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About the Dates

Dates in Final Fantasy VII follow the traditional month/days scheme that we follow in the real world, however their method of naming years is slightly different. FF7 dates mark the [Era] as well as the year. Presumably, new Eras are started either every 2000 years, or every time a significant event comes to light.
At the beginning of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, the years are written as [ μ ] – εуλ XXXX, where [ μ ] signifies the era, and the numbers following εуλ show the year. When Genesis defects, the year is [ μ ] – εуλ 2000. However, later in that year, the year actually becomes [ v ] – εуλ 0000, signifying that the era has changed.

Verbally, [ μ ] is spoken as Mu, and [ v ] is spoken as Nu. So [ μ ] – εуλ 2000 is spoken as Mu Era 2000.



Over 2,000 Years Ago

  • The Cetra are on their long journey to cultivate life on the The Planet.
  • A being known as “Calamity from the Skies” crashes into the Planet’s northern polar on a meteor, gravely injuring the Planet. The Cetra gather at this location to heal the Planet.
  • The Calamity from the Skies emerges from the crater bringing with it deceit and treachery as a great pestilence falls upon the Cetra and the Planet.
  • The Planet creates six powerful WEAPONs to combat the Calamity from the Skies: Jade Weapon, Sapphire Weapon, Diamond Weapon, Ultimate Weapon, Ruby Weapon, and Emerald Weapon.
  • Having nearly wiped out the entire Cetra race, the Calamity of the Skies is defeated and sealed in a geological stratum. The Weapons remain dormant in the same stratum as they have never had to act.
  • The Cetra’s numbers continue to dwindle being swallowed up by the ever-growing human population. The Cetra assimilate into human civilization, but maintain their ancient knowledge and powers.

Circa [ μ ] – εуλ 1010

  • The fortress city of Hildegarde is constructed on the Northern continent.

Circa [ μ ] – εуλ 1250

  • Hildegarde is destroyed by an onslaught of monsters, the warrior king Odryn confirmed dead along with thousands of others

[ μ ] – εуλ 1255

  • Hildegarde is rebuilt by the survivors of the battle, now resembling a small village comprised of huts.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1867

[ μ ] – εуλ 1950

Circa [ μ ] – εуλ 1957

[ μ ] – εуλ 1959

  • Nanaki (Red XIII) is born to Seto in Cosmo Canyon.
  • Cosmo Canyon is attacked by the Gi Tribe. Seto leaves the front lines to hold off a group of Gi Tribe forces that plan to use an underground cave to sneak into Cosmo Canyon and flank its defenders. Cosmo Canyon is victorious against the Gi Tribe, but Seto, having been shot with many poison arrows during his defense is eternally petrified.
  • September 23ShinRa Electric Power Company discovers Mako energy.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1966

  • February 9 The Thunderson Clan was massacred by Wutai Samurai. the Home of the Thunderson Clan in Wutai was left in ruins. Only Tatsu Thunderson remained alive who had left 1 Year ago to Work for the ShinRa Manufacturing Works.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1968

  • ShinRa Manufacturing Works completes construction on their first Mako Reactor in the Nibelheim mountains.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1969

Circa [ μ ] – εуλ 1970

  • ShinRa scientists Grimoire Valentine and Lucrecia Crescent, having done extensive research into an ancient legend surrounding two entities born of the Planet known as Chaos and Omega, make new progress in their research when they discover Lucrecia’s Cave, the place where Chaos is said to awaken at the appointed time. After mistakenly awakening Chaos’s malevolent spirit, Grimoire is killed while protecting Lucrecia from the attacking Chaos. The Shinra Science Department scraps the project.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1970

  • Professor Gast Faremis becomes head of the Shinra Science Department.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1972

[ μ ] – εуλ 1973

[ μ ] – εуλ 1975

[ μ ] – εуλ 1976

  • June 24 – Shinra, now known as the Shinra Electric Power Company, begins the construction of a Plate above the city of Midgar as a location to centralize the company with a modernized headquarters at the heart of the Plate. The plate is to consist of eight sectors built above the smaller settlements on the ground, which in turn gradually become nameless slum areas.
  • December 5th – Zero is born in Wutai to Isamu Otsuka and Harumi Sasaki.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1977

  • Shinra scientists lead by Professor Gast discover Jenova in a geological stratum, believing her a Cetra. The Jenova Project is begun soon after with the goal of creating a human with the powers of a Cetra. Professor Hojo and Dr. Hollander have differing methods for how this process should be carried out and establish two different projects under the Jenova Project: Hojo establishes Project S, while Hollander begins Project G.
  • Jenova is sealed in ShinRa‘s first Mako Reactor in the Nibelheim mountains.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1978

  • Rude is born.
  • February 25th – Ryoko Hisakawa is born in Wutai.
  • October 28th – Gabriel Lycanthyr is born in Old Junon to Colonel Leon Lycanthyr of the ShinRa Army and his lover, Ffion Allen, a pilot. Leon hastily marries her, so the child is not considered a bastard.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1979

[ μ ] – εуλ 1980

  • January 31stKamui Fate Sorata is born January 31st within Calehegan Tribe settlement within the Cosmo Canyon area.
  • AprilWilliam Donahue and Rachel DeLaCroix are seperated due to Troy and Ameena’s need to continue their work apart. William is sent with Troy’s sister, Cleo, and Rachel is sent with Ameena/Beatrix, who relies on a nanny to rasie her. Each is told a lie that the other parent died in some way, and neither parent speaks of the other child.
  • April 4thArtemis Amantierra is born on the 4th of April, in Mideel.
  • April 10thMika Oosaki is born on the 10th of April, in Junon.
  • September 8thJulie Ardent is born on the 8th of September, in Mideel.
  • Professor Gast leaves Shinra, setting out on a journey across the Planet to find answers to the many questions he has about Jenova, the Ancients, and the Planet in general.
  • In Gast’s absence, a power struggle occurs within the Shinra’s Department of Scientific Research between Professor Hojo and Dr. Hollander. Hojo obtains the position, his achievements in Project S being more recognized by Shinra than Hollander’s Project G.

[ μ ] – εуλ Early 1980’s

  • Gast visits Cosmo Canyon, home to a group of people who know much about the Planet. Gast provides Bugenhagen with scientific equipment so he may better monitor the Planet.
  • Professor Gast meets a woman named Ifalna, one of the last Ancients on the Planet. He takes an interest in her, wanting to know more about her people and the Planet. They fall in love and retire to Icicle Inn, on the Northern Continent.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1981

