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“Never attempt to win by force what can be won by deception.”

Garret Light.png
Project Morpheus Overseer
Garret Light
Player: Razuun Wrexan
Faction: ShinRa?
Personal Data
Real Name: Garret Randulf Light
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 16th January [ μ ] – 1971
Blood Type: AB
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 260lbs
Biographical Data
Occupation: Project Morpheus Overseer
Education: Privately Educated.
Place of Birth: Kalm
Voice by Cam Clarke


Current Status:

Following his 'dismissal' from the SOLDIER Division's executive board, Garret continues the work he felt would reinvigorate SOLDIER- the experiments that would forever purge weakness, disloyalty and complacency from the elite fighting unit. Devoted to seeing his Division stronger by any means necessary, Garret continues his fringe experiments- their existence likely known by ShinRa, but for the moment, tolerated. Wherever Garret Light is now, it's almost certain he continues his crusade against the complacency of the current SOLDIER Directorate, the inadequacies of SOLDIER command, and the belief that a loyal SOLDIER is a strong one.


Garret's past is shrouded- he rarely finds time or need to discuss his motivations, or his origins.

It's known that, as a young man, Garret was a promising and excellent member of the Military Police, taking charge early. Noted for his fastidiousness, professionalism and complete devotion to rigid performance of duty, Garret was quickly selected for SOLDIER- standing as a Recruit alongside two other individuals.

Far, far more 'professionally' minded by his relatively relaxed co-Recruits, one of whom gained relative success and popularity for his puppy-dog nature, Garret grew increasingly frustrated with the lack of discipline displayed by the so-called 'elite' of ShinRa - instead finding the division littered with egoes, interpersonal drama and recklessness.

Marked for his excellence, he continued onwards until a terrorist attack in Sector 3. Dissident rebels almost caused the death of a civilian and her young child during a bombing. Rushing into the marked building to rescue the pair, Garret saved their lives but was caught in the bomb blast. Awakening, he found he had lost the use of his right eye and left arm- the latter of which had to be amputed. Devastated by his loss, Garret was dismissed from SOLDIER- A move he protested, considering the state of modern science. Infuriated that, despite his commitment, he had been passed up for two reckless and naive individuals, Garret snapped. He spent a good six months in seclusion- during which he came into contact with a man named Doctor VonDehua.

When he returned, he opted to use his military mind and extreme professionalism to enter into a civilian role within SOLDIER. His career, marked by efficiency, soon enabled him to set up his own section within SOLDIER, dedicated to preventing the defection of SOLDIER personnel, potential leaks into the division, and sway troublesome operatives back onto towing the company line. The section was named Loss Prevention.

Garret's ambitions for SOLDIER's future, however, had only just begun. Working from this lofty position within the Company, Garret pursued a multitude of avenues within the Company- banking on his father's successful reputation within the SSD in order to gain influence in a few key projects. And meanwhile, he used his position in Loss Prevention to stamp out dissidence wherever he saw it- and as situations became more and more problematic to handle? Garret resorted to darker means of persuasion. Blackmail. Setups. Even planned assassinations. Though he could not control who entered SOLDIER...? Garret had a hand in steadily eliminating individuals who threatened his vision of a perfect SOLDIER. And all the while? He goaded another of his former 'friends' within the Division, Faros Leighley, into abandoning his post in Wutai and taking up a far more brutal war - a war he would keep off SOLDIER's radar in return for Leighley's continual source of prisoners and dissidents he captured on his rogue military campaign that cut through the Wutai heartland and made it burn.

With these test subjects, Garret took control of a small wing of the Science Department and began human experimentation on creating ultimate obedience in SOLDIER through a mixture of Virtual Reality and mind altering drugs. Though early trials were largely unsuccessful and either created insane, babbling minds or simply refused to work at all. And when Leighley's campaign became impossible to ignore? Light betrayed his former colleague, knowing that if he was captured then his own clandestine experiments would be revealed. He sent a small squad of SOLDIER in to dispatch him immediately, ordering the man's execution.

Without new test subjects, Garret turned to an interesting new source of warm bodies to refine his techniques. And all the while? His manipulations within SOLDIER's ranks continued.

But one day, his hand was forced. A series of incompetent power-grabs from his peers, the Assistant Directors, brought attention rather suddenly and sharply upon them from the Turks. Cornered, Garret used a series of his 'loyalist' troops, disguised as Genesis Forces, to capture Karen Rice and use her clearance to wipe his record clean or attribute his manipulations to her- as well as planning on inserting her as another sleeper agent into his schemes. But his move was disturbed by the at-the-time Recruits, and Garret was forced into an early exile before his plans could come to fruition.

Forced to the fringe, Garret has gone into hiding. But here and there are sightings.


Garret is incredibly athletically built despite his severed arm- a mixture of continual military exercise and a refusal to let his physicality atrophy thanks to his disfigurement. Blonde, tall and missing both his right eye and left arm, he strikes a very unique figure wherever he appears.


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  • Loss Prevention - Collective Consiousness' [1]


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