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symbol chosen for its connection to virtue, honor and knightly attitudes


Charlie Company Motto

⚜⚜ Loyalty, Unity, Strength! ⚜⚜

The nature of Charlie

Charlie is a company of heroes and future heroes. Large blades, heavy guns and big personalities. Charlie members are the defacto "good guys". They strive to help others and regard one another as family.

Charlie Company Primer


Charlie Company has a reputation for creating heros. World knows we need more of them. You have been selected for this company because you show a penchant for team work, empathy for your fellows and loyalty to the company. These are all great strengths and virtues and should be fostered.

The Charlie Way:

What is the Charlie way? The Charlie way is smile through the pain, to grin in danger, to laugh in battle. Charlie company carries joy in their hearts and steel in their minds. We are the glory hungry, battle ready, yellow scarved heros of Shin-Ra. Theres a reason why most SOLDIER recruits come from this guilded group! Take care of eachother and train hard every day. Truly that is the Charlie way!

Loyalty, Unity Strength:

These words carry heavy meanings for all of us. They are not words to be used lightly, but why out of all power words were these chosen for this company? Good question.

+Loyalty: Loyalty to Shin-Ra and your fellow MPs is the foundation of a strong military. At the end of the day you all work for the same company and its existance keeps the gears of the world turning and your pay checks coming. Loose lips crash air ships! Any subversive act



Drill Instructors

Charlie Company Roster

If you see yourself not on this list, please add yourself with your full rank and SL name.
See: Charlie Company Characters

Commissioned Officers [Black Scarf]

Captain [CPT]

◀◀1st Lieutenant [1LT]

◀◀2nd Lieutenant [2LT]

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers [SNCOs] [Red Scarf]

Sergeant Major [SGM]

◀◀First Sergeant [1SG]

◀◀Master Sergeant [MSG]

Non-Commissioned Officers [NCOs] [Teal Scarf]

Sergeant First Class [SFC]

◀◀Staff Sergeant [SSG]

◀◀Sergeant [SGT]

Enlisted [Yellow Scarf]

Corporal [CPL]

◀◀Private First Class [PFC]

◀◀Privates and Cadets

Private [PVT]

Former CCs & VCCs

Former Charlie MPs





MIA Personnel

Reserved for personnel who have not reported in for an extended period of time (WHO HAVE NOT SEND IN AN REPORT). Should they not report themselves in a timely fashion then they may be subject to booting.

  • Sergeant Ecir Zenislev (Gunbuster Shui) - 3rd month ((Promoted to SSG on 6/15))
  • Private Reece Stone (Idiochi Darkward) - 3rd month


Fleur-de-lis.png Charlie Company Fleur-de-lis.png

First Lieutenant [1stLt]
Blake Shepherd

Second Lieutenant [2ndLt]
Zachary Stark

Sergeant First Class [SFC]
Julie ArdentAelwin Rayner

Staff Sergeant [SSG]
Ecir Zenislev

Private First Class [PFC]
Iggy Starman

Privates & Cadets
Siegfried Dargun

List of all CHARLIE Company Characters


CHARLIE Management
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