Circa [ μ ] – εуλ 1977-1982

  • Dr. Hollander uses Shinra Science Department Employee, Gillian Hewley as a test subject for Project G (which is named after Gillian herself), injecting Jenova cells into the woman’s body.
  • Using Gillian’s DNA, now infused with the Jenova Cells, Dr. Hollander seeds the genome of a fetus with Jenova cells.
  • As a part of Project G, Gillian becomes pregnant, her child inheriting the Jenova cells present in her body.
  • The Department of Administrative Research, also known as the “Turks“, assigns Vincent Valentine to protect the Shinra scientists for Project S much to Lucrecia’s surprise.
  • During their time in Nibelheim, Vincent and Lucrecia get romantically involved, but this later comes to an end when Vincent discovers Lucrecia not only knew his father, but was involved with his death. Lucrecia distances herself from Vincent, seeking comfort from her colleague, Hojo, to whom she later bears a child.
  • Hojo convinces Lucrecia to use their unborn child as a test subject for Project S by injecting Jenova cells into the fetus.
  • Lucrecia becomes ill from the experiments performed on her. When an enraged Vincent confronts Hojo about this, the scientist shoots him. Hojo performs experiments upon Vincent, increasing his body’s durability, halting his body from aging, and giving him the power of metamorphosis, but Vincent dies during the experiment.
  • Lucrecia uses Vincent’s body in an experiment to make him a vessel for Chaos. She resuscitates him by infusing pure Mako into him, and merges Chaos’s spirit with Vincent’s essence, putting the Protomateria in his chest to keep Chaos under control. Lucrecia leaves Nibelheim, hiding away from the rest of the world in the Crystal Cave.
  • Vincent awakens in the Shinra Mansion basement where he changes into the Galian Beast. Vincent thinks this is punishment for his failure to stop Lucrecia and her unborn child to be experimented upon. He finds a room full of coffins in the basement of Shinra Mansion and shuts himself away inside one of them. Because of Hojo’s experiments, Vincent can stay asleep without aging or having to sustain himself.
  • Sephiroth is born to Hojo and Lucrecia. He is taken away from Lucrecia immediately following his birth so that he may be studied. The presence of the Jenova cells is apparent in the boy’s body from an early age, therefore labeling him a success.
  • Genesis Rhapsodos is born, yielding the results of Hollander’s attempt of incorporating Gillian’s DNA with a human fetus. When it is discovered that Genesis only has the ability to create clones but not to incorporate others into him, he is labeled a failure and given over to the landlord of Banora, so his family could raise him as their own.
  • Angeal Hewley is born to Gillian Hewley as a part of Project G. Unlike Genesis before him, Angeal is labeled a success, having the ability to make clones of himself and incorporate others into himself. However, due to Shinra’s lack of support, and ultimate abandonment of Project G, Angeal was left in the custody of his mother to be raised as a normal boy.
  • Following the birth of Genesis, unique, inhumane experiments begin in Deepground, a secret department beneath the Shin-Ra building.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1982

  • Reno is born.
  • Rufus Shinra is born.
  • November 20 – Morita Kazuma and his siblings run away from home for many reasons. They try to cross Mt. Nibel but barely manage to get to the other side before collapsing from exhaustion, dehydration, etc. There they are found by 2nd Lieutenant Yamato Kazuma and his wife, Kimiko Kazuma. They take in the three siblings and subsequently adopt them, giving them new names.
  • December 4th- Miyuki would have a Sibling Sister born.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1983

  • Gabriel Lycanthyr‘s father Leon attempts to begin his home-schooling, but Gabriel’s moody reaction leads the instructor to the correct assumption the child is too social. He is put through public education instead, much to his father’s chagrin.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1984

[ μ ] – εуλ 1985

  • Zack Fair is born in Gongaga.
  • Rosso, the first genetically-engineered child to be infused with Genesis’s genes, is born in Shinra’s Deepground facility.
  • February 7 – Aerith Gainsborough is born to Gast and Ifalna in Icicle Inn.
  • February 27 – Hojo tracks Gast down to his home in Icicle Inn. Professor Gast is shot to death by the troops accompanying Hojo, who takes both Ifalna and Aerith into custody at the Shinra Building in Midgar.
  • December 13 – Benny Shamos Jr. is born in Corel. His father leaves shortly afterwards to pursue Monster Hunting with an old military buddy, forming the “White Wyverns” with Tim Tiberius, a Monster Hunter of growing renown.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1986

  • Nickolas Leonwolf and his mother move to Kalm to live with his aunt after his Father’s death, and Mother’s mental collapse.
  • Shalua Rui is born.
  • August 11 – Cloud Strife is born in Nibelheim.

Circa [ μ ] – εуλ 1987

  • Weiss is born in Deepground.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1987

  • Nero is born in Deepground as the result of experiments involving the injection of stagnant Mako into fetuses. As he was born, a void of darkness formed around his body, pulling his mother into it, never to be seen again. Nero is the only successful result of these stagnant Mako injection experiments.
  • May 3 – Tifa Lockhart is born in Nibelheim.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1988

  • The Shigure Clan starting their plan to Extinguish all existing members of the Eluzifur family.
  • Lakota Gideon Sorata abandons his tribe in search of his brother Kamui Fate Sorata. Gets mixed up in a bandit raid and is picked up by Tartarus for his combat prowess. Soon enough recruited and trained for the next several years.
  • Gabriel is pre-emptively enrolled into a ShinRa Academy- his father’s wishes for him to become a Mako Engineer set into place. Gabriel is set to follow after his disgraced grandfather and repair his reputation. He does not do well. Though bright and inquisitive, he seems dejected and uninterested in his studies.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1989

  • John Kinsman and his gang are attacked out in the wastelands – by a powerful monster, while attempting to raid a ShinRa truck. Saved by a member of SOLDIER, John is inspired to one day join their ranks.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1990

  • Hope Fye Eluzifur is born in the still constructing Midgar. The father’s job forced the family to move there in a prebuild apartment.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1991

[ μ ] – εуλ 1992

  • The Wutai War begins between the forces of Wutai and Shinra when Wutai, the last major land free of their influence, denies Shinra permission to build a Mako Reactor on sacred Wutai grounds. Among the Shinra troops deployed to Wutai are Elmyra Gainsborough‘s husband and Sephiroth, now a SOLDIER 1st Class.
  • Sephiroth’s unparalleled strength and skill gains recognition during the war, making him a world-famous war hero.
  • Deepground SOLDIERs are secretly charged with recovering the injured from the battlefield in Wutai, and returning them to Deepground where some are nursed back to health, and others fall victim to torturous experiments. SOLDIER Unit 14: Lost Force specializes in these extractions throughout the war.
  • Junon advances past the small fishing village as ShinRa turn it into an industrial and military town to assert their strength.
  • Elmyra receives a letter saying her husband is coming home on leave. Elmyra goes to the Sector 7 train station every day after receiving the letter in hopes of being reunited with her husband.
  • Ifalna and Aerith escape the Shinra Building, fleeing to the Sector 7 Slums by train. Upon arriving at the Sector 7 train station, Ifalna collapses, then dies. Elmyra takes Aerith to her home and adopts her.
  • Elmyra’s husband is killed in action. Aerith senses his death and tells Elmyra, but she does not believe her. A few days later, Elmyra receives a notice saying her husband has died.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1993

[ μ ] – εуλ 1994

  • Ace Dawnbreaker creates and leads his own street ‘gang’ meant to protect the citizen in Junon village from threats and monsters.
  • John Kinsman at long last is able to join the rank of SOLDIER, quickly rising through the ranks.
  • Mika starts collecting SOLDIER signatures, and befrends many members of SOLDIER. She eventually becomes their ‘little sister’ or ‘superfan.’

