for you extends far beyond a simple curiosity--a sense of wonderment that comes with being surrounded by super humans. The kinship that I felt for all of you stems from the fact that I, too, am a product of this Company's work. I was created by and for ShinRa, much in the same way that the scientific processes enacted upon all of you have brought you to the same destination as I. I am even only at liberty to discuss this with any of you because I have made great strides to finally free myself from the contract that has bound me into servitude against my will. Even then, the Company's logo is forever emblazoned upon my wrists for anyone to see.

There is a difference between power and greatness. Power can be delivered without hardship. Power can be bestowed with an injection or treatment. Power can be snatched for and stolen, fought over like scraps by scavenging dogs. Power is what the aforementioned members of the Directorial Board of SOLDIER had aspired for. Nothing more. Nothing less. And for that, they have succumbed to their respective weaknesses and suffered the consequences of their actions.

Greatness, however, is hard earned. Greatness embodies every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears poured into a job well done. Greatness is not something that can be gifted. Greatness comes from within. It is honed and molded by every action that you take in your lives. Every single one of you embodies the meaning behind greatness. You made a choice to be here. You fight every day for a cause that you believe in. You face death on a regular basis in order to protect your lives, your friends, your loves, and the meaning that keeps you going.

I leave the SOLDIER Division not with aspirations for power, but to continue to build my own greatness. Through a life of indentured servitude and a cathartic freedom, I have finally come to learn that my life has worth, and I have the power to make the changes necessary to be truly great. You have all inspired me to achieve my own greatness in life.

You all are, and will always be, my colleagues and my friends. I am here for you every step of the way. Do not hesitate to reach out to me at any point if you need someone to talk to or to confide in. I meant it when I stated that I am your greatest advocate.

With sincerest love,

♥ Jade


Masterpieces of Science.

Maintaining a tenuous balance in her working relationship with Director Hojo, Jade found herself increasingly more comfortable with her position overseeing the Science Department. However, the comfort of near-boredom would not last. Charlie Company Commander Blake Shepherd, a new friend to both Jade and Gabriel, called the pair into his office to inform them of a dire security leak pertaining to personal information procured by an AVALANCHE rebel upon capture and interrogation of Gaius Valkyr. The information obtained included, among other things, the nature of Jade's relationship with Gabriel.

Action was immediate, and with the effortless cooperation of SOLDIER, Investigative Affairs, and the Science Department, the perpetrator was captured. Working in conjunction with the Turks, Jade and the SSD took it upon themselves to administer a necessary mindwipe to the apparent Turk-turned-terrorist responsible. Vengeance brewed in the back of Jade's mind, and in an agreement with Director Hojo, she volunteered to personally describe the new memories that would be implanted in the new subject's mind, setting the bold rebel up for a future of debilitating fear. Many of the memories chosen were drawn from Jade's own past experiences, and the subject was branded with a mock gunshot wound located beneath her left breast, mirroring that which marred Jade's own flesh. Satisfied with the results, the SSD continued to monitor the subject from a distance, if only for Jade's personal amusement.

Following a tumultuous falling-out with her now estranged brother, Jade's life regained its balance. Every day in the laboratory ignited her interest in studying Biology as the source of her own origin. Agency over the department responsible for her creation led her to embrace the necessity of her upbringing as a means to further the collective knowledge of the department as a whole. It is with this new outlook and subsequent closure that Jade drove herself to learn along every step of the way.

In the midst of her slowly increasing involvement in the goings-on of the laboratory, a particular test subject stole Jade's attention--a gigantic mantis hybrid with a polymorphous exoskeleton. This newly manufactured species, aptly dubbed Chimantid within the department, had been the sole focus of Jade's continued education. The first iteration of the creature was implemented in order to test the combat prowess of the SOLDIER Division's latest potential recruits, as well as to discern its own weaknesses for further improvement. With the knowledge gained from its defeat, Jade and the rest of the scientific team eagerly moved forward with the project.


Beneath the immediately apparent facade, Jade's intentions were rooted deeper. One of Jade's first acts from her position of leadership within the Science Department would be to call for the aid of the department's leading Makologist, Dr. Styx Kaijin. It was with the brilliant mind and invaluable experience of this professional that Jade aspired to achieve what was perhaps a selfish goal--investigation into a cure for Gabriel's affliction was underway. The process, taking months upon months of research and continuous, sometimes disappointing trials, continued as planned until news of Gabriel's impending promotion to First Class status began to circulate around the SOLDIER floor.
Just come back to me.

