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In Final Fantasy VII, AVALANCHE is a rebel group that opposes the actions of ShinRa Electric Power Company. They seek to reduce social injustices in Midgar, and to ultimately save the planet from the misuse of Mako energy.


The Origins of AVALANCHE

In the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania Omega, it says that an unknown person founded AVALANCHE after he went to Cosmo Canyon and participated in the study of life. This study made him realize what kind of harm Mako Reactors would have on The Planet, and he founded AVALANCHE.



The first anti-ShinRa rebel faction in the SLFF7 RP Community was known as Q.U.A.K.E. QUAKE was a small group of rebels who banded together as Midgar construction continued and the residents of the slums became further oppressed. The group's roots were based in the unfair (and sometimes cruel) treatment of poor citizens of Midgar by Shin-Ra and Shin-Ra military personnel. The faction began with a leader named Adramelech Reigis (Who was at this time under the name Azure and played by Floyd Gilmour) who then later shared leadership with a young but powerful man named Yuge (played by Yuge Recreant). Under the disguise of Adramelech, Azure successfully infiltrated the ranks of the ShinRa Security Forces. During this time, a group of mercenaries banded together and began to wreck havoc on the citizens of the slums. QUAKE members, under Yuge, battled the group of mercenaries. Yuge had many battles with the powerful de-facto leader of the mercenaries, a woman who only went by No-Name (originally played by Alch Seferis). Eventually, Yuge engaged No-Name in her final battle and delivered her deathblow- just days after her forced wedding to Zephyr Tyra.

After No-Name's death and the end of the mercenary threat, there was a huge division in QUAKE between Adramelech and Yuge. The organization split in half with some members following Yuge and some following Adramelech (then known as Azure).

No-Name's mother found out that her daughter, whom she had been seeking a reunion with, was dead. She then went to Midgar and assumed No-Name's identity. Yuge, who found himself engaged in a love triangle with himself and two of the women in QUAKE, faked his death at the new No-Name's hands and left Midgar. Tamio (played by Tempest Hawks), his second-in-command of his part of the faction, was overcome with sorrow at the loss of Yuge and QUAKE fell into the hands of No-Name who had successfully infiltrated the organization. No-Name made an under-the-table deal with Shin-Ra and delivered all the QUAKE members she could into the hands of Shin-Ra, who then met their deaths. However, No-Name used this to her advantage and made an assassination attempt against President ShinRa. Her attempt was foiled by 1st Class SOLDIERS and she was killed. Her body was tossed into the No. 7 Mako Reactor.

The members of QUAKE who did survive and managed to regroup met at Cosmo Canyon and loosely reformed as AVALANCHE.

AVALANCHE: The Early Years

Yuge, once again torn between his loves, left Midgar again and left Tamio in charge. Tamio never felt comfortable being the leader as she was a skilled healer and not a fighter. She soon met a young and mysterious woman named Elfé (then played by Tempest Hawks). Elfé took charge of the organization and reformed it with the help of her friends and advisors Sears (played by Greg Stella) and Fuhito (played by Ivellios Wiefel). As the organization reformed into a more streamlined unit, it also took a new direction and vision. While the citizens of the slums were still important, the main focus of AVALANCHE was to stop Shin-Ra from destroying the planet. The group had taken a turn toward eco-terrorism after reforming as AVALANCHE. Soon after Elfé reformed the group, they struck up an alliance with another, new rebel group composed of elite Wutai warriors: the Wutai Liberation Force. After Shin-Ra attacked AVALANCHE at Fort Cinnabar (resulting in heavy casualties for both AVALANCHE and WLF), tensions began to flare between AVALANCHE and the WLF. After WLF members recovered a sacred artifact stolen from Wutai from a new AVALANCHE member, WLF broke off ties with the group entirely.

Despite this, Elfé (now played by Spa Wind) regrouped AVALANCHE and refocused their efforts. They stood strong against Shin-Ra even though the WLF began to frame them for horrendous terrorist attacks all over Midgar- including one which completely destroyed the 7th Heaven.

Fuhito's Ravens

In order to give AVALANCHE an edge and counter Shinra's SOLDIER along with other heavy divisions, Fuhito created the Ravens. The Ravens were a squad of genetically engineered super soldiers created using data he had gathered on SOLDIER. These soldiers were capable of advanced fighting skills and are able to heal from fatal wounds at a generally fast rate. A consequence of these new found abilities is that those within the group have lost most of their humanity and self awareness.

AVALANCHE standard uniforms left, and a raven pictured right
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Chain of Command

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