Aka Slainheart

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Aka Slainheart
Player: Slyph

(Crypticat Resident/Aka Nazo)

Faction: None
Personal Data
Real Name: Aka Slainheart
Alias: None
Race: Neko
Age: 22
Date of Birth: October 19
Blood Type: O-
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Black
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Alignment: True Neutral
Biographical Data
Occupation: None
Place of Birth: Unknown
Relationship Status: Single


Current Status:

Status: Alive
Physical Health:

  • Tired

Mental Heath:

  • Disturbed and Depressed

Occupation: None


Before Midgar

If you REALLY wanna read it, here it is.
Aka Slainheart - History Before Midgar

Enter Midgar

When Aka arrived in Midgar she tried to stay out of the way for the most part, not showing any interest in other people. One person didn't seem to get the hint however. This person, Xiuying, approached her and wouldn't leave her alone, no matter what Aka did. Eventually Xiuying convinced Aka to be her hired bodyguard, which Aka saw as an excuse to not have to let her be. They were on their way to go write up the contract when they crossed paths with a dark skinned man in the road. Aka took interest in his swords and tried to get information from him so she could look into who he was later. However the confrontation didn't stay peaceful for long as Aka got irritated and decided to attack the man. He retaliated and she ended up hospitalized for a very short time from the incident, which he surprisingly enough paid the bills for. When she was discharged she wrote up the contract with Xiuying and made it official. However, within a week or so she lost contact with Xiuying and hasn't heard from her since.

A few weeks after being released from the hospital she was roaming around the city's higher areas, feeling bored. This boredom led her to shoot a civilian in the shoulder as a source of entertainment. She lay low for a very short period of time after shooting before coming out into the open again, thinking she could avoid any police officers responding to the call. She was wrong.

One officer responded to the call and when he cause sight of her he gave chase. He pursued her up onto the tallest wall in the city and cornered her there. He casually tried to question her, to which she complied in a disgruntled manner, avoiding any incriminating answers. She was certain he knew it was her and that she would be arrested, but he let her go. She retreated a few hundred feet before turning around to look back at him. Her irritation flared and she drew her rifle, firing a shot into his knee guard. He simply glared at her accusingly. She shot him a second time, this time hitting his lower leg. She was not prepared for what happened next.

After a few moments she saw a small flash of light at his hand and seconds later a laser shot out and through the left side of her abdomen before she could even try to dodge. She collapsed at the edge of the wall, starting to bleed out while the officer limped along the wall towards her. He stopped to look down at her for several moments before continuing on, even though he could have shoved her off the edge or arrested her. She managed to drag herself up and make it off the wall. She spent the next few weeks barely surviving the injury and recovering.

After recovering from the incident with the officer, Aka retreated to the shadows of the Slums. There she ran into the dark skinned man again, who was in a confrontation with some others. She watched from the sidelines and when it was over she gave him a message telling him to meet her. The next night they met in an abandoned train car and spoke again before getting into another tussle. She escaped unscathed with one of his bangles to ensure he would return, and a few days later he did. This time the confrontation was tense and she once again tried to attack him. This time she ended up with a broken wrist when he defended himself. She gave in and returned the bangle, deciding to back off seeing as he was much stronger than her. She still had an interest in his swords as they could be worth something and she was nearly broke from a lack of work. Before they parted this time he gave her money to cover the hospital bill again, much to her surprise and confusion. They exchanged first names and parted ways. She spent the next few weeks recovering and turned her interests on a new plan.

Over the following weeks after recovering from her latest injuries Aka did some research on the dark skinned man who was named Izuna. She shadowed him when possible, careful to stay unnoticed. She finally figured out where his house was and waited for the opportunity to strike. The night she put her plan into motion, would be one she would not forget any time soon.

