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Fusion Guidelines (5/2012)

Once FUSION begins, it cannot be ended. Players get three (3) rolls of a d100 dice to determine the outcome of the fusion. The GM/GMiT handling the fusion event will roll the dice. These dice rolls do not stack. These dice rolls are not "best out of three." The final roll accepted by the player is the roll they must use (i.e. if a player chooses to go for a higher roll than a 60 after their 1st roll, the 60 is thereafter discarded and cannot be reclaimed).

Players will not be permitted to fuse any more than eight [8] materia at a given time (no advanced recipe's require more than 8 materia). Additional materia will increase the chance of successful fusion by 5% per materia, if part of the recipe. Fusing random materia altogether with no rhyme or reason will result in atypical fusions of lower level materia and will decrease the rate of fusion by 5% per random materia. THINK ABOUT YOUR FUSIONS BEFORE YOU FUSE!

Basic Fusions

For any level 2 fusion for standard materia: Three (3) Level 1's are required at minimum
For any level 3 fusion for standard materia: Three (3) Level 2's are required at minimum
For any level 4 fusion for standard materia: Four (4) Level 3's are required at minimum

Fusing any ELEMENTAL materia with a POISON materia will create the DARK equivalent of that elemental. The poison must be the same level or higher as the elemental in question. Higher level poisons will not create a higher level Dark Elemental. The level of the Elemental determines the resulting Dark Elemental materia's level only.

Standard Magic Materia
Lightning, Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Earth
Poison, Restore, Heal, Barrier, Gravity, Destruct, Seal, Time, MP Absorb, HP Absorb
Dark Lightning, Dark Fire, Dark Ice, Dark Water, Dark Wind, Dark Earth
Standard Support Materia
All, Elemental, Added Effect, Quicken, Reduce, MP Turbo
Standard Command Materia
Sense, Critical, Punch, Repair, Sacrifice, Purge, Slash-All, Darkness, Endure, Stun

Independent & Summon/Limit materia do not apply to the above basic guidelines and have their own fusion recipes (detailed below). All materia not listed on the above "standard" lists cannot be easily fused and may require more complex combinations of materia and fusion requirements (also detailed below).

Independent Fusions

For any level 2 fusion for independent materia: Three (3) level 1 materia are needed at minimum
For any level 3 fusion for independent materia: Four (4) level 2 materia are needed at minimum
For any level 4 fusion for independent materia: Five (5) level 3 materia are needed at minimum
For any level 5 fusion for indepdendent materia: Six (6) level 4 materia are needed at minimum
Other Combos
Level 3 Fusions: Four (4) level 1 & Three (3) Level 2
Level 4 Fusions: Five (5) level 2 & Two (2) level 3
Level 5 Fusions: Four (4) level 2, Two (2) level 3 & Two (2) level 4

The above Independent Fusion guidelines do not include Cover, Dash, HP<-->MP or Aura.

Summon/Limit materia will not be fusable in any form

Non-standard Materia

The following materia may only be fused under special circumstances, combos and levels. Some do not possess further levels to be fused on their own, but may be used in recipe's for other fusions. Many cannot be acquired through fusion and may be only be found through storyline events. The "basic" guidelines outlined above do not apply.

Light, Dark, Ruin, Cosmos, Divine, Ultima, Master Magic
Double Cut, Double Time, Pierce, Overwhelm, Enemy Skills
Quadra, Empower
Cover, Dash, HP<-->MP, Aura
All limit breaks & Summons (Non-Fusable)
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