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Summon Materia

Summoned Monsters, often known as Summons, Eidolons or Espers, are called upon by a special kind of Materia.

Though grand in appearance and power, Summons have no will of their own or sentience, bound to follow the whims of their caster. They are the 'ghosts' of long dead creatures or beings who's legacy and presence in the Lifestream was so great, their memory was preserved forever in Summon Materia.

During the times of the Ancients there were beings created by the Planet that sealed their life energy in Materia. As prototypical Weapons, these beings likely evolved into the first Summon Materia.

Many still look to Summon Materia as Gods- an old belief present in less civilized times, since proven incorrect by modern science. Nevertheless, the legacies of these great beasts continues well into the modern age.

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