[ μ ] – εуλ 1995 (2006 – Corruption Era)

  • Tifa’s mother dies.
  • Grieving over her mother’s death Tifa climbs Mt. Nibel believing she will find her mother waiting for her there. While climbing, she falls from a suspension bridge along with Cloud, who had been following her up the mountain. Suffering severe injuries, Tifa remains in a coma for seven days while Cloud suffers only minor injuries but is blamed for the accident. The guilt causes him to become aggressive, often getting into fights with other kids.
  • MayNickolas Leonwolf graduates early with Bachelor’s Degree : Computer Sciences – ShinRa Technical Institute
  • June– Tragedy strikes on Mt. Nibel. The “White Wyverns”, a monster hunting group, met disaster when faced with a dragon atop the peaks of the mountain. All but two members died as a result of the battle. Nils Gustavsson and Tim Tiberius would survive in their comrades’ stead, carrying their legacy to their next of kin.
  • AugustNickolas Leonwolf suffers traumatic event’s, causing his mind to create a separate personality, which in the course of a few months, develops blood thirsty, yet hidden to all, desires. Sets out, leaving his mentally broken mother in Kalm with his aunt, to sedate the need to see ShinRa ‘pay’.
  • Gabriel Lycanthyr is enlisted into an Advanced Academy for Mako Engineering. His first year is an utter failure as he frequently takes time off and shows little interest in his studies.
  • William Donahue loses his aunt, Cleo Donahue by suicide. She was attempting to free Troy Adramelech Donahue from jail, and did not want to be captured. William is left alone.
  • Mika, choosing to follow in the footsteps of her adopted brother Yuki Shindo, joins the Junon MPs. She goes missing her first day on the job, and, despite the efforts of almost the entirety of Junon’s SOLDIER division, she isn’t found till three days later. A patrol, led by Zack Fair finds Mika in the Junon Warehouse district, drugged and disoriented. (Sure it doesn’t into the Canon timeline, but, hey, whatevs.)
  • September 1st – The Scythian forces attack Midgar for the final time. Adramelech is killed by Malignus Scythe onboard the The Thunderhead, the Scythian airship. Malignus was then defeated by ShinRa and The Scythian Resistance (Subject to timeline adjustment.)
  • Celestine Fye Eluzifur is killed by one of the Shigure family. Hope in age of 5 witnessed everything and survived mysteriously.
  • Shaun Darwin joins AVALANCHE after Tomo Glaciertear convinced him of the corruption of Shin-Ra after he started there as Recrut.
  • John Kinsman and Asura Dyfan become SOLDIER First Class – the first demi-humans to ever become such, along with being the only SOLDIER Duo to reach first at the same time.
  • November – SLFFVII Community forms in the Corruption sim.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1996 (2007)

  • Mika is introduced to Genesis Rhapsodos at the ShinRa Winter Ball. The two quickly become close.
  • Morita Kazuma left Wutai to better understand his father’s reasoning in protecting the Planet.
  • March 13th – The sim of Midgar is bought and opened.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1997 (2008)

  • Determined to join SOLDIER, Zack Fair leaves Gongaga and heads off to Midgar.
  • An anti-Shinra activist group led by a man known as the “Death God of the Battlefield” meets with a weapons dealer to negotiate a deal with him. Unbeknown to them the weapons dealer betrays them and they are attacked by Shinra. Only the leader survives the attack.
  • Tseng, a rookie member of the Turks, is sent to Costa del Sol to investigate the kidnapping of a Shinra infantryman from one of Shinra’s Mako Reactors. Finding him aboard an unmarked ship in the harbor, Tseng learns from the infantryman, who was being tortured for information about the reactor, that the people holding him are a part of an anti-Shinra militant group that has been stockpiling weapons aboard the ship from a black market weapon seller. Not wanting to leave the infantryman for death, Tseng abandons his mission and rescues him, instead of investigating the ship further like he was ordered.
  • Several days after Tseng’s mission in Costa del Sol, Veld, the Turks’ commanding officer, tells Tseng he has failed in his duty as a Turk by choosing the infantryman’s life over protecting company secrets. President Shinra orders the Turks to destroy all the weapons and data that the anti-Shinra group has and to locate the leak within the company providing the black market weapon seller with information. Tseng is included in the mission, much to his surprise.
  • Tseng arrives in Costa del Sol, this time with Veld, as they infiltrate the ship. While Tseng deletes the data on the ship’s computers, Veld investigates the weapons. Before Tseng can delete all of the data, anti-Shinra operatives make off with a hard copy of the data. In the cargo hold Veld discovers an army of Proto Golems, a robotic weapon developed by Shinra. Tseng tracks down the operatives and eliminates them, successfully recovering the data. Tseng helps Veld fight off the Proto Golems, but an explosion goes off within the ship. Tseng is trapped under some wreckage as he insists Veld leave him and report back what they’ve found to Headquarters. Veld abandons his duty as a Turk to save Tseng, and makes it out alive with him.
  • Tseng awakes days later in intensive care, where he is commended for uncovering stolen weapons plot. He learns the Shinra leak originates from Kalm.
  • Kalm is firebombed by Shinra to eliminate the company leak. The order is given by Veld, who was unhindered by Kalm being his hometown and that his wife and daughter, Felicia, are there.
  • The survivors of Kalm’s destruction, including Veld himself, are taken to the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim where they are used as test subjects, resulting in most of them dying. Veld is given a prosthetic arm with a Materia slot and is allowed to go free. He is told both his wife and daughter, Felicia, died in the bombing, but in reality Felicia is alive and being used as an experiment where a unique Materia is grafted into the back of her hand.
  • Veld assists Shinra in covering up Kalm’s destruction.
  • April Morita Kazuma arrives in Midgar and joins the ShinRa Security Forces on the same day.
  • Lina Rosewater At the behest of her mother arrives in Midgar. Upon arrival she is immediately attacked by a rogue sweeper, several weeks later joins Shinra.
  • William Donahue moves to Midgar, and takes over his father’s business, the 7th Heaven. Later that year, he meets and hires Mika. Within a few short months, the pair get married.
  • July– Growing increasingly displeased with his socialite father’s intentions for his future, Gabriel Lycanthyr drops out of school, intending to form his own success on his own merits. He begins to travel.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1998 (2009)

  • Nickolas Leonwolf joins AVALANCHE using a modified name, Ickolas Liolf.
  • Lina is recruited into the SOLDIER programme after her 3rd attempt
  • Events of the Cambry island incident occur
  • Matt and Bleak Casamaru arrive in Midgar
  • March 20th – Mika marries William Donahue, in a small ceremony. The pair celebrate with cake and drinks at the 7th Heaven.
  • July – Morita Kazuma, after cautiously balancing work with study, graduates from Junon’s Medical University with a Doctor of Medicine title.
  • SeptemberGabriel Lycanthyr , after a year of travel, decides his future may lay in the city of Midgar. Arriving on the day of an AVALANCHE raid, his first encounter with SOLDIER is a hostile meeting with Gale Trevise. The experience inspires him to join the Military and make a difference.
  • OctoberIzuna Amamiya, after four months from his Fifteenth birthday, was sent out on a journey from Cosmo Canyon to go find a place for himself. With his dad only giving him the family sword, Magatsu, his mother giving her mastered Ice Materia, and younger brother giving an old family photo, these key things shared a role in Izuna’s future hardships. However, days later after arriving in Midgar, he quickly became broke, forcing him to take residence in the slums.
  • December – Almost over night, several first class are declared either MIA or Rogue. John Kinsman among them. A few months later, is he is later brought back into the SOLDIER Program – under his real name. ShinRa wishing for John to showcase his loyalty, force him to undergo a process that would change him from Demi-human to human. The Project is a success, leading to others being changed in the future.

[ μ ] – εуλ 1999 (2010)





  • AprilLina Rosewater is arrested and fired from SOLDIER on the charge of insobordination, is spared summary execution by a friend and flees from Midgar for nearly a year
  • AprilGabriel Lycanthyr and John Newton complete their assessments in Junon and are sent back to Midgar to undergo final evaluations and assessment. They are captured outside of the city by retreating Wutai Liberation Force members, who intend on using the two SOLDIER as bargaining chips. Learning they are Recruits and valueless, the two men are beaten and sent to Wutai as Prisoners of War awaiting execution. They are sent to the Akuma Internment Camp in southern Wutai, and are tortured and questioned.



