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AVALANCHE Monthly Updates / Re: AVALANCHE - Monthly Update [4/17/2017]
« Last post by Ace on April 18, 2017, 02:11:06 PM »
I'm looking forward to see the fresh changes under new and old blood up there. The Guerilla's strenghtening process is something I've been wanting to take place.

Guardians realize the danger that ShinRa is, but their fight is not one with ShinRa first and foremost. Guardians fight Jenova, or “The Calamity”. Forces beyond the comprehension of the Guerillas and Ravens alike. (Please note, that this mention of Jenova is not to be used as in character knowledge unless your character has specifically been exposed to said knowledge through role play.)

Also this is /very/ important. Even the Guardians as far as I know don't name 'her' beyond vague names such as the 'Calamity' or 'Corruption'. And very /very/ few older player were exposed to the real one. There will be a cautious look upon individuals mentioning JENOVA at all, because it is an awfully top secret affair IC.

I'm not opening a thread up to discussing, merely making an addendum. Thanks for taking time to write down the clarifications, Van.
AVALANCHE Monthly Updates / AVALANCHE - Monthly Update [4/17/2017]
« Last post by Vandom on April 18, 2017, 06:16:47 AM »


It is understood that things have been confusing in the cell and the reasons for this are numerous. Thus, we are going to address what has been causing this confusion so that everyone is on the same page. There have been a lot of changes made in leadership both in character and out of character. There have been changes in terminology. There have been changes in branch responsibilities. There have been changes in procedure.

Let us start from the top…

Faction Leadership

Zera is in charge of the Guardian Branch. Izuna is in charge of the Raven Branch. Bash, Vandom, and Kayne are in charge of the Guerilla Branch. Mizu is what as known as a FLGM (Faction Leader GM). Her job is to make sure the Faction Leaders (Vandom, Bash, and Kayne) are doing what they need to be effective FLs. Paradox is a FA (Faction Arbiter). His job is to help Mizu with whatever she needs.

Guerilla vs Guardian Leadership

A huge concern we had was that the Guerillas could not properly do what they were designed to do under the command of a purely Guardian ethos. This makes sense when you consider how the Guardians and Guerillas differ in intended nature and procedure.

Guardian leadership will concern themselves with Guardian affairs. That's not to say that they have no place taking command of the Guerillas under the right circumstances, however. Should a Guerilla mission end up involving a job for the Guardians, they have every right to command Guerillas in regards to their expertise. Guardians have no further business involving themselves with the leadership of Guerillas unless extreme circumstances arise or their expertise is specifically called for or needed.

Training Guerillas is not something Guardians are responsible for, but should they be approached they are welcome to provide guidance in a way unique to them. Likewise, if a Guardian wishes to teach something special to a Guerilla or two, they can do so. At no point should a Guardian demand the presence of Guerillas in the training room for Guerilla training. The Guerilla command is responsible for teaching Guerillas.

That being said, in place of Kath, Fuse, and Archon there is now Trisha, Roderick, Thumper, and Grim. All of them are currently Lieutenants.

Officers and High Command

Something we have been noticing is an in character and out of character misunderstanding of what an officer is, what their jobs are, where they fall on the food chain, and how they are to act.

The job of an officer is leadership and oversight. Something to keep in mind is that though the names listed above are all in high command, they are all very different characters and will conduct things a little differently. At no point, will they be above established rules or proceedings. This is very similar to how the companies (Charlie, Bravo, and Alpha) work in ShinRa. However, they will more or less be loosely embodying these mentalities and codes rather than attempting to collect people to follow their path.

Regardless of how they conduct themselves, they are in charge and in character consequences will be applied if their orders are not followed just as there will be in character consequences for officers should they misstep. There is accountability on all fronts regardless of what choices are made in character.

Branch Responsibilities

The lines of involvement are blurred, but they are there. On the surface, Guerillas are those that combat ShinRa and carry out terrorist activities. The Ravens are close in relation to the Guerillas because they are the counter to SOLDIER. Should SOLDIER become involved, the Guerillas should turn to the help of Ravens. Ravens also carry out high-risk missions that align with the efforts of the Guerillas that they cannot handle on their own. Guardians realize the danger that ShinRa is, but their fight is not one with ShinRa first and foremost. Guardians fight Jenova, or “The Calamity”. Forces beyond the comprehension of the Guerillas and Ravens alike. (Please note, that this mention of Jenova is not to be used as in character knowledge unless your character has specifically been exposed to said knowledge through role play.) Their involvement with the Guerillas is one of circumstance. They are not the first to be called to fight SOLDIER unless their strength is needed in addition to Raven forces. Guardians have their own jurisdiction as the others do. Fighting ShinRa and terrorism is not under Guardian jurisdiction. Guerillas are specialists in the fight against ShinRa. Guardians are the specialists against Jenova. Ravens are superhuman forces that are specialists in high-risk work. When the need arises, they may call upon one another and are, in fact, required to do so.

