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A screenshot of Midgar from 2007.
The SLFFVII RP Community and it’s flagship Midgar simulator are only accessible through the online virtual world Second Life.

Midgar is currently set just before the events of Final Fantasy VII.


The community began in November 2006 when a Second Life resident under the name of Ramsus Wake created a very small Final Fantasy VII ShinRa Roleplay set in a small and non-canon ShinRa Outpost in the Corruption sim of Second Life. This small RP was then discovered by residents Darshe Aliev and Floyd Gilmour, coming off the back of their Fullmetal Alchemist RP and seeing potential for a much larger Final Fantasy VII RP with both ShinRa and AVALANCHE factions and canon locations from the game, the two of them set out to obtain more land to expand this idea with Ramsus Wake.

Floyd Gilmour funded the expansion project and Darshe Aliev took over as the head builder of the project, working together to create the Sector 7 Slums in January 2007, the Sector 6 Playground and Aerith’s Church from the game, the RP soon became a massive hit and it became clear that the current resources could not sustain the level of activity and growth the roleplay was receiving.

By the end of January 2007, Floyd Gilmour outlined a plan for purchasing a larger sim capable of supporting a complete ShinRa Tower, a sector of the Upper Plate and a larger slums, this plan included surrendering the individual power of the founding members to form Council of equals which included Builders, Investors and members of the RP Community to act as Game Masters over this new Midgar roleplay.

The original GM council consisted of Darshe Aliev, Floyd Gilmour, Ramsus Wake/Sefirosu Rau, Alch Seferis, Shiro Hian, finance manager Katsuhito Tal and combat system scripter Tezla Surya, out of these original founders only Floyd Gilmour remains a part of management.

This team worked to generate financial support, and using donations, personal income and the sales of Midgar’s first supported combat system, the Midgar sim was bought and opened on March 13th, 2007.

Towards the end of 2007 Midgar’s management team partnered with investor and build contributor IceWolf Karlfeldt and expanded SLFFVII to include a second sister simulator of Junon. Junon opened in 2008 and ran until 2010, before closing due to financial mismanagement by the sim’s finance manager Solomon Draken.

Following the closure of Junon, IceWolf Karlfeldt split from the community and moved onto development of an alternate universe continuation of the roleplay called Jenova Crisis which ran simultaneously with the primary SLFFVII RP campaign. This roleplay ran from 2010-2011.

Over the years Midgar continued to change and rebuild under the guidance of build team 4B (theRedcell), Relapse Gauntley and Darshe Aliev, until the team separated from the roleplay at the end of 2013 along with long term Midgar Game Master Rufus Lykin due to political differences to lead their own Roleplay environment titled Lifestream. This roleplay closed after a few months, and many of it’s players returned to SLFFVII.

IceWolf Karlfeldt reunited with the Midgar management at the start of 2014 to rebuild Midgar as it is seen today.

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