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rptoolxp logo1// What is RPTool?

RPTool is a unique gadget to improve your Roleplay Experience, unlike most other Character Talking devices, RPTool allows you to talk as your character in a way never before seen in any Roleplaying Gadget in Second Life.

RPToolXP is available for free from the Midgar Skybox.
So give it a shot, this is the ultimate Roleplaying Tool!

// Attachment

This item adds to your Top Right of the HUD, if you attach it elsewhere the HUD may go off screen or go invisible, if this happens just message Floyd Gilmour and ask for a replacement, or make a back up copy of the item to use.

// Controls

/2 name “Your Characters Name Here”
This sets your Characters Name, it will also save the name in a Menu, just click the RPTool button of the HUD to browse through your saved names, press Reset to clear the list.

/2 “What you want to say”
This lets you speak via your characters name that you set with the above command.

/21 “What you want to whisper”
This will whisper your message to those only directly near you.

/22 “What you want to shout”
This will shout your message over a further distance.

/3 “Character Emote Here”
This feature allows you to use a system like the default /me commands built in with SL, using your character name.
For example to say Kazaka laughs as he jumps in the air, you would type /3 Kazaka laughs as he jumps in the air.
Alternatively, to emote an alarm going off you could type /3 An alarm goes off.
(/33 does the same function but as a shout. Please use Shout with caution as it can be disruptive to others, only use when appropriate.)

/4 “Character Emote Here”
This feature is similar to the one above, however it automatically sets the /me name based on the one used for the command on the top of this list.
If my name was set as Kazaka on the /2 command, to say Kazaka laughs as he jumps in the air I would only need to type /4 laughs as he jumps in the air.
(/44 does the same function but as a shout. Please use Shout with caution as it can be disruptive to others, only use when appropriate.)

/6 “What you want to say in Al Bhed”
Anything you say on /6 will translate to Al Bhed, everyone with RPToolXP or RPToolADV with the Al Bhed addon will see the Al Bhed message, and then a translated version.

/1 WhoisWho
See who is talking under what name, for 30 seconds everyones RPTool text will be received twice, once with character name, and once with the players name, so you can figure out who is playing what character, or who is the one spreading silly messages under other peoples names.

RPTool Button (Also Party on some Themes)
Clicking this will allow you to browse your preset character names, you can store up to 11 names in the Menu at once, clicking Reset will clear the list.

LCK Button (Also Enter Combat on some Themes)
Pressing this will activate/draw your LCK Based weapon.

ANIMATE Button (Also Actions on some Themes)
This is the same as the Teleport Button, but instead plays animations, click which animation you want to play to use it, press stop to stop the animation.
You can also add animations by editing the button.

Roll Button (Also Roulette on some Themes)
This button will open a menu allowing you to roll a dice (or number of dice) of multiple different types to generate a random number.
You can roll upto 6 dices of d2,d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100

1d4 – Generates a random number between 1 and 4
1d6 – Generates a random number between 1 and 6
1d8 – Generates a random number between 1 and 8
1d10 – Generates a random number between 1 and 10
1d12 – Generates a random numberbetween 1 and 12
1d20 – Generates a random number between 1 and 20
1d100 – Generates a random number between 1 and 100

// Credits
RPToolXP Creator – Floyd Gilmour
RPToolXP Skinner – Lauren Gladstone

Special thanks to the SLFF7 RP Community of the Midgar roleplay sim.

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