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Founded in, and based out of Cosmo Canyon, The Guardian Corps act as the self-proclaimed last line of defense for the planet, and are an elite, separate division of AVALANCHE's Coalition Forces dedicated to the protection of the planet -- And ensuring AVALANCHE continues to act in accordance to its vows to do the same.

"It is equally as comforting as it is distressing. At first, you feel blessed. As if nothing can stop you -- How could it? The Planet is on your side. And then you see the reality of it.

You realize she doesn't stand before you, in protection and guidance. You realize she stands behind you, asking you to protect her. To save her. The weight of responsibility knowing that you are what stands between her and destruction. Something so fragile and fleeting as a human or demi-human being. It's a frightening thought.

And it's that fear, that knowledge that there will be no second chances should you fail. That she cannot catch you should you fall... That is what drives us. That is the reason we must become the finest fighting force this Planet has ever seen. Failure is not an option. We have far too much to lose." - Col. Amelié "Hikaru" Arcand, Midgar Garrison Commander.


The Guardian Council

The Guardian Council is the governing body of all the Guardian Corps forces across the globe, holding regular meetings in Cosmo Canyon, to discuss and decide upon matters of global strategy, appointments and recruitment.

Cosmo Canyon, the Headquarters of The Guardian Corps, and site of the Guardian Council Summit.

Council Members 

Guardian Council Chairman, and holder of the Grand Gem

Mideel Garrison Commander, and Spymaster

General of the Guardian Corps Black Mages

General of the Guardian Corps White Mages

AVALANCHE Coalition Forces Supreme Commander

General of the Guardian Corps Rangers

Mt. Nibel Garrison Commander


A Guardian Officer, flying the colors of her Garrison.

The Guardian Corps has a presence across Gaia, and is separated into several small 'Garrisons', usually attached to an AVALANCHE Cell. Though some small few exist independently. The location and purpose of these independent Garrisons is kept in secret, likely due to their vulnerability in existing outside of the protection or support of larger AVALANCHE forces.

First Wave Guardians.
Guardian Garissons

Commanded by General Isaac Yegorov

Commanded by Master Alexis Armbruster

Commanded by Master Rikke Motierre

Abandoned during the Wutai War

Commanded by Major. Amelié 'Hikaru' Arcand and Major Jackson 'Fuse' Laryn


"First and foremost, Guardians are not solely members of AVALANCHE. Due to the close nature in which we work with them, they have a voice on our council, as we have a voice on theirs. However, at the end of the day, Guardians are more than AVALANCHE. They answer to a higher calling, hence the necessity for the number of ranks within the Guardian’s command structure. Should it become necessary, the Guardians have the capability to break away from AVALANCHE as a whole, and operate independently of their allies." - Guardian Manifesto

Guardian ranks
  • Hopeful

The rank held by any prospective member of the Order. They do not yet hold any official standing within the Corps

  • Disciple

The first official introduction to the Guardian Ranks. These men and women undergo months of training in preparation for their pilgrimage, and initiation, but are not yet considered truly Guardians.

  • Guardian

After successfully passing their trials, and completing their pilgrimage, the Disciples are promoted to the rank of Guardian. This is the first rank they are truly considered Guardians, and they begin a new stage of intensive training, preparing them for their vital role on the battlefield.

  • Stalwart

A Guardian who performs above and beyond the line of duty, and is held in high-esteem by their Garrison.

  • Valiant

True Veterans of the field, having proved themselves in battle. The Valiant Guardian is formidable warrior, and a capable leader.

  • Hero

A paragon of the Guardian Corps, these men are women achieve a standard met by very few, and stand head and shoulders above their peers as a symbol of hope and inspiration. They are fearsome warriors, and a terrifying force on the battlefield.

  • Legend

The absolute pinnacle of Guardian might, these operatives are venerated by their peers, and feared by their enemies. Their will is the will of the Planet itself, and their arm is the might of Gaia. Though extremely rare, there is very little that can stand against them.

The Guardian

"We reject this cumbersome doctrine of interdependence. Every solitary Guardian must be a standfast against the darkness." -Guardian Manifesto

The Guardian Initiative


The Pilgrimage


The Grand Gem

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Cyrus Zephyr

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