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Last Updated: 14:02 GMT, 7th of August, 2012

Nanaki Thibedeau's note: This cell structure is no longer in place. Please do not reference this page.

Most Recent Update: Updating FAQ


Faction Leaders - Review/approve/deny applications to the faction. Update faction structure as needed. Approve/deny new cells. Disband cells that are no longer active. Meet with other faction FLs (Shin-Ra, Iron Beasts, TRS, etc) to plan events. Act as liaison to the GM team about faction activity. Pass out promotions as earned. Handle OOC discipline as needed. Alert Commanders of approved new members to be recruited into cells.

Commanders - Coordinate between FLs and Cell Leaders to report activity of cells, pass on recommendations for promotions to FLs. Coordinate cells for activities that require more than one team to carry out. Offer training for Cell Leaders to pass on to their teams. Responsible for overseeing multiple cells and alerting cells of new recruits. Commanders can run their own cell if they so choose (Currently under Review). FLs should ideally have a placeholder character at this level, if they haven’t ICly reached it already. This is where characters like Elfe and Fuhito belong as well.\

Cell Leaders - Duties include reviewing reports submitted by the rebels within their cells, addressing any issues that occur within their cells, and coordinating training sessions within the cell. Responsible for taking ideas from the members of their cell to carry out terrorist activities against Shin-Ra. Also responsible for alerting their members of recruits and providing them with loyalty tasks/bring them into their cells. Report to their overseeing Commander on the day-to-day activities of the cell/membership activity.

Cell Members - Main responsibility is to carry out terrorist activity as directed by their Cell Leaders. Can also roam the city in disguise to gather information for their team, alert their Cell Leaders/other rebels to MP presence in the Slums to coordinate an attack, and lay out traps along regular MP patrol routes. These are the initial IC contacts for new recruits upon orders from their Cell Leaders. They are to find the new recruits, provide them with loyalty tasks, and watch over them to evaluate success/failure of the recruit.

Recruits - New rebels not yet brought into a specific cell. They can act alone against Shin-Ra and given tasks to prove their loyalty to AVA before being brought in as a full member, but should not expect back up until they’ve been officially recruited as a trusted member of a cell.


General Overview

In the interest of becoming invisible to Shin-Ra, AVALANCHE is going to break down into smaller cells to become harder to infiltrate. For too long has the group sought to engage the titanic company head on. It’s time we return to our grassroots and remember where are strengths lie. From here on out, all rebels are expected to become invisible. Work on new identities for your cover when you are not engaged in AVALANCHE activity. Keep your civilian life separate from your rebel life. It’s the only way to make sure that our friends and family aren’t used against us by the evil corporation that is killing the planet.

Commanders still exist and will coordinate larger-scale attacks when timing allows for us to make a move. To this end, individual rebels become far more important. We will be relying heavily on intelligence about Shin-Ra activities and movements, so we can organize tactical strikes that both leave a lasting impact as well as avoid compromising our members. The Commanders and Recognized Cell Leaders as a whole (Along with OOC Support like FL's and GM's) are what makes up Cell Zero. The all-inclusive and heavily restricted Communications Channel that is the only non-personal mode of contact from cell leader to cell leader.

The main impetus of day to day aggression against Shin-Ra will lay with the Cell Leaders. Each Cell shall generally be a small team of rebels working together under a more experienced member to observe, track, and attack Shin-Ra members at opportune moments. Cells should stake out specific areas of the Slums to avoid tripping one another up with traps laid for the enemy - this is where communication with the overseeing Commander is important. Occasionally, cells may consist of a single member depending upon the person’s skill set and experience. Cell Leaders are responsible for communicating with the Commanders what their needs are and the Commanders, as such, should do their best to assist the cells with recruits, coordination with other cells, and supplies.

Because we are a grassroots organization and not a large entity like Shin-Ra, we cannot afford to waste what supplies we do have on the lazy or stupid members of the team. If you want to see rewards, you’ll need to be active and smart about how you strike out against our enemies. The Slums are our home, and they provide us with a myriad of opportunities to attack and retreat without being seen. Military surplus landmines can be used to set traps, day to day items like styrofoam and gasoline can be combined into lethal chemicals like napalm, and old abandoned buildings can become death traps with just a little bit of work and planning. Be creative. Just because we don’t have a huge science lab creating monsters like SOLDIER doesn’t mean we can’t take them down. They’ve become too comfortable with their technology. Let’s show them what ingenuity can do.

When recruiting new members into cells, be aware that one of our major downfalls in the past has been from spies for Shin-Ra. If you want to give someone access to your secrets, be sure they aren’t going to give your secrets away to the other side. Loyalty tasks for new recruits provide two things for us. One: new recruits have to demonstrate how serious they are about joining our ranks and how intelligently they can go about causing havoc for the other side. Two: Shin-Ra is kept off guard by a series of attacks from people they do not expect while our teams have time to coordinate large-scale activities.

On to the subject of communication. This is going to be incredibly important with the group breaking down into smaller cells to survive. Cell Leaders will have access to a COM channel with the Commanders, but it will be up to them to organize communication between their own team members. Also, just because someone becomes a Cell Leader does not mean that they are a great leader. Cells are going to rely on the leaders to do their jobs and provide guidance. Screw up too many times and your team will leave you and ask for reassignment to another cell or possibly even walk off and start their own. Do not risk it. That said, if you need help from the Commanders - ask for it! Rely on their experience to get you the edge you need when it comes to taking on the evil that is destroying our planet.