The rumors fed new urgency into the project, and through Styx's continued research and collaboration with mako engineer Asura Dyfan, the decision was made to implement a treatment method previously administered to Gail Trevise to combat his own SOLDIER treatment-afflicted ailment, with the intention of balancing out one extreme of J-Cell adhesion with another. Gabriel Lycanthyr would receive his treatment at the same time as his formal upkeep following his promotion to SOLDIER First Class. Jade elected to be present alongside the scientific team and other members of SOLDIER, eager to witness success, but also preparing herself for the possibility to saying her final goodbyes to her beloved, should the treatment not go as intended. At the near end of his treatment procedure, Gabriel began to fade, prompting the team to immediately eject him from his treatment chamber and begin administering CPR. Jade's heart sank. She panicked, unable to fight her way out of SOLDIER First Class John Kinsman's grasp while the laboratory staff worked to bring him back. All she could do was call for him desperately from across the room with tears streaming down her stricken face.

"Jade, will you marry me?"

The staff's tireless efforts to revive the SOLDIER were not in vain. Gabriel finally roused, his heart starting once again after emergency defibrillation. Tearfully embracing her beloved, Gabriel admitted to Jade that her beckoning voice had called him back from the darkness daring to swallow him up. Tests would indicate to the team and to the joyous pair that the treatment had worked, but time would tell if the effects of the procedure go without issue. Regardless of what the future may hold, Jade and Gabriel found themselves optimistic. After a couple of weeks in recovery, Gabriel continued his work as a newly established SOLDIER First Class.

Jade's 22nd birthday would occur during Gabriel's period of recovery, prompting a gathering of her closest friends in celebration at the Blue Tuesday. It was during these celebrations that Gabriel, after some playful deception, would descend to a knee before Jade in front of the Loveless Square fountain. Tearfully accepting Gabriel's heartfelt proposal, the couple finally became engaged.

Her impending nuptials with the First Class prompted Jade to confront the very last of her great fears. The Vice President agreed to meet with Jade in his penthouse in Junon to discuss the future of their professional dynamic. With her place as the Administrator of the Science Department, Jade could only see value in gaining the Vice President's trust and support, even in spite of his recent transgressions with his father. As the bonds of fear had shed away from Jade's psyche, Rufus's potential had begun to shine through.

Their beautiful wedding ceremony took place a few months later, hosted in a remote location with many of their close friends and colleagues, including Reeve Tuesti and Rufus ShinRa. A well-deserved honeymoon in Sapphire Isle would follow.


We'll raze them all.

In the shadow of the illumination cast by such a loving and beautiful union, the machinations of the SSD were still studiously underway. With the data gathered from the test run of the Chimantid's first iteration, the collaborative efforts of the Biological Science and Mechanical Engineering departments developed a new technology for controlling monsters through the use of electrical impulses, linked to the nervous system of the parasite (puppeteer) and the host monster. The technology was thusly referred to as the Cordyceps System. Given her particular fascination and affinity for this large insect creature, Jade had volunteered herself as the first parasite for testing the suit's capabilities.

In retaliation for a recent attack on Sector 0 by the AVALANCHE insurgency, the decision was made to take this first test run into the slums, with the intention of drawing out the rebels in an attempt to thin their numbers, or at the very least, remind the scum of precisely who they were dealing with. The test run was conducted shortly after Jade's return from her honeymoon, completely unbeknownst to her husband, whose concern, she suspected, would have been enough to talk her out of going forward. Determined to prove the worth of the system, as well as solidify the Science Department's place as a force to be reckoned with in response to this daring encroachment upon ShinRa property, Jade donned the suit and helmet after numerous in-house test runs. Everything appeared to be in working order.