Now, things are not necessarily intended to be that rigid. However, please do not expect to be given an inch and then take a mile without being told you're doing so.

There may come a time when three Guerillas are surrounded, severely outnumbered and outclassed. If a Guardian wants to come in and help that is okay. But, if help is not needed a Guardian should stay their hand. That is, after all, the expectation of a Guardian.

Bottom line "We are a force with jurisdictions, but stand and fight united when the time comes."

Let it be known that we do NOT want to see a breakdown in inter-branch relationships and it is expected that everyone more or less respect one another.

Branch Activity

Branch leaders are directly responsible for their branch's activity. If there is no activity being provided for your branch, this does not give you the go ahead to impede upon the activity of other branches. Address your branch leader, make something yourself, or talk to the faction leaders and management about your grievances.


Talk to the management and leadership about your grievances with evidence to support them so there is context. Preferably, in character issues can be discussed with faction leaders or management. Out of character grievances should definitely be delegated to management.

Procedure Changes

Before, punishment and in character consequences did not follow an extremely strict procedure. They do now.

The First Offense The consequences for a first time offense is menial punishment such as sit-ups, push-ups, running laps, etc. Should the character fail to adhere to this menial punishment, they will be demoted. A Cadet may be escalated to suspension should he or she fail to adhere to menial punishment.

Second Offense The consequences for a second time offense of the same or similar nature is suspension in which the character is barred from partaking in Guerilla activities outside of North Haven for a certain amount of time. For example, if someone is verbally abusive, dismissive, or disrespectful to an officer for their first offense and then is caught doing that again or is refusing to follow orders, this all counts as insubordination. They will be faced with suspension.

Third Offense As before, should a character continue their behavior that has gotten them in trouble before, they will be faced with dismissal. This means they will be stripped of their rank and ejected from the faction for a minimum of two weeks. They may re-enter the faction with the promise of better behavior, but will not have their previous rank restored. They do not lose their Tier, but they WILL be forced to reset their Career Status on VII:DS sheets.

That being said, an officer has the right to give OR withhold punishment. They just don't have a right to give whatever punishment they want. All strikes, accepted punishments, and offenses will be recorded on the roster. The officer is responsible for keeping logs to prove they did not misstep procedure and logs must be provided if one is to complain out of character about the punishment their character received.

The reason we address this is so that no needs to feel they are walking on eggshells while playing their characters. We understand that this can turn people off to playing in AVALANCHE. There are no blindsides waiting for the players of insubordinate characters.

The Handbook

Embrace change is the motto of Midgar. Just because something is not necessarily said in the handbook does not make a decision void. We are likely going to be updating the Guerilla handbook.

The Story

Cell-7 is experiencing a change in leadership. Those that were either promoted into officership or officers that have transferred in see a problem with insubordination, a lack of respect, and a failure to follow procedure among the lowest ranks. Each has an idea of how to fix these problems and are actively looking to "harden" the Guerilla forces. Some, want to see the lowest on the totem pole acting as they did during their time at the bottom of the food chain. Some, just don't care for the fussing. Whatever their reasons are, they want to make the Guerillas a force to be reckoned with. Tough as nails, so to speak...and they seem willing to do whatever they need to make it so. Feelings will not be spared. An insurgency is no place for the faint of heart, after all. 

The most established Guardians are training the next generation of their kind. During this time, the Hopefuls have been stripped of their Guerilla ranks and responsibilities. Their focus is now the path of a Guardian until they either make it, or don’t.

The Ravens are ever present. There may or may not be talk of recruitments.

Honorable Mentions

Lyra Arcand [Valkyrie] - Tangled with SOLDIER and ShinRa operatives on more than one occasion without losing face despite the bruises. She has earned the faith, trust, and respect of her superiors and subordinates alike.

Elijah King [Calcifer] - Assist Major Kath and Lieutenant Fathands combat ShinRa forces in retaliation of Valkyrie’s arrest. During the confrontation, he proved to be an extremely capable head and hand. Calcifer has, needless to say, impressed.