Cell Archetypes

Now first and foremost, before you read this, realise that this is just a guide to help streamline applicants and recruits entry into new cells. Everything is still emergent and dynamic, it’s just a guideline.

Goodwill - Goodwill are the Civilian Front of the Organization, people who choose to dedicate themselves to a charity or business front to raise trust and awareness in that sector. Dedicated to the lives of Civilians, Doctors and mostly Non-Combatant Roles, these people are the Comrades and Family of the Cell.

Activist - Activists, are, as their name implicates, the more outgoing people, their roles are dynamic, suiting whatever the Cell needs. Anything from bombing and directly engaging ShinRa, to sending much more subtle messages and supporting a business front by means of charity or events, these people, are effectively the Doers of the Cell.

Enigma - As their name implies, there is no real definition to an Enigma, these people are subtle, cunning, misleading and often masterminds when it comes down to it, their job is to be the means by which a Cell’s objectives are either gained, or implemented. Working autonomously of the Cell itself, they try to garner the trust of their Comrades and Leader, working as Informants, Technicians, Tacticians or the behind-the-scenes Protector, these are the Thinkers of the Cell.

Cell Archetypes and Recruiting

Now given that the new Applicant has submitted their form, they are graded on these three ratings, with a pinch of salt given towards Enigma, of course. From wherein they are then recommended to Cell Leaders fitting their score (or approximately thus, unless they have put something interesting in their personality that may better benefit that cell) and the new Recruit is left to wander until the Cell Leader picks them up for an Interview or Loyalty Tasks.

How Communication in Cells and Cell Zero works.

Each cell will have to either set up their own Communication Towers, or piggyback off existing ones (With the OOC permission of their Owners though, but I’d love to see some IC strife going on from using such towers unknowingly, set up entire ghost networks of communication), however, this will be no easy matter. Old Communication devices from AVALANCHE’s previous era will have to be extensively modified to access the frequency you wish to use for your private comms, as well as monitored for additional traffic and unauthorized access to the network.

If a Cell Leader becomes recognized as part of Cell Zero, they are handed a Personal Data Assistant that can access the “High Command” Channel to co-ordinate with the other Cells.

At the same time, those freshly enrolled into Cell Zero will be on a ‘Probationary Period’ where they are evaluated for their strength, weaknesses, speaking style and anything else that may pertain to High Command’s interest in sending them after the fresher Recruits. This also acts as a control fallback, where if a Cell Leader proves unreliable or compromised, they can remove them from access to the network to stop the flow of information to them as well as sending out a broadcast stating why. In the case that this happens, the cell in question will have to go to another Cell Leader if they need information relayed across while at the same time having to be courteous of the fact that they might deny them that privilege.

Cell Monitoring & Loyalty Tests

Now, with the complications out of the way, how does that affect the player? One might complain that without a centralized structure, the entire faction would crumble into REs. Well to put it bluntly, they’d be like their own Subdivisions. Pending approval on their CL being invited into Division Zero, they’ll go out and do small “Loyalty Tasks” or Missions for AVALANCHE, while at the same time being monitored for progress, possible complications, and people that would better fit their niche. These “informants”, as such, would be extremely elusive and would be part of no Cell, acting instead as the IC/OOC Link and operating under the control of the Faction Leaders. At the same time, they will refrain from combat and direct confrontation as much as possible.

Cells FAQ

Or the “tl;dr”.

The FAQ is LIVE, if you have a question, don't hesitate to ask and we can add it to the list.
We will also endeavour to keep this thread synchronized with all new developments.

Q: Will this turn the faction into Random Encounters?

-No, it will not.

Q: Will I get to keep my HUD?

-This depends entirely on the FL and GM’s Decisions and your own contributions;
It was referred to earlier here; http://slffvii.com/boards/index.php?topic=9179.0 that put bluntly, if you don’t feel you can live up to your legacy, that you should pass it down. Simply to keep things fresh and interesting.

Q: Does this mean we get PKed after a certain rank?

-We have never had a PK Clause against those above any certain rank.

Q: Our Comms and Base, does this mean we have to start our own SL Group and Rent in sim?

-As long as they adhere to the Faction guidelines; Why the heck not? It’d be healthy for the sim, provide initiative to use the allocated land, and better motivate the Cell.

Q: How will Spies be handled with the new Cells?

-That’s completely up to the discretion of the FL’s in question, if Illyana is happy with you having an entire Paramilitary Cell in her ranks, or even just a single Informant, then go ahead, just remember that your duties to AVALANCHE come first.

Q: How will rewards be handled now with the Cells?

-That depends entirely on your Cell Leader. They alone, are responsible for the Cell, and expected to handle reports in as reliable a manner as possible. At the same time, Informants will visit your Cell depending on your actions to tally rewards and to act as a control mechanism should they feel that something is not quite right.

Q: I still don’t get how tactics will work with this if you dissolve our centralized structure.

-Quite simply, you’ll be given a task and be asked to carry it out however you see fit, behind the scenes your Cell Leader may be asked to change that task depending on the situation. It honestly won’t be any different from what our current Tacticians do, just with less noise, misunderstanding and OOC bickering.

Q: How will Specialized Roles like Doctors and Makobusters be handed out with Divisions dissolved?

Refer to This Post for the moment.
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