  • Wutai troops capture a maimed SOLDIER First Class and take him to the Akuma Internment Camp. This is seen as a decisive victory and there is much celebrating.
  • SOLDIER Unit : Lost Force perform a shocking night raid on the camp, completely obliterating all resistance and stealthily extracting the wounded First Class, likely to be returned to Deepground. The Camp is left in chaos, and a secondary SOLDIER squad is sent in to mop up reinforcements and secure the release of the prisoners. Both Gabriel Lycanthyr and John Newton are freed in a series of prison-breaks across the region.
  • Gabriel Lycanthyr returns home to Junon for a long period of rest and therapy. His family declare if he ever leaves to pursue a foolish dream like SOLDIER again, he’ll be disowned.


  • Ace Dawnbreaker leaves for Junon for two weeks in order to try and free his parents with Junon’s branch help, and fails. They are killed in action.
  • Lakota Gideon Sorata Resurfaces under the orders of Tartarus High command to reinforce the branch in Midgar. Currently under the title of one of their Cerberus units.


  • November 10
  • Tseng meets the Legendary Turk, who turns out to be the former anti-Shinra activist, Death God of the Battlefield. Tseng is to oversee the Legendary Turk’s mission to Wutai.
  • The Legendary Turk arrives at a secret Shinra military base in Wutai where he must rescue a Shinra weapons trader and eliminate the anti-Shinra operatives occupying the base before information about the secret base can be leaked. After planting bombs all over the installation the Legendary Turk finds the weapons dealer is being guarded by a former comrade from his anti-Shinra days. The Legendary Turk defeats his former comrade, and as he dies, he tells him the one responsible for betraying him at the Mako Reactor back in 1997 was the weapons dealer. The Legendary Turk recognizes the weapons dealer he is supposed to rescue as the same weapons dealer who had betrayed him. The Legendary Turk demands the dealer admit he was the one to sell him out, but he refuses. Because of the weapon dealer’s unwillingness to admit his betrayal, the Legendary Turk leaves him inside of the building as the bombs go off.
  • The Legendary Turk is put under house arrest in Costa del Sol for abandoning his mission, avoiding a more serious sentence due still having protected the company’s secrets.
  • SOLDIER Loss Prevention executive Garret Light is sent to check up on the statuses of the two former Recruits, John Newton and Gabriel Lycanthyr. Deeming their psychological issues too damning, his assessment results in both individual’s official dismissal from ShinRa.

[ μ ] – εуλ 2000 (2011)

  • Shinra discovers the existence of Shelke Rui, a young orphan with a rare gift known as Synaptic Net Diving (SND) allowing her to interact with different planes of existence, such as digital currents and the subconscious thoughts and memories of others.
  • Shelke Rui is kidnapped from her sister Shalua Rui by the Turks to be taken to Shinra Headquarters to be inducted as a SOLDIER so they may develop and harvest the ability for a new generation of warfare.
  • Thinking Shelke’s abilities would be of better use to Deepground, President Shinra orders the Restrictors to take Shelke to Deepground.
  • While Shelke is being transferred to Midgar by the Turks, the convoy of Shinra soldiers accompanying her are annihilated by Deepground SOLDIERs led by a member of Lost Force. Unbeknown to anyone but those involved, Shelke is taken to Deepground.


  • Lina resurfaces in Midgar under the disguise of a orphan matron, eventually rejoins shinra and the SOLDIER division
  • Despite his slowly rebuilding life, Gabriel Lycanthyr is intensely aware of his own failures and shortcomings, haunted daily by the men he let down and the chance at SOLDIER he squandered. A chance encounter with Leon results in him spurning his family’s demands that he stays out of military service. Disowned, Gabriel is forced to leave. Unable to return to his friends or loved ones, Gabriel hides his shame and decides it better to drop off the map. He returns again to Midgar, a city that has left him behind. Upon his return to Military Service in Midgar, he learns that Leonardo Volk has gone rogue and begins a long campaign to find him and understand why.


  • Lakota Gideon Sorata is captured by Shin-Ra personnel with the aid of AVALANCHE and contained within the high security cells.
  • Tartarus Branch within Midgar becomes a sleeper cell.


  • March 17th – Ground Haven, AVALANCHE’s Base hosted inside a secretive abandoned SOLDIER Training Compound, was assaulted in full force by ShinRa over the duration of twelve hours. By far one of the highest profile raids made by ShinRa to date. The result of which ended up in the entire base being decimated and abandoned by AVALANCHE’s Midgar Cell.


  • AVALANCHE goes nomad, relocates to a remote location in the wastes scouted out by Lucius Grant
  • Ace Dawnbreaker joins ShinRa’s ranks despite an inner struggle, on April 13th, to try and accomplish his dream and promise. A big sacrifice is made that day, to forget and leave part of his life behind him. Assuming entire responsibility of his actions.


  • Lakota Gideon Sorata Finally breaks out of his holding cell with insider help after several months of experimentation by the SSD.
  • Tartarus Resurfaces and aids in the escape and forms a alliance with AVALANCHE with the intention to use them to get payback for incarcerating one of their own.


  • Friday 15th – Rogue ex-SOLDIER 1st Class Lucius Grant was apprehended and captured by the Turks and SOLDIER.
  • Friday 22nd – A Splinter Group from AVALANCHE help Grant escape, though due to the methods and notice given, this is the cause of much conflict and controversy for the faction.
  • June 25thKairi Kenji returned to Midgar.
  • Nickolas Leonwolf ‘s Memory of AVALANCHE is sealed through a traumatic event, and mind is reverted to [ μ ] – εуλ 1995
  • Saturday 30th – Midgar celebrates the end of [ μ ] – εуλ, and lights up Sector 8 with a beautiful show of lighting effects. To commemorate the last day of the era, the reactors are turned off for 1 day, to clear up the smog in the sky.

[ v ] – εуλ 0000 (2012)


  • The first Grey Materia event unfolds as a mysterious figure named Jack selects a handful of people to embark on a dangerous mission to a corrupted forest. The party solves riddles and fights past large odds, their materia and abilities diminished by the corruption. After battling a parasite, they are frozen in place by a strange man in black, the Damned One, who steals some kind of power from the Forest’s Guardian. Despite this, the forest is saved.


  • Former SOLDIER, Jonah Harvey returns to Midgar as “Eff Gee.”
  • Mika meets her friend Genesis Rhapsodos for lunch. After being called away, he leaves her half way through the meal, with his credit card.

Late Summer

  • Sephiroth, Genesis, and Angeal, now comrades and friends (all three 1st Class), go into the SOLDIER training room for some sparring. During the training session, things get out of hand when Genesis challenges Sephiroth to a one-on-one battle, forcing Angeal to intervene. As a result, Genesis sustains serious injuries, while the training room sustains major damage.
  • During his treatment by Dr. Hollander, Genesis is told the truth about his birth and the secrets of his body. He also learns that the cells in his body are beginning to degrade, and he does not have much longer to live. Upon hearing this, Genesis agrees to ally himself with Hollander, so that he may find a cure for his degradation.
  • Hollander contacts the Director of SOLDIER, Lazard, and informs him of Genesis’ origins, proposing they use the SOLDIER’s abilities for an uprising against Shinra. Holding a great deal of enmity towards Shinra, Lazard agrees to help the scientist, secretly providing him with the necessary funds to put this plan into motion.