Breaking In, Breaking Down, and Building Up

The evening began with a break-in. She got in through the second floor balcony and hid in the shadows of the loft, taking care to be quiet. However, the Amamiya's chocobo noticed something was off and came to investigate. Izuna noticed the chocobo's antics and followed up into the loft. All within the next minute the chocobo was taken captive, Aka was pinned against the wall by earth, and Izuna had pulled a gun on her. She tried to fight back but was eventually subdued and, after letting the chocobo go, revealed her identity by speaking as the shadows had obscured her face. They shared some tense words as he interrogated her.

The subject of their conversation took an odd turn as Izuna convinced Aka to tell him her past. She summarized it briefly and after a little more conversation, this time less tense, Izuna released her from the earth that had her pinned and put the gun away.

He invited her to rest for the night in the house as she looked like she was in no shape to be going anywhere anyways. The atmosphere became calmer and eventually they started talking again when she realized that she was actually being trusting towards Izuna, something she had not done with anyone for years. This frightened her and made her mind start to doubt and wonder what ulterior motives Izuna had for letting her stay.

Within minutes she had convinced herself to attack him, thereby eliminating the perceived threat her mind had conjured up. She suddenly rose and lunged for him with her knife, however he saw and heard her coming and retaliated by throwing a chair at her. She dodged it and threw her knife at him in response before scrambling to try and get her rifle.

He stopped her dead in her tracks with Cripple, robbing her of her sight and movement. This action flipped a switch in Aka's mind and she began to break down in a panic. Izuna released her after a few minutes and she curled up defensively in a corner, now fearful of him.

They started talking again and after Izuna warned her he would put her down if she tried that again, Aka explained her reason for attacking and then panicking. He assured her he had no motives and listened to her. He was fairly understanding and eventually things were mostly calm again. That was, until her mood took another dangerous swing into depression. She convinced him to empty her rifle of ammo and return it to her, saying she felt safer with it near her. Soon after she got up and walked to the front door, chambered a new bullet from her bag, and took off to go sit under a tree near the house where the sudden depression filled her mind with suicidal thoughts like it had done many times in the past few years.

However, Izuna followed her out and yanked the rifle from her grip with electromancy from a distance. She didn't resist and returned to stand before him, expecting the worst. However, Izuna merely disassembled the rifle and scolded her for trying to kill herself. He told her to keep living and this surprised her greatly. She had been feeling for a while like she had no reason to live anymore and this belief had led her to contemplate suicide numerous times before like she had tonight, though she was never able to go through with it. Izuna's command to live had given her an idea of a possible new purpose for her life.

She made a proposal to him, asking him to be her master and in return she would serve him for the remainder of her life, doing whatever he said. Izuna was hesitant at first, but agreed with some conditions: that she call him by his name and not master and that she be nice to his sister and the household chocobo. She accepted and added the condition that he was free to ask her about anything he wished, but that he would keep any personal information she gave him to herself to which he agreed to. It was the beginning of a new life for her.

"Maybe I was wrong..."

The next month was spent at the Amamiya residence. She only left once, the next day, to retrieve the rest of her belongings that she had hidden at the outskirts of the city. After that, she remained at the house, keeping watch over it while Izuna was out. She started to accept the family and trust them more. It was odd to her, but something about this family just made her feel like she could trust them. The only member she had yet to meet was the younger sister who was apparently in a coma. These new experiences began to make her rethink some things. Maybe there was still some good in the world, if only a little.

New Feelings

A few weeks into December Aka started to notice some strange new feelings when she was around Izuna. She couldn't figure them out at first and was slightly worried she was sick. Eventually she got fed up wondering and researched the symptoms. The answer she found was not one she desired. She had fallen for Izuna, which was a confusing and slightly terrifying revelation. She had never loved anyone in that way before and she felt certain that even if she told him only rejection would follow. She kept quiet about her findings.

A few days later on Christmas Izuna brought news back that his sister, Slyph, had woken up from her coma. Three days later he brought her home form the hospital but was called out to lead a group into battle suddenly, leaving Slyph in her care. Their initial meeting was tense, with Slyph being somewhat suspicious of Aka and her motives for being there. However, Aka was nothing but honest with her when asked questions and stayed with her until Izuna returned that night.

