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Symbol chosen for its connection to absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance.


Bravo Company Motto

Death before Dishonor.

Bravo Company Code

"Duty. Professionalism. Honor."

The strict philosophy that defines Bravo as accomplished individuals in their line of work.

Bravo Company Primer


Bravo Company, known for it's ability to produce skilled Infantrymen with integrity, ambition and professionalism at their core.

The Bravo Guidelines:

  • High standards of professionalism will be maintained at all times, follow the chain of command and uphold the values of the military police, as the face of the Shinra and the pride of the paramilitary, each member has a unique responsibility to act as a representative for the company.
  • Ensure to not hold your rank or position in prestige above your comrades, promote camaraderie by offering as much respect to those below you as you would to those above, remember that Bravo Company is a team, and what affects one will affect the other.
  • Adhere to the rules of engagement and demonstrate logistical combat effectiveness out on the field, support your allies in times of adversity, and work together as strong cohesive unit, not as a loose collection of Individuals.
  • Remain courteous when dealing with the public, abuse of the innocent will not be tolerated under any circumstance, and will lead to disciplinary action.
  • Issues regarding other members must be brought to their attention first in a civilized manner, If the discussion does not lead to a solution, please refer to the VCC, matters relating to the company in general should be sent direct to the CC.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Do not engage unless fired upon, this could be physical force of any kind, though it should be noted that military policemen are expected to use an escalation of force when detaining or neutralizing a threat. (Escalation of force is the term used to when deciding how to engage a target. If a intoxicated civilian comes up to you and lazily attempts to punch you, subduing him using your bare hands would be the appropriate way of diffusing the situation. However, shooting him in the chest wouldn't.)
  • Treat unarmed civilians with respect by politely requesting them to present their identification cards.
  • Approach possible criminals and civilians bearing arms with caution, if you have no evidence of their offence then you are not cleared to engage, however always make sure to have a plan to subdue or eliminate the target should the situation begin to escalate.
  • You are advised to approach known criminals with weapons at the ready, make clear that the subject should drop any weapons and hand over their identification, but do not be caught off guard in these situations, always prepare for the worst for the sake of yourself and your squad.
  • Use common sense in the field and think on your feet, there are split seconds in which you must make a decision, and it is always better to make one than to be entirely unprepared, use the appropriate amount of force when dealing with civilians, criminals and terrorists. If you feel that your life, civilian lives or the wellbeing of your comrades are in jeopardy, then it is better to act than to caught off guard.

Violation of the ROE will result in nonjudicial punishment passed down and reviewed by Company Command. You will be allowed to state your case and present evidence that may exonerate you before a final ruling is passed.



Drill Instructors

(Assigned the responsibility of indoctrinating the enlisted, Drill Instructors are expected to incite discipline within the military police, holding the values and standards of their company to the highest degree.)

Drill Assistants

(Enlisted personnel who express interest in becoming Drill Instructors must first undergo the appropriate training.)

Bravo Company Roster

If you see yourself not on this list, please add yourself at your corresponding rank with your full character name and SL name in parenthesis.
See: Bravo Company Characters

Commissioned Officers [Black Scarf]

Captain [CPT]

  • ShinRa Icon.png


◀◀1st Lieutenant [1LT]

  • ShinRa Icon.png


◀◀2nd Lieutenant [2LT]

Senior Non-Commissioned Officers [SNCOs] [Red Scarf]

Sergeant Major [SGM]

  • ShinRa Icon.png


◀◀First Sergeant [1SG]

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◀◀Master Sergeant [MSG]

Non-Commissioned Officers [NCOs] [Green Scarf]

Sergeant First Class [SFC]

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◀◀Staff Sergeant [SSG]

◀◀Sergeant [SGT]

Enlisted [Yellow Scarf]

Corporal [CPL]

◀◀Private First Class [PFC]

◀◀Privates & Cadets

Private [PVT]


Bravo MP Award

Each month an Military Policeman is chosen for their astonishing work within the Company and Paramilitary. Those chosen bear the title of MP of the month and are rewarded by the Commander himself.

Cathy1.png ShinRa Icon.png
Cathirine Ronoke (Monstaar)
May [ v ] – εуλ 0003
Aidan O'Hara (Xanadu Cvercko)
July [ v ] – εуλ 0003

Former Commanders/Vice Commanders

Former Bravo MP's




Bravo Zen.png Bravo Company Bravo Zen.png

2nd Lieutenant [2LT]
Cathirine Ronoke

Master Sergeant [SFC]
Jika ThundersonJanus Grimory

Sergeant 1st Class [SFC]
Addy RasaMalakai HunterAera

Sergeant [SGT]
Nexus HexingtonFaylan SinclairTigerlily VixxianAidan O' HaraLink Rindasu

Neri NimbleJames MiltonKres Dara Richards

Private First Class [PFC]
Nayru MurchadhKevin SkylerAsha DulblisVitaly Von Braust

Richard SiegfriedDamien AkiraNayru MurchadhKatchiyana SuadaKatniss PearceKentaro AlterAllison HughesPayidevim Taydr NakehcLeon WhiteDamien AkiraAllison HughesMicheal Aberto Cusatelli Jr.Eliseo Ruben WhiteIsabelle LockeArin Tiberius

Kenshichi Vollmar

List of all Bravo Company characters


Bravo Management
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