Chaos ensued beneath the plate upon the release of the Chimantid, Jade's own deft actions serving to guide the monster on a path of destruction, envenoming and subsequently debilitating nearly a dozen insurgents in a matter of minutes. The adrenaline from evident success was pulsing through Jade's system, and the world beyond the eyes of the monster was, for a time, forgotten in lieu of the intrigue. When the monster inevitably fell after leaving a decimated path in its wake, the sudden severance of the neural connection caused Jade's mind to suddenly shift, sending her into a shock that sent her collapsing to the laboratory floor. Jade's final exclamation prior to radio silence prompted her husband to immediately make his way into the lab, only to find his wife unconscious, surrounded by technicians and scientists, as well as the wildly intimidating Professor Hojo.

With quick work from the laboratory team in stabilizing Jade's vitals, she recovered from the sudden disconnection with relative ease, but the lingering urge to infect again remained persistent in the back of her mind. The Cordyceps System was a revelation.

The administrator maintained a low profile following the Chimantid attack, focusing her attention upon continued research, as well as maintaining her duties to the Science Department.


"I will tell you one thing, Mr. Vice President... I am not a failure. The failures are dead... I am what came from the ashes." - Speaking to Rufus ShinRa of her place beneath him.

"Even you, in your infinite grace and strength, have your right to weakness."

"...The aspirations of ShinRa are wildly different from mine and yours. The Company itself is a faceless, hungering entity. There's no single person within that serves as the driving force. Every single person who, by living in ignorance or betraying better judgment, serves the Company's mission, will eventually be eaten alive. It doesn't care about you, or me, or the terrorists. It cares about power, wealth, exploitation. The Company is just as much of a monster as those that you fight." - To Gabriel; insight on the Company through Jade's eyes.

"Look to those before you, not behind you. You're too old to focus on learning from the mistakes and legacies of others." - Words of wisdom for her devoted beloved.

"In Junon, there was no one by my side. My employ under the Vice President, the man who still holds claim to my contract, was extremely bleak. His emotional abuse, his jealousy, and his possessiveness have left scars on my psyche that even now I have difficulty overcoming. When I met Gabriel, it was after I had been shot through the lung at a social event not entirely unlike last night's. Our bond developed over that understanding--our mutual servitude to the Company that now aspires to tear us apart. In Junon, at that time, Gabriel was the only person on my side. You couldn't have cared less--you knew nothing. I suspect the Vice President caught wind of our affair. They sent Gabriel back to Midgar and I was alone, again, with a man who -knew- that I had, in his eyes, betrayed him... After everything happened and the Vice President and I were separated, I never anticipated I would ever see Gabriel again. Somehow, some way, he found me. He saw me, probably in a crowd of dozens of other people. He made it his mission to track me down, and he showed up at my apartment in the middle of the night. After all that time, I had Gabriel on my side again. He means more than the world to me, Varen. He means -everything-. Gabriel is my hope."

"You're just as much of a product of their greed as I am. They manufacture SOLDIER in much the same way the manufacture creatures like me. You're just lucky you serve a purpose for this company. I had two choices: I die, or I become someone's object. Someone's property. A toy for his own amusement. The profit that ShinRa makes from the fights that you endure gives them the freedom to create, and subsequently kill, things like me. And I could have just as easily been one of the truly unlucky ones."

"Rebels are always the enemy. Terrorist threats are to be neutralized. If even one rears their head or peeks out of their little rats nests, it is -your- responsibility as a cohesive division to form the proverbial boot that smashes them right back down." - Spoken to SOLDIER; a zero tolerance policy.

"Don't speak as though I should recall you fondly. You're deluding yourself." - spoken to Rufus Shinra upon his return to Midgar.

"You're right. Scars remain forever. But -I- decide how my scars define me."

O P I N I O N S / I M P R E S S I O N S

"Wink wonk" - Nim
"I found something redeeming and beautiful at the least obvious place. Under the shadow of corporate oppression, against odds and taboos and the whims of our cruel superiors. Perseverance was a cornerstone of that blossoming romance. What I found, and what found me, has made me happier and warmer than anything I could have imagined." - Gabriel Lycanthyr

"A cat chick who wears suits yet we both know she'd be so much hotter in casual's or 'kini.. I'd be proud to see her drop kick Varen off a cliff for the value of girl powa!" - Paige

"There's something strange about this one, but I can't tell why exactly I like this chick. I hope she proves to be genuine, as she seems to be." - Xae

"I wonder how's life treating her, it felt like ages since I spoke to her. I hope Varen and Gabriel are watching over her, it's one less worry for me." - Zedrick