Aka was tormented for another two days, trying to decide whether to tell Izuna about her feelings when she finally decided to do so, through an email. Well, tact with romance wasn't really her strong suit to begin with. After that she started to act as if nothing was wrong and continued to help Izuna take care of Slyph. She spent a lot of her time on the roof when she wasn't needed for something to keep herself distanced slightly from Izuna. Over the few weeks Izuna spent at home she didn't hear anything from him and began to get discouraged, but she kept her mouth shut and continued to pretend nothing was amiss.

Dangerously High Feelings and The Disappearance

Tensions were still high as the month continued on. One night about halfway through the month Slyph confronted her after figuring out Aka liked Izuna. The confrontation ended with Slyph attacking Aka with lightning, leaving her stunned and confused. Once she regained the ability to think again she fled to the house's balcony and called Izuna to tell him what happened. After hanging up she battled with feelings of sickness until he got home several minutes later. While he was talking with Slyph she came back in and collapsed on the floor. Izuna sent Slyph to sleep and took Aka downstairs to take care of her. After giving her a megalexir to gain her energy back and subdue some of the pain, Izuna finally gave her an answer to the email she had sent a few weeks prior. He accepted her feelings. He wasn't sure he was ready to take the next step and be in a relationship yet, but she didn't mind. Just knowing he accepted her feelings was enough for now. The next day Slyph came to her to apologize and try to fix things. She was wary, but gave the girl another chance.

A few weeks later Izuna suddenly went missing after leaving one night. She and Slyph soon figured that something must be wrong when he didn't make contact with them for two days, an unusual thing for him. After the two days of silence Slyph went out to try and find information from Shinra. Meanwhile, Aka stayed home and tried to find clues. Unfortunately there were none. When Slyph returned the second time that night they began planning.

The next day they got a call from the hospital that Izuna was there and in critical condition. Slyph had asked to go visit, but was denied, being told he would be released sometime soon. They both waited in suspense until Izuna came home a few days later. It was a joyful reunion and the family was together once again. However, the reunion was short. Izuna went on to the SOLDIER tryouts and made the cut to be in the initiation program, which meant he had to live on the SOLDIER floor for two weeks. They were separated once again. The day after his departure Slyph approached her for help in getting her strength back. She accepted and began the training that day. She was a bit hard on her trainee at first, but as the days went by Aka saw how Slyph's strength started to return.


As the weeks went on Aka began to get closer to Slyph as they spent a lot of time together while she trained the younger female. However, she began to get a small nagging feeling in her heart. She missed Izuna. Even though he was eventually allowed to come back and visit occasionally it was difficult. Towards the end of the two weeks she became even more alone when Slyph suddenly got into a relationship with someone and went home with them for a whole night and the following day. This caused a panic for Aka and Izuna as Izuna was upset by this event, worrying for his sister becoming angry before realizing he might actually be a bit overprotective. Aka tried to calm him as best she could over the phone, but there wasn't much she could do. Though she understood why Izuna was worried, she also knew that if Slyph were to do anything with this person, at least it would be on her own terms and not someone else's. Not like Aka. These thoughts stuck with her and that night she had very vivid nightmares from her past and got next to no sleep. At the end of the following day Slyph finally came home and Aka was relieved to find she was alright.

A few days later Izuna came home again as the initiation program ended and he waited for the results. The next day she got the news from him that he had been accepted into SOLDIER as a recruit. She was happy for him. However when she heard that he would have to continue living in the tower until he became a 3rd Class she was disappointed. Her only comfort was that he could make visits more often. Training continued with Slyph, though the times where she was alone began to become more frequent as Slyph went to work or to be with her boyfriend. Aka began to fall into slight depression and her sleep began to be more disturbed.

Rough Times

Aka continued to suffer restless nights and depressed days, haunted by memories and plagued by worry for Izuna. Soon enough a new obstacle arose: a man named Blake Shepherd. Apparently Slyph had gotten into a relationship with him. She was instantly protective over her and the first time they spoke over the phone was when Slyph lost mental stability while recovering at him. She told him right away that if he hurt the family she protected she would end him. She tried to get Slyph to give her his address numerous times, but was never successful. She continued to look out for Slyph and Jun and guard the house while dealing with her own problems.