  • Two incidents including Shin-Ra Alpha occur: Fundraiser Crash and Loveless Square massacre, citizens lose their trust for Shin-Ra
  • Insubordination cases increase within Shin-Ra, result a lot of internal arrestations, rules and punishments have to be reinforced
  • The highway over the Sectors is bombed and collapses onto one of the most active residential area, casualties are countless.
  • Gabriel Lycanthyr is once again selected as a SOLDIER Recruit, the only one of his tryout to be chosen.
  • Morita Kazuma resigns from Shinra after a quickly growing distrust with the company, disappears into obscurity.
  • August 12thOlivia Anderson was found dead in her cockpit in the early morning out in the wastes.


  • Mass SOLDIER Desertion Incident – Genesis is dispatched to Wutai, as the country’s war with Shinra rages on. Upon arriving in Wutai, Genesis puts Hollander’s plan into motion, leaving Shinra in the line of duty and taking a multitude of 2nd and 3 Class SOLDIERs with him.
  • Hollander steals classified documents from the Department of Scientific Research and disappears.
  • SOLDIER 1st Class Angeal Hewley and his protégé, SOLDIER, 2nd Class Zack Fair, are dispatched to Wutai to carry out what was supposed to be Genesis’ mission: capture Fort Tamblin. Angeal and Zack succeed in capturing Fort Tamblin. During the raid of the fort, a third party gets involved: Genesis Copies, the missing SOLDIER members, now turned into mindless puppets. In the ensuing fight between Zack and the Genesis Copies, Sephiroth shows up on the battlefield. After eliminating all of the Copies, Zack and Sephiroth realize that Angeal has disappeared.
  • October 9thGabriel Lycanthyr is put through a simulated reconstruction of Camp Akuma and comes face to face with his past. Following his success, he is promoted to SOLDIER Third Class.
  • October 13th and 14thAce Dawnbreaker is promoted to Bravo Vice Company Commander, but gets stripped of the title the next day on the Turks request due to his former AVALANCHE affiliations.

Late November/Early December


  • Ace Dawnbreaker submits to blackmailing and is forced to transfer to Junon, soon after he finds out he was actually enlisted to partake in the Wutai War.


  • Rufus Shinra officially assumes the position of Vice President of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Shortly after, he leaves on a long-term business trip.
  • Zack and Tseng go to Banora Village in search of Genesis. Upon arriving, the village appears to be completely deserted, with the exception of Gillian Hewley, with Genesis having turned the village’s warehouse into his stronghold. Gillian kills herself out of guilt for her involvement in Project G. With both Angeal and Genesis having fled town, Shinra destroys Banora in an air raid to get rid of all evidence of the events that had transpired there.
  • Cloud asks Tifa to meet him out at Nibelheim’s water tower at night. There, Cloud tells Tifa about his plans to leave Nibelheim for Midgar so that he could join SOLDIER, aspiring to one day be like Sephiroth. That night, Tifa makes Cloud promise that if she’s ever “in a bind” that he would have to come and save her.
  • The second Gray Materia event unfolds as multiple individuals are drawn to a Swampy area. After managing to purge the swamp of its corruption, felling its enormous guardian using the elemental lamps dotted around the swamp, the Damned One steals the energy of this second guardian, leaving the party with few answers.

[ v ] – εуλ 0001 (2013)


  • January 10 – Veld sends Tseng to Costa del Sol to enlist the services of the Legendary Turk to help the Turks with any trouble that might arise from the aftermath of the Wutai War. The Legendary Turk refuses Tseng’s offer saying he has come to enjoy living a life without conflict.


  • The Wutai War ends.
  • Beginning of the AVALANCHE Insurgency.
  • February 30
    • 2:15 am – The Wutai-based anti-Shinra organization, AVALANCHE, launches an attack from the sewers on Midgar Sector 8, lead by a man named Shears. The newest member of the Turks encounters AVALANCHE operatives in Sector 8. The Turk, along with Reno, fights off the AVALANCHE operatives and stops them from blowing up the Sector 8 Reactor. Reno and the Turk encounter and are defeated by Shears. Tseng informs Veld of the terrorist group’s identity and tells him their next target is Junon, where President Shinra is visiting for military inspections. Fuhito, one of the commanding officers of AVALANCHE, orders Shears to rendezvous with the rest of their forces in Junon while Veld orders Reno and the Turk to go to Junon to protect the President.
    • Reno and the Turk arrive at the hotel in Junon President Shinra is staying in, with AVALANCHE operatives arriving shortly after, lead by an AVALANCHE special operative. The AVALANCHE operatives make it past the guards, the special operative making it into the President’s room to be taken out by Reno and the Turk. After getting separated from Reno, the Turk escorts President Shinra to the Junon Branch Shinra Building for his press conference. The building is hit with a blackout, with Fuhito coming onto the scene shortly after, but leaves after battling the Turk who receives a call from Veld saying AVALANCHE has seized the Mako Cannon and are planning on firing it at Midgar. As the Turks and President Shinra focus on taking back the Mako Cannon, Fuhito slips into the press room and shoots the President. President Shinra survives the assassination attempt and orders Veld to call in Sephiroth.
    • 3:30 pm – Reno leads troops to take back the Mako Cannon from AVALANCHE, while the Turk takes an underground passage to get to the cannon’s control room so the lockdown sequence for the cannon can be finalized. The Turk arrives in the control room, but the Mako Cannon has been shutdown, and the room is littered with corpses of AVALANCHE operatives. The Turk is attacked by Elfé, the leader of AVALANCHE, but is saved by Sephiroth. AVALANCHE retreats from Junon.


  • Angeal and Genesis are announced as being killed in action.
  • President Shinra brings in SOLDIER to deal with AVALANCHE. Due to the shortage of SOLDIER operatives since the Mass SOLDIER Desertion Incident, the Turks are ordered to recruit SOLDIER candidates.
  • March 16 – With Reno and Rude having already successfully recruited a number of SOLDIER candidates in Costa del Sol (most of them by force), the Turk heads to Club Duel seeking additional recruits. After defeating a number of challengers, the Turk subdues Club Duel’s King, taking him and the rest of Club Duel’s patrons to a cargo ship bound for Midgar. On the ship, one of the candidates, Azul, attacks the other recruits. The Turk attempts to subdue Azul, but he is ultimately taken down by Rude. A group of AVALANCHE operatives, lead by Shears, infiltrates Costa del Sol, intending to release the SOLDIER candidates. The Turk and Rude hold off the AVALANCHE troops but Shears releases the candidates from the cargo hold. Rude fights Shears but is defeated. After Rude and the Turk recover most of the Candidates, Rude knocks out the Turk, heading to AVALANCHE’s ship so he may settle his score with Shears, with Reno tagging along on the way. The Turk wakes up to find Azul has returned, deciding to join SOLDIER of his own free will so he may become stronger. Reno and Rude take on Shears together and force him to retreat.


