Charles Mallory

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In the company of Monsters, one has to take care not to become one.

Directorial Aide
Player: Razuun Wrexan
Faction: SOLDIER, ShinRa Public Safety
Personal Data
Real Name: Charles T Mallory
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 49
Date Of Birth: December 22nd
Blood Type: '
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 196 lb.
Biographical Data
Occupation: Directorial Aide to Heidegger
Place of Birth: Bone Village
Relationship Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: Tracy Eaves (Ex-Wife); Lilian "Evie" Eaves (daughter);


Current Status


Serving as a senior advisor for the turbulent command of the SOLDIER Division, Mallory serves as the 'glue' between the old and the new. Staunchly professional and pragmatic, his unique perspective on SOLDIER's future has been met with both support and derision by his peers and underlings alike.

Struggling with the first true challenge to his professional distance he's ever had to face, Mallory must choose to compromise his relationship with his family, or the objective high ground he depends on for stability within SOLDIER.


Mallory is notoriously frank and candid- a cynical and often unflinching individual who meets all challenges and obstacles with the same, opaque stare. Notoriously difficult to 'figure out', implacable and incredibly controlled, Mallory has little time for small talk. Believing steadfastedly in efficiency and common sense, Mallory expects these same standards of everyone he comes across.

That being said, he clearly respects and admires competance and steadfastedness, even if his individual opinions don't always align.

Though his professional distance and unwillingness to talk about the sensitive subject of work once cost him the love of his wife, Mallory has a strong relationship with his only child, [[Lilian "Evie" Eaves|Evie]. He is warm, protective and clearly wants the best for his daughter.


Mallory talks little of his past. Born to an average family in Kalm, Mallory stood out as a brilliant but lazy achiever in the Academy. Pushed into Military Service following his older brother's exploits, Mallory soon found his calling in life and began to mature and improve as an individual, his youthful arrogance and laziness replaced quickly by a flair for pragmatism and leadership. Mallory raised slowly but steadily through the ranks thanks to his commandeering personality and steadfast dedication to duty, eventually attaining an Officer's Commission over his twenty years of service, during which he met his wife and saw the birth of his daughter, Evie. Headhunted for executive command, Mallory instead opted to join the first few waves of troops sent to the Wutai War.

Mallory served four years total in Wutai. Suffering three months in captivity at the hands of Wutai's special forces, Mallory was tortured ruthlessly and, despite his circumstances, refused to divulge confidential information, allowing his men to escape a further ambush. Mallory was later rescued by a squad of SOLDIER and granted honorable discharge- an event that lead Mallory to feel he 'owed' SOLDIER a debt.

Despite his discharge from active service, Mallory was drafted into the ShinRa Security Committee, analysing weaknesses and structural deficiencies in ShinRa's home garrisons in Junon and Wutai. Following his PTSD of his capture in Wutai and increasing distance from his wife, Mallory eventually suffered a bitter divorce, though secured half custody of his daughter.

Hand-picked by Heidegger following Lazard's defection, Mallory stepped in to bring stability to the chaotic division.


Friends & Family

  • Lilian "Evie" Eaves - "My beloved daughter."
  • Karen Rice - "Despite our differences, I have always admired and respected your work. They'll hang you if you let them, Karen. You have to be strong."


  • Abigail Ames - "Status of birth is no guarantee of competence."
  • Friedrich Eisenherz - "I may have misjudged you. Don't make me regret this."
  • Heidegger - "An idiot. The direction of your ideas has merit, even if you present them with obvious insanity."
  • SOLDIER - "Frightening individuals that require strong leadership. I won't see SOLDIER fall to arrogance again."
  • ShinRa - "An inescapable fact."


  • AVALANCHE - "Complete idiots. But idiots with weaponry."
  • Wutai - "More monsterous even than SOLDIER."


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