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Alpha Code and Motto

Alpha’s logo was created with a crispness to show the sharp edges of the company. The Pheon in the background (the thing that looks like a spearhead/arrowhead/bear trap) represents combat readiness. Of course, the A is reminiscent of the greek capital A (Designed by Pheobe and Redfalkan).

α Alpha Code: "Victory, at any cost." α

Alpha Company Charter

α Forward α

“Victory, at any cost.” This is Alpha’s motto as they enter into any field exercise or situation. We are the driving force behind Bravo’s professionalism and Charlie’s friendly demeanor. Results driven, every Alpha hungers to ensure all assignments are completed. The members of Alpha are willing to get their hands dirty and push beyond the limits of others in order to ensure Shin-Ra’s goals are met.

α Courtesies α

  • Personal Conduct

An MP or cadet should practice self-discipline and maintain a professional military etiquette as he/she is working under Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. All personal problems are best left at their home or private quarters. Hair is to be kept at a reasonable length, any length that reaches below the pelvis is to be shortened. Failure to shorten hair will result in a warning, and failure to heed this warning will result in the hair being cut regardless of personal preference.

  • Uniform

When on-duty, personnel are expected to be in full uniform as provided and must have his/her com(radio) device, ID scanner, and key card equipped onto yourself. When off-duty, he/she may not wear any pieces of the uniform or carry any of the previously stated items. Without the uniform, unless previously stated by an Officer of his/her division, he/she is simply a civilian with an ID stating you're ShinRa personnel.

  • Personal Conduct within the Shin-Ra Paramilitary

Any MP, Shin-Ra personnel of equal rank or lower, be it from another Shin-Ra department or branch are to be treated no differently. Anyone who works under Shin-Ra, serves Shin-Ra's purposes. Any MP or Officer or personnel of higher rank or of authoritative level, be it from another Shin-Ra department or branch are to be treated with respect and all orders given are to be followed promptly. Officers are to be addressed with a salute when indoors. Executives and Officers of Second Lieutenant and above are to be greeted as Sir/Ma'am or by their rank with "Good morning/ Afternoon/ Evening". Disrespect or misbehavior will not be tolerated. All civilians are to be treated fairly.

  • Conduct Outside of the Shin-Ra Paramilitary

Civilians are to be treated courteously and with respect at all times. Any abuse on an innocent law abiding civilian who has not breached protocol will lead to consequences. In the case of crimes, a criminal or prisoner loses his/her right to be treated as a civilian until they have fully served their time and punishment. However, abuse of criminals cooperating with their punishment will not be tolerated.

  • All orders given come directly from you. As the one given orders, you should not hide behind your superior’s names. In the end, it is your responsibility as the one giving the order.
  • Alpha will not hide behind the company’s name in order to get their way. The company’s history and reputation was not created to be hidden behind. All Alphas will be held accountable for their actions.

α Combat α

  • Combat guidelines should be followed as stated in the handbook.

α Rules of Engagement α

  • When engaging a target, all personnel must take great care to ensure that they do not injure their comrades.
  • Personnel are to apply the force necessary to ensure the job is done.

Going full force at the enemy is acceptable; fear is a powerful tool.

  • Unnecessary collateral damage is not; this includes civilian casualties and property damage. All personnel must know when to draw the line.
  • Personnel are expected to get the job done at any cost. This does not mean be stupid about it. Tactics are your ally. History will not remember your valiant defeat.

α Gunners α

  • At no time will you discharge your weapon while standing any closer than 6 feet to the side of other personnel, or from any distance behind other personnel.
  • At no time will you discharge your weapon in a situation in which a cross-fire could potentially occur.
  • All personnel must beware of ricochets in close quarters combat. Avoid firing into nearby solid surfaces or standing too close to walls while being fired upon, if at all possible.
  • When engaging in close quarters battle (for example, inside a building), make an attempt to lead the combat outside into open quarters where you can gain the advantage.
  • When possible, seek higher ground. Firing down on someone is easier than firing up. Remember the rules of gravity.

α Melee and Casters α

  • Be aware of your ranged allies. When engaging a target in close quarters, ensure you do not accidentally put yourself into their line of fire.

Ensure there is proper spacing between close quarter combatants. There is no need to have five personnel against a single opponent and will only result in friendly fire.

  • Utilize choke points and dead ends when engaging multiple opponents. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and how to manipulate the situation to your advantage in combat.
  • When casting a spell, take care to be in cover or use of a distraction created by allies. Do not give the enemy a chance to knock a caster out of their spell.
  • When utilizing spell combinations with AoEs, ensure that all allies are out of range (in the case of offensive) or the enemy is out of range (in the case of curative).



  • Company Commander: N/A
  • Vice Company Commander: N/A

Drill Instructors


Company Roster

Commissioned Officers [Black Scarf]

Captain [CPT]

◀◀1st Lieutenant [1LT]

◀◀2nd Lieutenant [2LT]

  • ShinRa Icon.png


Senior Non-Commissioned Officers [SNCOs] [Red Scarf]

Sergeant Major [SGM]

  • ShinRa Icon.png


◀◀First Sergeant [1SG]

  • ShinRa Icon.png


◀◀Master Sergeant [MSG]

  • ShinRa Icon.png


Non-Commissioned Officers [NCOs] [Teal Scarf]

Sergeant First Class [SFC]

◀◀Staff Sergeant [SSG]

◀◀Sergeant [SGT]

Enlisted [Yellow Scarf]

Corporal [CPL]

◀◀Private First Class [PFC]

◀◀Privates and Cadets

Private [PVT]


  • ShinRa Icon.png


Alpha MP of the Month Award

Awarded to the most active MP in Alpha Company each month. Those earning this title can be proud of themselves and the duty they perform.

ShinRa Icon.png
Alpha of the Month June [ v ] – εуλ 0003

Former Commanders & Vice Commanders

Former Alpha MPs

  • Jin-Hwan Baek (Hyun Otsuka)
  • Trallion Suen (Trallion Suen)
  • Lassar (Shuriken Shinn)
  • Chause Ovalstocke (Settezin Zabelin)
  • Erik (Havente Waydelich)
  • Iris Adamantine (Lera Wirefly)
  • Yukari (Kairi Meng)
  • Mairi Kris (Pierrot Shinn)
  • Takeba (Kairi Meng)
  • Felicia Newton (Athena Ildor)
  • Eko Itami (Cloud Katana)
  • Sadako Onizuka (Minako Yoshiyuki)




MIA Personnel

Reserved for personnel who have not reported in for an extended period of time, or have not been promoted in awhile. (If your name is on here, and you come back, you will be put back into your proper rank list.)

Alpha Photo Gallery

ShinRa Icon.png Alpha Company ShinRa Icon.png

Master Sergeant [MSG]

Sergeant 1st Class [SFC]
Alleria Prestor

Staff Sergeant [SSG]
Flynn Catherwood

Sergeant [SGT]
Charles Hopper

Lori WhiteNodal Skies

Private First Class [PFC]
Shin Masayoshi

Privates & Cadets
Aerin Blackgear

List of all Alpha Company characters


Alpha Management
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