  • April 1
    • Zack is promoted to SOLDIER 1st Class.
    • Following the mysterious theft of confidential documents from the 45th floor of Shinra Headquarters, Reno and Rude are sent to guard the document room. The alarm goes off and the building’s security robots malfunction and attacking anyone on sight. Veld sends Cissnei to look into the problem and orders Reno and Rude to continue their investigation into the missing documents. Reno and Rude spot Dr. Hollander and realize he must be the thief. The Turks pursue Hollander, but he escapes. Reno and Rude are informed the malfunctioning robots have made it out onto the streets of Midgar and are attacking civilians. As the Turks deal with the robots, Genesis launches an attack on Midgar with his army of copies, and Zack is dispatched to help the Turks fight them off. Zack meets Cissnei, and the Reno and Rude pursue Hollander into the interior of the Sector 8 plate, but end up losing him when they are intercepted by Genesis copies. Zack catches up with Hollander at the Sector 5 Reactor but encounters Angeal, who attacks him and sends him falling to the Sector 5 Slums below.
  • April 2
    • Zack falls through the roof of the Sector 5 Church where he is woken up by Aerith Gainsborough. Aerith shows him around the slums but their date is cut short when Zack receives a call to return to Midgar help defend against an attack on the Shinra Headquarters.
    • Zack receives some help from Angeal as they head back to Shinra Headquarters, where Zack must defend Professor Hojo from Genesis. Hojo tells Genesis Hollander would not cure his degradation. He flies off to Modeoheim with Angeal in hot pursuit.
  • Cissnei of the Turks undertakes a secret assignment to keep Zack under surveillance.
  • Zack and Tseng go to Modeoheim along with some Shinra infantrymen, among them Cloud Strife, whom Zack befriends. Zack finds Hollander and Genesis in a Mako excavation facility, where he fights and defeats Genesis who throws himself into the depths of an excavation site. Zack goes up against Angeal, who fuses with several Angeal monster copies to become Angeal Penance. Zack defeats Angeal, who gives him his Buster Sword with his dying breath.
  • Zack secures Hollander and hands him over to Shinra. He is detained in Shinra’s Junon branch office.


  • While stationed in Junon, Cloud Strife, still only a Shinra infantryman, is sent out to Midgar for a new assignment.
  • June 27 – Fuhito receives word from an informant that Professor Rayleigh, a Shinra scientist who carries a disc containing highly classified information on Shinra and SOLDIER, will be arriving at Midgar Station early in the morning of the following day. AVALANCHE sends operatives to the Midgar Station, supplemented by Fuhito’s new special troops, the Ravens.
  • June 28
    • 6:00 a.m. – Cloud and two other Shinra infantrymen are assigned to protect Professor Rayleigh along with the Turk. They are attacked by AVALANCHE and while protecting Rayleigh, the Shinra troops protecting Rayleigh are attacked by a Raven. Cloud jumps onto the train the after the AVALANCHE operatives who captured Professor Rayleigh, separating him from the Turk who stays behind to fight the Raven. The Turk uses service tunnels to catch up with the train, arriving in time to save Cloud from AVALANCHE. The Turk sends Cloud and Professor Rayleigh into the next train car, disconnecting it to keep the Ravens from reaching the professor or the SOLDIER data she carries. The Turk takes out the Ravens and heads back to the car Cloud and Rayleigh are in, having now rolled to a stop. The Turk makes it to Cloud and Rayleigh to save them from another Raven. Cloud and the Turk defeat the AVALANCHE operatives, but during the battle the Raven the Turk had supposedly killed earlier stands up and steals Professor Rayleigh’s disc.
    • Fuhito deciphers the lock on the disc granting him access to all information on SOLDIER. Fuhito tells Elfé they will need Professor Hojo to carry out their plans further.
  • Gabriel Lycanthyr accepts a temporary posting in Junon. He meets and befriends Jade, a ShinRa experiment who intrigues him.
  • Ace Dawnbreaker comes back to Junon with the withdrawal of the troops from Wutai.



  • Mika is drugged and kidnapped by her old friend, Genesis Rhapsodos after not having seen him for over a year. Knowing that Mika is unaware of what exactly is going on, and taking advantage of Mika’s one true weakness, Genesis makes Mika promise to help him. He leaves her two miles north of Kalm.


  • Following catastrophic results from both AVALANCHE and ShinRa forces clashing in Sector 3, a re-shuffle sees activity centralized to Sector 7.
  • Ace Dawnbreaker is transferred back to Midgar, to everyone’s surprise. Higher powers had declared him as KIA.


  • December 22 – Reno orders the Turk to tail Rude in Midgar to see what he is up to. The Turk follows Rude to a bar where he meets a woman named Chelsea who is actually a spy for AVALANCHE sent to get close to Rude.
  • December 23 – Veld orders the Turk look into an outbreak of monsters in Sector 8. Rude meets up with Chelsea while being tailed by Reno. She attempts place a wiretap on Rude’s phone, but cannot bring herself to do so. Reno continues to follow Chelsea and sees her meeting with a man from AVALANCHE and is perplexed why she did not place the wiretap when she had the chance.
  • December 24 – Reno confronts Rude about Chelsea, but Rude already knows her secret. After dispatching monsters in the sewers the Turk sees Chelsea and follows her into the sewers, where she meets with three AVALANCHE operatives. The operatives attack Chelsea when she tells them she does not want to continue to deceive Rude, but is saved by the Turk. Chelsea decides she and Rude cannot be together, leaving the Turk to tell Rude this as he waits for her at West Park.

[ v ] – εуλ 0002 (2014)


  • January 6 – Kairi Kenji returns back to the Paramilitary after Self Eliminating herself from SOLDIER!?
  • January 14 – SOLDIER operatives Essai and Sebastian are sent to Icicle Inn to look into the loss of communication with the front line base thinking it to be nothing more than a monster extermination mission. They are ambushed and captured by AVALANCHE Ravens who take them to a nearby base where Fuhito performs experiments upon them to genetically transform them into Ravens. Veld sends the Turk with another Turk investigate the situation. The Turk infiltrates the compound AVALANCHE has occupied and finds the two SOLDIER operatives contained in liquid-filled capsules. The Turk frees them, but is attacked by AVALANCHE Raven, Tierce. After defeating Tierce, the Turk flees the compound along with another Turk but is once again attacked by Tierce, then by Fuhito. They are rescued by the Turk Martial Arts (Female), who drives them away in a truck. When President Shinra sees the data gathered on the compound he orders Zack Fair to deal with the situation.
  • January 16 – Shinra sends in troops to take out AVALANCHE’s Icicle base, Zack, Essai, Sebastian, and the Turk being among them. On their way to the compound, Zack and the Turk get separated from the others while the rest of the party is ambushed by AVALANCHE. All of the Shinra infantrymen either killed or incapacitated in the ambush, while Essai and Sebastian are dispatched by the Raven, Kyneugh, and taken back to the AVALANCHE base and put back into the capsules. Zack rushes off to the compound with the Turk following after him. The Turk finds Essai and Sebastian and frees them only to be attacked by both of them, forcing the Turk to fight the two brainwashed SOLDIER operatives. During the fight, Zack comes onto the scene and brings them to their senses, but Essai and Sebastian die shortly after. The base’s self-destruct sequence is initiated and Zack and the Turk escape from the base as it explodes. The Turk heads back to the Shinra base while Zack stays behind and makes grave markers for Essai and Sebastian.
  • President Shinra relieves Veld of his duties as head of the Department of Administrative Research, placing the part of the blame for Shinra’s security leak upon him.
  • Heidegger takes over the Turks’ command ordering them to patrol Junon in preparation for a potential attack by AVALANCHE.
  • January 27Gabriel Lycanthyr and James Denton meet outside of Kalm, engaging in a duel to the death. The victor, Gabriel returns James’ body to the WLF encampment outside of Midgar.