"Jade has everything a woman desires to have; grace, beauty, and knowledge. However she has everything a warrior also desires to be; forever strong, humble, and most of all courageous." - Eric Moon

"From the moment our eyes met, we both saw in each other what pain lurked inside. Being used as a tool wears its welcome very quickly. And the freedom to live our lives as we see fit is something we will never take for granted. In this, I am blessed to know of another who understands the value of this, despite which scars and marks have shown on us." - Kiru

"You won your citizenship. You fought for your independence. And you saved my life and gave me a future. Now? Your life belongs to you, and nobody else. But... I'd be honored if you spent it with me. Jade, will you marry me?" - Gabriel Lycanthyr

"Dealing with the administrator is like... ah... riding a bike! Except the bike is on fire. And you're on fire. And everything is on fire. And you're in Hell." - Professor Hojo




Voice . . . Stefani Germanotta [1]
Artfully Manufactured . . . At the End of the Day by Amon Tobin [2]
Wedding March . . . Lux Aeterna by Christopher Tin [3]
Stockholm Syndrome/The Forgettable Bastard . . . Nature of Inviting by IAMX [4]
To your recklessness and pleasure, I purely commit. Because everything that you are, is everything there is. It's a vice of gold and dreams you try to escape from, but you surrender to the power, to the only way... I love you, I hate you.
Gabriel . . . Under the Iron Sky [5]
Now that you have gone away, I feel so cold, why did I stay? Remember, I'll remember your face so pale, when you left me on that gloomy day... Time goes by, memories are mine. Still waiting for the moment I'll see you again. Times are changing, memories are fading. I'm waiting for another chance to tell you belong to me. One day I know we'll meet again under the Iron Sky.

Perseverance . . . Until Tomorrow by Hybrid [6]
No need for words. Your heartbeat and the breeze was all I heard. Your hopes and fears, how trivial it seemed from up here. I breathe you in, as the sunlight breaks the haze that touched your skin. Beneath the glow, on a different kind of Sunday morning.
Teetering on the Brink . . . Can You Hear Me by Hybrid [7]
Tear down these walls. Cut the ties that held me. Crying out at the top of my voice. Tell me now if you can hear me... I'm awake today. I've got something to say. Can you hear me now?
SOLDIER Loyalty . . . Different by Pendulum [8]
We see the shadows that are falling from your eyes, draining your face of everything but the disguise. Don't hide baby, let them see your true colours. Don't mind the camera, let them see your black heart tonight. Don't hide baby, show them just how deep it goes. Don't mind the cameras, let them see your black heart, baby!

You Cannot Affect Me . . . Blackout by Hybrid [9]
Like a cloud ushered in by wind, you were just a reaction to my confusion. A hybrid of hundreds of troubles. People felt us connect and ran for shelter. Now you cannot affect me. I feel no electricity. Now you cannot control me. I feel no electricity.
Assuming Control . . . Chasing the Dragon (Reconstructed by ReleveleR) by iVardensphere [10]
Contemplate. What do you want? What does this world have to offer you? What do you have to offer this world? Nobody owes you anything. It is strictly what you owe yourself. Make an active choice. Stop being a passive observer in your own life.
Moral Ambiguity [SSD Theme] . . . Predator (Collide Remix) by Front Line Assembly [11]
Radioactive. Automate. Regenerate. Transmutate. Hallucinate. Are you receiving? Message send.