One night Izuna came home to visit. She did her job a little too well it seemed as she threatened him with her pistol until he took off his helmet and was assured it was indeed him. Once that was squared away the family was reunited once again in a happy gathering. She left the two siblings to talk as she knew Slyph had something to admit to Izuna. She hadn't been thrilled when Slyph told her previously, but knew there was nothing she could do and that it was Slyph's choice in the end as an adult. Later on that night Izuna came up to the roof to talk to her as she had asked him to. They spoke and Aka told him about her depression and sleepless nights and confided her concerns about the division he was trying to join. Izuna assured her the division wouldn't take him from them or change him and tried to comfort her.

Things spiraled further only days later when Slyph came home in the evening, distraught and crying. Blake had broken up with her. Aka was instantly furious, but knew she needed to stay with Slyph. Slyph called Izuna and left him a voicemail when he didn't pick up. Aka was on high alert now and stationed herself at the entrance to the living room. Suddenly, she heard the front door bust open and Izuna yell for them. Her protectiveness made her look past the voice and still yell at him to state who he were and if he was alone or get shot.

Seconds later a laser shot through the door, cutting it in half. This triggered a panic attack in Aka and caused her to freeze up and collapse in terror. Slyph ran over tried to get her to respond, but she was too terrified. She then heard the remains of the door being broken down by whoever it was and when she looked she didn't see Izuna. Instead she saw the MP who had shot her almost fatally with a laser months before. The illusion was shattered once Izuna came over and spoke to her, trying to get her to respond as well. His proximity was enough to break her loose from her frozen state and she freaked out until he took off his helmet and showed his face. At that point she calmed some and Izuna lay her on the couch to rest. The hell of that night wasn't over yet though.

Slyph finally told Izuna exactly what had happened that night in full detail. After the story was told Aka sensed a large amount of hostility forming in the room. She looked to Izuna and also sensed an angry energy gathering around him. She forced herself up off the couch and grabbed Slyph, pulling her close and shielding her as Izuna began to rant and shout in his anger. Slyph yelled back at him once before turning into a trembling ball in Aka's arms. Aka then tried to reason with Izuna by telling him that she was furious as well, but Slyph needed them, needed HIM, right now. He didn't seem to hear her and the energy seemed to have risen to its peak. Aka braced herself for the worst, but instead all of the dark and hostile energy in the room faded suddenly and Izuna fell onto the couch, deep in thought.

Aka pulled Slyph up and told Izuna to come talk to them when he had calmed down before taking Slyph upstairs to lay down and rest. While she was up there she also found Jun cowering in the pillows on the bed and plucked her out to comfort her as well. Slyph dozed off and she sat there, going off into her own thoughts until half an hour later when the sound of Izuna's weapons being placed on the floor rang through the house, startling Slyph and Jun and pulling Aka out of her thoughts. Izuna came up the stairs and apologized for having a meltdown on them. He then tried to talk more reasonably to Slyph mostly about why he was upset and why he had predicted this would happen. However, Aka unintentionally got caught in the crossfire of his words when he said that he usually stayed away from relationships. Right there, Aka's heart dropped and she realized that...Izuna hadn't ever actually said he felt the same way about her. She suddenly felt stupid for getting her hopes up. On the outside though she just got up and calmly retrieved her gun from the living room before bidding them goodnight and going to her post on the roof.


Aka does not care much for others and would rather not be bothered by them. She has severe trust issues due to her past and is more likely to threaten and glare at you than actually give you answers. She has very little problem with letting people know she is upset with them. This is usually made clear by glares, growls, and occasionally the cold shoulder.
If you manage to gain her trust then hold onto it as it's very rare for her to trust anyone. And if you betray that trust, you will never get it back. In fact, she is likely to come after you with a vengeance.
If you're lucky enough and you've gained her trust, she'll open up to you. So far though, only three people have gotten to that level of trust.