  • February 1 – AVALANCHE launches an attack on Junon. Heidegger orders the Turks to distract the AVALANCHE operatives until the army arrives, but because of his insistence to not let them coordinate their strikes the Turks are overwhelmed, with the AVALANCHE beginning their assault on Junon’s airport. Veld contacts the Legendary Turk and convinces him to come to the aid of his fellow Turks. Veld goes to President Shinra and blackmails him to give him command of the Turks for this operation, threatening to divulge classified information to the public. Taking command of the Turks, Veld orders them to deal with the situation at the airport. The Turk heads to the landing strip encountering and defeating Kyneugh. The rest, along with the help of the Legendary Turk, succeed in pushing back AVALANCHE’s attack. President Shinra and Veld suspect Professor Hojo as the source of the information leak.
  • Realizing how much he has come to miss the battlefield, the Legendary Turk rejoins the Turks.
  • February 7 –Mika loses her husband, William Donahue to the void, in a rather complicated incident. This leads her to start studying Viod Energy, which gets her the attention of the Investigative Division.
  • February 15 – Ace Dawnbreaker is promoted to Master Sergeant, and entrusted with the role of Charlie’s Vice Company Commander


  • March 15th – Mika, is reunited with her husband, William Donahue – exactly how this happened is unknown.


  • April 14th – Lieutenant Nils Gustavsson and Staff Sergeant Aera accompany MAD personnel, on their excursion to Junon for military exercises with the senior division there, only to find the city under siege. The group successfully fights their way through the hostile forces that occupied the R&D facility they crash in before they link up with Junon forces to defend against the assault, making their way from the tower lobby to the MAD bay of Junon, where Igloo receives a field promotion to Mighty Grunt, and finally moving on to secure the remaining floors of the tower, successfully repelling the attack.
  • As well on this same day, Izuna Amamiya was found, interviewed and enlisted as a Shin-Ra Cadet.



  • June 17th – AVALANCHE launches an attack on Shinra Headquarters, releasing monster test subjects from Hojo’s laboratory to wreak havoc upon the building. Due to the classified nature of the monster research project, only the Turks can deal with the situation. Upon arriving at the 68th floor, the Turk finds Kyneugh, Shears, and Fuhito in Hojo’s laboratory. Fuhito coaxes Hojo into leaving Shinra, offering him the chance to study AVALANCHE’s Ravens. The Turk intervenes, but Hojo, interested by the Ravens’ strength and regenerative abilities, agrees to go with Shears and Fuhito. Realizing the only way to defeat Kyneugh for good is to destroy his body, the Turk uses Gravity magic to push him into the furnace, incinerating his body. Veld informs President Shinra of the situation, who orders Sephiroth to be brought in. The Turk pursues Hojo and his captors up to the roof of the Shinra Building, but they board a helicopter and take off. Tseng and the Turk chase the chopper on the highway in a truck, but Shears parachutes down and takes out the road with a bomb. The Turk attacks Shears, but is overpowered. The Turk tries to follow but is attacked by one of Hojo’s research specimens — a dragon — and is saved by Sephiroth. Sephiroth attacks the helicopter and it crashes. Fuhito gets away, but Hojo is recovered and taken back to Shinra Headquarters.
  • Back at AVALANCHE’s base an unknown person chastises Elfé, Fuhito, and Shears for raiding the Shinra Building and trying to capture Hojo without his authorization. He informs them of their new target: The last surviving Ancient, to learn the location of the Promised Land.
  • June 20th – Lazard disappears, believing it is only a matter of time before his secret communications with Hollander are exposed.



  • August 9th – August 9 – The Turk accidentally comes upon Aerith Gainsborough’s house, and Aerith flees upon seeing the Turk’s uniform. She runs into AVALANCHE operatives looking for her but the Turk protects Aerith. The Turk engages Shears but is defeated. Shears takes Aerith to the Sector 5 Church to meet with Fuhito and Elfé. Aerith tells Fuhito she has no knowledge of the Promised Land, but saying the voice inside Elfé is familiar. Shears spots the Turk who had tracked them to the church. The Turk fights Shears, and is again bested. Elfé collapses forcing Fuhito, Shears, and the rest of AVALANCHE to retreat. Fuhito tells Aerith that Elfé is ill, and the only way to cure her is to find the Promised Land. As Aerith and the Turk leave the church, they see Tseng, prompting the Turk to tell Aerith to run back home. Tseng tells the Turk that even though Shinra wants to capture Aerith, Tseng has been trying to convince her to return to Shinra of her own accord, wanting Aerith’s cooperation in helping make the world a better place for everyone. Back at Shinra Headquarters Veld informs President Shinra of an emergency situation at the Nibelheim reactor, whose employees have disappeared. President Shinra orders for the situation to be dealt with immediately, not only because the of the Nibelheim reactor’s significance as Shinra’s first reactor, but also because it is where Jenova is being contained.


  • Zack is sent on leave from SOLDIER and heads to Costa del Sol for vacation. En route he runs into Cissnei, who claims it to be a coincidence as she is taking a vacation in Costa del Sol as well. In reality she is keeping Zack under surveillance.
  • Costa del Sol, along with several other towns, are attacked by Genesis Copies. Zack is called in to Junon where the majority of the Genesis Copies are present. The Turks aid evacuate Junon while Zack is ordered to guard Dr. Hollander. Hollander slips out of the Junon branch building and escapes when two winged Genesis clones carry him off. Sephiroth tells Zack that Genesis copies have appeared in Midgar and informs Zack of the possibility Genesis is still alive.
  • September 21The Turk is sent to Nibelheim to investigate the disappearances of the workers in the local Mako Reactor. Tseng brings the Turk to Mt. Nibel via helicopter. The Turk arrives at the reactor to find it blocked by dragons. Tseng orders the Turk to return to Nibelheim and await further instructions. The Turk heads back to Nibelheim via a secret ropeway known only to Shinra employees with Tifa whom he had met on the mountain trail, but they are attacked by a dragon that destroys the ropeway, meaning they will need a guide to get the investigation team to the reactor. The Turk asks Tifa to be the guide.
  • Zack visits Aerith at the church and finds an Angeal Copy weakened from degradation with her who has been protecting her. Zack helps Aerith build a flower wagon so she can sell flowers, but is called away by Tseng. Back at the headquarters he is briefed by Sephiroth on their next assignment in Nibelheim and learns Cloud will be accompanying them.
  • September 22 – The Nibelheim investigation team arrives in Nibelheim, but Cloud keeps his helmet on to cover his face, not wanting anyone to know he is back due to the shame he feels for not making it into SOLDIER. Tifa asks Zack if any other members of SOLDIER aside from him and Sephiroth are with them but Zack answers he and Sephiroth are the only SOLDIER operatives on the team. She figures Cloud isn’t with them and is disappointed. Zack and Cloud meet up with the Turk outside the inn. When Cloud learns Tifa will be guiding them up Mt. Nibel, he asks the Turk not to tell Tifa he has returned.
  • September 23 – The investigation team meets up with Tifa at the edge of town. A local photographer takes a picture of Zack, Sephiroth, and Tifa. Upon reaching the reactor Zack and Sephiroth investigate, leaving Cloud outside to guard Tifa. Sephiroth finds a broken valve and pods holding makonoids, creatures created by Hojo from high levels of Mako energy. The knowledge of the experiments Shinra has conducted make Sephiroth think they are related to his unusual strength and power. Genesis appears and tells Sephiroth he is not human, but a monster created from the Jenova Project. Sephiroth, who was only ever told his mother was named Jenova, discovers she is a creature discovered by Shinra and used for experiments. Genesis explains both he and Angeal were created from the Jenova project but Sephiroth is different as he is unable to copy himself onto other creatures, and therefore will not degrade. Genesis asks Sephiroth to lend him his cells so he may stop his degradation, but Sephiroth refuses. Zack pursues Genesis outside and finds Tifa and an injured Cloud surrounded by monsters. Zack fights off the monsters, and escorts Cloud and Tifa back to town. Upon their return the Turk asks Sephiroth about their findings, but he locks himself in his room at the inn. Later, he disappears.
  • September 24 – Tifa informs Zack that Sephiroth is inside the Shinra Mansion. Zack finds Sephiroth in the library reading over the records for the Jenova Project.
  • September 25 to 30 – Sephiroth stays inside of the Shinra Mansion reading over every record he can get his hands on for seven days. The Turk receives a call from Tseng, asking about Sephiroth. After informing Tseng Sephiroth is troubled, he orders the Turk to keep an eye on him.


