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Seven Dice Combat (VII:DS)

Our newest, and current up to date Official System, taking a major step away from Metered Combat!

Current Version:1.0


Materia List:

Seven Roleplay Combat Simulator (7RCS)

Final Fantasy Combat System 2 (FFCS2)

Final Fantasy Roleplay Combat (FFRC)

List of Materia

  • Bolt
  • Cure
  • Fire
  • Heal
  • Ice
  • Life
  • Life2
  • Poison
  • Regen
  • Silence

Version 2.13 Manual

FFRC2 Manual

Thank you for purchasing FFRC2, the combat system of the Final Fantasy VII Fan-Made RPG!

  1. Equipping
    FFRC2 comes as 2 Attatchments, a Unit, and a HUD, attatch the Unit to your avatar by wearing it, this will attatch to your Right Ear, if you wish you can attatch it to another position on your avatars head, but you may need to edit its positioning if you do. After that is equipped, wear the HUD, after this is attatched you are done!

  2. Setting Up
    Now that you have equipped your FFRC, you will want to set your character's name and the FFRC Color codes, press CTRL, Alt and T to see invisible prims show up in a red glow, now you can edit the FFRC Unit attatched to your head [or drop it on the floor to edit if you cant see it on your head], then edit the User Settings notecard, here you can set your name and FFRC color codes, and it will always remember who you are.

    V2.11 -If you change your name frequently, use the command "/1 name " (including spaces) Plus the new name. To change back to a blank name simply use the command "/1 name". (IT DOESN'T SCREW OTHER PEOPLE'S NAMES UP NOW!);
    Also for color there's "/1 color " plus the color in the format <1.0, 1.0, 1.0> for white or <0.0, 0.0, 0.0> for black. Likewise, "/1 color" will reset the color to default.
    Note, you'll have to change your name and color with this command every time you re-equip your system so it's advised you use the notecard system for your regular name and use the text command for things such as (ooc).

  3. Equipping Materia
    To equip materia, edit your HUD and drag the materia prims out of your inventory, placing them in the contents of the HUD, you may need to rez the HUD on the ground to do this. Once done, re-attatch your HUD, and the Materia Buttons will now show! Materia is forwards compatible, so even your old Materia will work!

    Anybody can use Fire, Ice, Bolt, Cure and Life, all the other Materia is Caster Only.

  4. Fighting
    To melee fight, hold any weapon in your hand and hold down the left mouse button, whilst the left mouse button is held down, press any of the arrow keys to attack.

  5. Live Help and Bugs
    If you need help with something and you just can't figure it out by yourself, or you find a bug, please IM or send a notecard to Sakito Nakamichi.

Change log:


  • Fixed: Because you people are cheating buttmunches, I've fixed the vulnerability of the modable unit's things... and Ive changed the API codes so don't even try and just put the modable in for the unmodable one. If you do... I'll personally come laugh at you.


  • By OVERWHELMINGLY PUBLIC DEMAND AND NAGGING BY NEARLY EVERYONE: The Customisable Units have been completed as of this update and will be filtering through the GMs. Look for them at your local faction HQ and STOP BUGGING ME! Stop bugging Darshe and the gang too while you're at it.
  • Random Encounter Units are now also finished.
  • Balancing: Life is no longer a caster only materia. Life2 however is still caster only... if only for the fact that it takes 125MP anyways. In light of this, Life1 has had its MP requirement lowered to 30MP.
  • Balancing: Poison is now a Caster only spell.
  • Balancing: Poison now does a maximum of 75HP damage instead of 90HP.
  • Balancing: The Gunner unit has had its stats adjusted as follows: 170HP, 30MP
  • Fixed: a REALLY annoying error that's purely serverside. Anyone who wants to actually KNOW what this error was can IM me.


  • By popular request: Added old /1 name and /1 color functionality back into the system... and this time it DOES work correctly and dosn't mess other people's systems up.
  • Fixed error in HUD preventing users from using caster only materia if they hadn't attached the HUD yet.
  • Fixed error with update server where it wouldn't give out the latest version of the HUD or Notecard.


  • Fixed error where casting life dosn't give control back to a resurected character.
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