  • Materia
  • Cell phone
  • Poisons, antidotes, placebo poisons, and placebo antidotes
  • Notebook and pen
  • Goggles
  • Knife
  • Bolt Sniper Rifle and ammo
  • Pistol



  • FFVII Magic Materia Icon.PNG Fire Lv2
  • FFVII Magic Materia Icon.PNG Restore Lv2
  • FFVII Magic Materia Icon.PNG Poison Lv1


  • FFVII Command Materia Icon.PNG Slash-All Lv1
  • FFVII Command Materia Icon.PNG Critical Lv1


  • FFVII Independent Materia Icon.PNG HP+ Lv1
  • FFVII Independent Materia Icon.PNG VIT+ Lv2


  • FFVII Support Materia Icon.PNG All Lv2

Limit Break

  • FFVII Independent Materia Icon.PNG Big Shot Lv2



Main Theme: "Shi-ki" by Yasuharu Takanashi

Battle: "I Am" by Ken Arai

Critical Moment: "Sky Becomes Water" by City of the Fallen

[From Her Past] Her Time in the Mercenary Clan: "Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Lorde

With Others

"Eternal Love" by Future World Music

"Yobanashi Deceive" Guitar Cover by Osamuraisan, Original by IA

"The Confused And The Carefree" by Kaoru Wada

Fighting Alongside
"HYPNOTIK" by Ken Arai

The Amamiya Family:
"No Rain No Rainbow" by Home Made Kazoku
"Northern Lights" by Megumi Hayashibara
"Next to You" by Ken Arai


  • Poison Knowledge - Aka learned a lot about poisons and how to make them during her time and training in captivity. She also learned how to make her own poisons. She actually earned her clan nickname "Venom" from her affinity to poison. She has only made one poison to date and has named it "Crimson Death" for its crimson coloring.
  • Adept With Knives and Sniper Rifles - Aka became good with and took a liking to using sniper rifles and knives during her time and training in captivity.
  • Physical Fitness, Freerunning, and Parkour - She learned very quickly during mercenary training to be fit, quick on her feet, and to be able to navigate many types of terrain to escape danger.
  • Pole Dancing - She's not proud of it, but she does know how to pole dance.

Possible Future

She lives on for a lot longer than she expected to.
She dies protecting her new family.

Limit Breaks

Special note: Limits are for RP combat only, and only used when the other player is comfortable with them.

Limit Breaks
Limit Level 1
1.1: ' '
1.2: ' '
Limit Level 2
2.1: ' '
2.2: ' '
Limit Level 3
3.1: ' '
3.2: ' '
Limit Level 4
4: ' '

Friends and Enemies


  • Izuna Amamiya I couldn't handle it anymore. Take care.
  • Slyph Amamiya I'm so happy you're safe. I'm sorry I had to depart so soon, but I know you understand why. Keep in touch.


  • N/A


  • Yao Xiuying She was hired by them to be their bodyguard, but she has no idea what happened to them. As far as she knows, they either forgot about her, left her without contacting her, or died.
  • Worslei She will avoid this man. He shot her with a laser.
  • Kirsche Dahl You better take good care of her. If you don't and I ever see you again I'll have my cross-hairs aimed at your skull. I don't joke around when it comes to Slyph.



  • Kai Slainheart I wish I could see you again. I miss you so much. Her older brother. She was very close to him and he was the only support she had after they were abducted until his death.
  • Kyle Slainheart Her father.
  • Rei Slainheart Her mother.
  • Jun Amamiya I'm so sorry I wasn't there...You were the sweetest chocobo and companion I could have asked for on those long lonely days and nights. Rest in Peace little one.

Avatar Information

Body: Maitreya Lara (Found Inworld at their mainstore.)
Skin: VCO ~ Angie Skin Gacha {002}
Hair: Magika "Minzy" (Can be found at their Inworld Mainstore with the retired hairstyles.)
Eyes: Misunderstood Eyes from Evermore (Try Inworld Shop.)
Shape: S H O C K Amber Shape Group Gift

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