  • October 1 – The Nibelheim Incident
    • Zack checks on Sephiroth and he tells Zack what he has learned about the Ancients, their journey to heal the Planet, and how at the end of their journey, they would settle in the Promised Land, a land of supreme happiness. He blames the non-Cetran humans for stopping their migration and hiding after a disaster struck the Planet while the Cetra sacrificed themselves to save it. Still thinking Jenova is an Ancient and unaware of her being the disaster that struck the planet 2,000 years ago, Sephiroth tells Zack he was created from Jenova, and concludes he must be an Ancient. Sephiroth leaves the Shinra mansion to see his mother and sets fire to the town, killing many of the villagers, Cloud’s mother being among those killed in Sephiroth’s rampage. Zangan, Tifa’s martial arts teacher, saves some of the people from the burning buildings. The Turk calls Tseng to tell him of this development as Sephiroth heads for the Mako Reactor. With Tseng saying he will arrive with backup, the Turk follows Sephiroth up Mt. Nibel to the reactor, and Tifa’s Father, Tifa, Zack and Cloud also make their way up separately. At the reactor, the Turk confronts Sephiroth, but is defeated. Sephiroth kills Tifa’s father leaving his Masamune sword embedded in him. Tifa sees her father’s body as she enters the reactor and takes up Sephiroth’s sword, intent on killing Sephiroth. At the entrance to Jenova’s chamber Tifa charges at Sephiroth, but is disarmed as Sephiroth reclaims his sword and cuts Tifa down, then enters the chamber. Zack arrives, forcing his way into Jenova’s chamber as Sephiroth tears off the mechanical effigy attached to her containment tube. Sephiroth declares he will take back the Planet with her. Zack confronts Sephiroth but is defeated as Sephiroth lands a powerful blow that throws him out of the chamber. Cloud arrives and takes up Zack’s Buster Sword and catches Sephiroth off guard, thrusting the sword into Sephiroth’s back, then returns to the Turk and Tifa’s aid. The weakened Sephiroth breaks into Jenova’s containment tube and tears off her head.
    • The Turk, having regained consciousness, sees Tifa’s cat has led Zangan to the reactor. Zangan takes Tifa away while the Turk runs upstairs to Jenova’s chamber as Sephiroth skewers Cloud with his Masamune. Cloud hurls both Sephiroth and his sword into the Mako pit below. The severely wounded Cloud collapses as the Turk comes to his side. The Turk calls Tseng, explaining Sephiroth is dead. In reality, Sephiroth remains alive within the Lifestream, able to maintain his individuality due to being created from Jenova. Seeing an opportunity to gain the knowledge and power of the Lifestream, Sephiroth starts plotting his revenge against the Planet.
    • Hojo, Tseng, Reno, Rude, and Veld arrive to cover the events. The plan is to rebuild Nibelheim and populate it with Shinra employees. The surviving townspeople are to be used as test subjects in Hojo’s new research project where he tests his Jenova Reunion Theory. The survivors include Zack and Cloud. While Veld and the Turk are in the Shinra Mansion destroying documents and testing the machines for Hojo’s experiments, they fall victim to illusions created by the monsters in the mansion. Hojo tells the Turks to bring the survivors into the mansion for his experiments. Reno, Rude, Tseng, and the Turk are reluctant to do it, and Veld tales over the task. Zangan decides to take Tifa away from Nibelheim.
  • At Shinra Headquarters, Veld informs President Shinra Wutai will be AVALANCHE’s next target, a place full of anti-Shinra sympathizers. He reveals the identity of the informant leaking information to AVALANCHE: Rufus Shinra.


  • November 1 –
    • The Village of Hildegarde is destroyed again, it’s destruction a mystery with explainations ranging from natural disaster to mako reactor explosion.
  • November 5 –
    • Alleria Prestor begins prize fighting around the world during her journey to Midgar.

[ v ] – εуλ 0003 (2015)


  • January 3 –
    • Rufus informs AVALANCHE of the Turks’ plan to attack their headquarters in Wutai. In Wutai, the Turk saves Yuffie Kisaragi from an AVALANCHE operative and infiltrates AVALANCHE headquarters to plant a bomb in the building. The Turk runs into Yuffie again, who is unaware the Turk works for Shinra. She steals the Turk’s detonator and accidentally sets off the bombs, but helps the Turk escape the pagoda. The Turk fights Ravens disguised as the leaders of AVALANCHE; Elfé, Shears and Fuhito; and then rendezvouses with Tseng. Yuffie realizes the Turk works for Shinra, angrily telling him/her to leave Wutai.
    • Veld informs President Shinra of AVALANCHE’s apparent destruction. With the primary threat to his organization out of the way, Shinra turns its attention toward the launch of world’s first space rocket, Shinra No. 26.
    • Rufus meets with the real Elfé, Shears, and Fuhito and plans to use AVALANCHE to dispose of his father by assassinating him at the rocket launch ceremony in Rocket Town.

Late Winter/Early Spring


  • April 11
    • On the day before the planned launch of Shinra No. 26, Rufus arrives in Rocket Town along with the Turk as his escort, and meets with Cid Highwind as he rehearses for the launch. An AVALANCHE operative attempts to steal Cid’s a’irplane, the Tiny Bronco, but is thwarted by the Turk. Shears steals Shinra No. 26’s oxygen tanks to sabotage the launch. Rather than delay the launch, Cid convinces Shinra he and his mechanics will replace the oxygen tank in time.
    • Cid’s mechanics install a new oxygen tank, and Cid is satisfied. As the rest of the crew retires for the night, on e of the mechanics, Shera, stays behind as her test results on the tank are not satisfactory.
  • April 12 – As the time for Shinra No. 26 to launch nears Cid goes missing and the Turk finds him pursuing an AVALANCHE operative that tried to interfere with the launch. Rufus aborts the planned assassination of his father due to Veld’s insistence to stay by his side. The countdown to the launch begins and with only seconds left Cid discovers Shera is still in the engine room, having only now finished preparations on the oxygen tank. Although Shera insists Cid proceed with the launch, he aborts it. Cid is unable to forgive Shera for her part in ruining his dreams of going to space.
  • Tseng receives intel that AVALANCHE has occupied the Mako Reactor in Corel.


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