S K I L L S / H O B B I E S

Clerical/Administrative: Jade was specially trained to be a skilled and efficient assistant for the Vice President during her time in his employ. It was perhaps his strict demeanor that encouraged her impeccable professionalism.
Culinary Expertise: Jade's most beloved and frequently practiced hobby/skill. She has been cooking for as long as she has had access to the means to do so and she takes pride in her ability to put together a delicious meal.
Eloquence: She is uncharacteristically well-spoken for someone of her origins. Her love for reading and research is likely to blame.
Advanced Hearing: Though it's not to say that Jade can hear through walls or by any particularly superhuman means, her hearing is slightly above human average based solely upon the physiology and structure of her feline ears.
Perception: Rather than a learned skill, Jade is genetically predisposed to acute perception of peoples' mannerisms and ways of speaking.
Dancing: One of the more recent hobbies that Jade has picked up, particularly given her increase in free time and space. Presently, she practices classical ballroom dancing styles, but has dabbled briefly in the exotic art of bellydance.
The 'Off' Switch: Enduring a few years in the employ of the Vice President has awarded Jade the unfortunate ability to disconnect her emotions from her work life. It has the unfortunate side-effect of making her appear disinterested and/or heartless, depending on the circumstances. This skill has become exceedingly useful in her current position as the Science Department Administrator.
Endurance: Habitual work-out regimens with a trained SOLDIER certainly have their perks. Jade's endurance has increased significantly since her return to Midgar.
Marksmanship: Jade has been steadily honing her skills, particularly with the use of her own 9mm Handgun.
CQC Defense: With training primarily from Gabriel Lycanthyr, as well as her own private study and research, Jade's grappling and deflection techniques have been artfully crafted after months of intensive personal work.
Surveillance: A skill that Jade picked up in her desperation to please the President. While still new, Jade is eager to use the knowledge and equipment she has gained through her working relationship with Director Heidegger to further her experience in this particular field.
Biology: Jade's involvement in various experiments while overseeing the SSD has afforded her a steadily growing knowledge of biological sciences that she continues to hone in her spare time. She has a particular interest in entomology.
Cordyceps Parasite: As the first volunteer "pilot" for the Cordyceps System, Jade is notated as the primary parasite and most proficient monster puppeteer.

W E A P O N S / E Q U I P M E N T / P R I Z E S

FFVII Gun Icon.PNG 9mm Handgun: Perhaps the best thing Rufus ever did for Jade was teaching her the basics of handling firearms. This particular weapon has been in her possession since Junon. Following receipt of additional training from Zedrick, Jade has taken it upon herself to practice frequently.
FFVII Summon Materia Icon.PNG Hades: Jade and Gabriel won this summon at the 0002 Halloween Ball. She kept it on her person every day with the intention of giving into Gabriel, imbibing it with enough passion and determination to empower it further. It has since been given to Gabriel as of their wedding day.
FFVII Summon Materia Icon.PNG Shiva: A gift from Gaius Valkyr, received on vacation in Sapphire Isle.
FFVII Magic Materia Icon.PNG Restore Lvl 4: Jade's first materia. After her tenure under the Vice President in Junon, Jade couldn't compel herself to wear this materia for a very long time. It wasn't until after her wedding that she deigned to put it in her necklace in place of Hades.
FFVII Magic Materia Icon.PNG Barrier Lvl 3: A birthday gift from her estranged brother. The only use she feels her time spent with him amounted to.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG COMM Unit/Headset: Allows Jade to keep in immediate contact with her colleagues within the SOLDIER Division, as well as other relevant employees under the ShinRa Civilian and Security Branches.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG PHS: Includes a few choice, important phone numbers in case of emergencies. A modest, black flip phone with the ShinRa logo emblazoned upon the front.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Glasses: Jade is near-sighted, and therefore requires her glasses.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Modest Collar: A thin, black leather collar with a metal band; once a sign of oppression and inhumanity, now lovingly transformed into a beautiful symbol of metamorphosis and devotion. Jade wears her gift with pride every day.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG The War Photo: Wrinkled and fragile, this photograph was given to Jade by Eric Moon shortly after being introduced by Gabriel. It depicts Gabriel and Eric during the Wutai War. She has taken it upon herself to keep it safe.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Surveillance Equipment: Perhaps borrowed on the long term, Jade has kept her own personal inventory of surveillance equipment, including three digital cameras, a directional microphone, and a portable computer with monitoring software.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG External Hard Drive: Worth its weight in gold. Jade kept her own personal copy of all of the evidence against Rufus' from her surveillance mission. It's safe and sound at home.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Bag of Catnip: Given to her by Director Heidegger. Whether or not he -meant- it as a joke is up in the air, but boy does it smell nice.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Certificate of Citizenship: Bestowed upon her by the President himself, Jade has framed this extremely important document which now resides in their bedroom. Gabriel Lycanthyr has made some choice "edits" to the document on the protective glass.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Engagement Ring & Wedding Band: A beautiful, elegant ring with a stunning mako blue center stone paired with a white diamond band. A testament to everything that Jade and Gabriel have gone through to get to this very point.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Greg's Charm: A handmade pendant gifted to Jade by Greg Cabonias on her wedding day. It now holds her Shiva materia and resides on the cuff upon her wrist.
FFVII Accessory Icon.PNG Ace's Crystal: Beautiful and glowing, this trinket was gifted to Jade on her wedding day by Ace Dawnbreaker. Given its size and potential fragility, Jade leaves it at home, safe and sound.



  • Ace Dawnbreaker [Groomsman]: You're one of my favorite people. True of heart and of purpose.
  • Benjamin Fitch [Father]: You never had a penance to serve. We are all grateful for you.
  • Cathirine Ronoke [Bridesmaid]: Motherhood has done you well, Cathy. You're a good friend, even if our careers keep us apart.
  • Constance Marren [Bridesmaid]: I hope you're okay.
  • Gabriel Lycanthyr [Husband]: Under the emotionally manipulative influence of the Vice President, I never considered myself capable of loving someone to the capacity that I do you. One chance meeting in the streets of Junon changed my perspective entirely. You taught me the beauty of embracing my humanity; to flourish in spite of the oppression looming overhead. You are my first and my only love. There was no life to live before you. I'm so very honored and proud to finally call you my husband.
  • Greg Cabonias: You've proven not only to be a valuable asset to SOLDIER, but a thoughtful friend as well.
  • Izuna Amamiya: I've seen that look in your eyes before. I sincerely wish you the best in those endeavors. But aside from the personal, you have proven to be an extremely competent SOLDIER. I'm so glad that you were able to live up to everyone's expectations.
  • Kalani Lokeno [Friend]: The most beautiful, exotic flower. Gabriel and I are so delighted to have you living in Midgar now. ♥
  • Maya Tenzin: There is something so very unattainably pure and beautiful about you. You're a wonderful mother.
  • Paige Whitwood [Bridesmaid]: I wish there was something we could have done. I'm so sorry, Paige.
  • Reeve Tuesti [Father Figure]: Director of Urban Development. While others regarded me as the Vice President's property and an exotic commodity, Reeve was the first ShinRa executive to treat me with the respect I deserved. My connection to him has maintained a presence since our first meeting in Junon. He's the father I never had.
  • Rufus ShinRa: A truce. We shall see where this road takes us. In spite of everything, I still consider you a valuable ally.
  • Segel Odisark [Officiant]: If it weren't for what you did for Gabriel and I, none of this would have ever been possible. You have my undying gratitude. Thank you for being my protector.
  • Styx Kaijin [Maid of Honor]: You're positively brilliant, even if your sense of humor is a bit off. I'm glad to call you a part of this department. Moreover, it's great to know that I can consider you a trusted friend as well.


  • Baylian Ashheart: You've gone again, it seems. You're always welcomed in our city.
  • Blake Shepherd: By chance, you shared in a moment that Gabriel and I hold very dear. Your confidence has awarded you my trust.
  • Gaius Valkyr: I think I'm willing to extend my trust to you. Please do not disappoint me.
  • Heidegger: I never expected to find an ally in someone like you. Thank you for proving me wrong.
  • John Kinsman: Where have you gone?
  • Kiru Geneford : I appreciate your thoughtfulness. You have very quickly become an invaluable asset to me and to my work.
  • Miyamoto Kaizen: Tick-tock, tick-tock.
  • Professor Hojo: One door closes, and another one always opens.
  • Rory Geneseric: Rest in Peace.
  • ShinRa: I would not be here without you, but for most of my life, I wondered if that was really a blessing.
  • Star Layne: Prove to all of us that you are not a victim. I want to see you succeed.
  • Zedrick: Stay in touch.
  • Mika: The human body is a wondrous, adaptable thing. Count yourself lucky.
  • Zero: There's something dark about you. Something twisted behind your eyes. But your dedication to your comrades is astounding.


  • AVALANCHE: You don't fight for this Planet. You fight for your own personal conquests, each and every one of you. You're no more noble than those you seek to terminate. With innocent lives at stake, we cannot afford to give you the benefit of the doubt.
  • Varen Lionheart: My biological brother, but by no means my family. Your name is no longer my curse to bear.
  • Yahiko Toshi: Don't be foolish. Don't get comfortable in your own presumption of safety. I'll kill you myself if you dare cross me.

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