Community Rules & Information / SLFFVII Midgar: Gil Salary Registration Guide
« Last post by Izuna on February 06, 2017, 08:07:59 AM »
Welcome to the Gil Salary Guide. Everything here will be geared to help how things will work around for the Gil Salary! For the upcoming one, as we're soon ready to move onto a newer system, the Scale will be Tier Rank based for the BASE Pay, but through various jobs that the Character decides to apply for, they can still get some Gil on the side, Whether it be through events, or even Hourly pay, so do not fret! To Register for certain spots of the Hourly Pay, and to be amongst the Base Pay, please Fill this out accordingly and send it to Izenagi Resident! Do note that expecting a tons of request, the process may take from One day, to 1-2 Weeks, so please bear with me!

Do remember, you have to do this every time your character who is hooked to the system is elevated a tier!

The ATM in the Skybox will still be there for anyone, however, For the Actual IC ones, the Character -must- at least have a Job to be eligible for said Daily/Hourly Payment!

-To be eligible, you have to pick 1 Character,  Per Faction, to be qualified to receive Gil Payment from. [AVALANCHE/Shin-Ra/Civilian]
-You cannot jump between different characters in a faction at once! To Switch between Character's Wages, there is a Four Week Wait Period before being Eligible to switch off to another character.
-Character Must still be Alive. Deceased Characters cannot receive payment.
-Alt Characters must be around for Three and a half Months to become Eligible for Pay.
-Canon Characters Cannot be eligible to receive Pay from.
-Story/Event Characters Cannot be eligible to receive Pay from.
-If you are a Civilian, and wishing to Attain this jobs, Inquire about it FIRST before Turning in any notecards.


Please make sure to Turn in The Notecard for Each of those Characters all within a folder! If you can't do it in a notecard, please send it to my forum PMs!

The Folder's name should be Clearly labeled like this With all of your Gil Salary Registration Notecards inside:

Example: Gil Salary Folder [SL Name Here]

If put in any other format than this, it will be potentially ignored, so please make sure that:
1)All Gil Salary Registration Notecards are sent within the Notecard
2)Gil Salary Folder is Clearly labeled like what was seen within the example.
Daily Base Pay Rate:

Starter (Tier 5): 20

Established (Tier 4):40

Veteran (Tier 3):60

Eminent (Tier 2):80

Prestige (Tier 1): 100


Hourly Wage Locations (Each of these Locations require a Certain Group to be activated! If your character is working there, and you do not have said Tag, Give us a IM to inquire about where to get said Group Tag! Do note, that said Civilian Character, would be locked to Said location, until they decide they want to get a new Job. To Switch Jobs, there is a Two week Cool-Down Period before being eligible to switch jobs once more.)

Shin-Ra Faction:
Shin-Ra Power Electric Company Tower - Miss Syndra (Daily)
Shin-Ra Outpost (Hourly)

Shin-Ra Medical (Still Considered Civilian, but runs under the Shin-Ra Medical Tag!):
Queens Hospital - Third Floor (Hourly)

North Haven -Scruffy The Janitor (Daily)
Desperado (Hourly)

Bank of Midgar (Daily)
McTonalds (Hourly)
Chubby Chocobo (Hourly)
Kupo Arcade (Hourly)
Blue Tuesday (Hourly)
Learning Center (Hourly)
Aquacure (Hourly)
7th Heaven (Hourly)
Les Marronniers (Hourly)
The Struggle (Hourly)
Nepenthe (Hourly)
Makology (Hourly)
Aijin Restaurant (Hourly)

And Many more will be on the way in later versions, so please bear with us!


Now, here's the Magic rules if you're going to be at an hourly Pay spot! You -must- be actively IC, and Role-playing in there! No AFKing. or OOCing within those spots! If you need to AFK, please move away from the spot's Radius. If you are found to be within those spots, and camping/Farming it out, you may get a bit of. . .just a boot away from there if you've already been given the first warning on it by us, so make sure to be constantly Roleplaying within there once you're checked in, and if you need to AFK, check out of there! We understand even some RL emergencies can happen, so just a small boot away would be the most of it, leaving the singular warning being as the first chance.

For those seeing folks potentially not responding there, as it takes varying lengths for folks to make a post, Always make sure to give a poke in IMs to see if the Other Player's there!



Q:What is Considered Camping/Farming?
A: AFKing, or hanging out OOCly within these Hourly pay hot-zones for more Than Two Hours can be considered Camping/Farming within there. If you are caught doing this, you will be subjected to either a First Warning, or just a boot away from the spot. (Remember. Just a boot, not a Ban! HOWEVER. Multiple Repeated Offense can potentially subject you to not receiving payment from there for One Week, don't let this be a habit!)

Q:How Much will the Hourly Pay give?
A:Hourly Pay, no matter what Job you are currently working at, will be a set rate of 5 Gil per hour.

Q:What is this spot Radius you speak of?
A:Each Hourly Wage Pay station have a varying set Radius. If you leave the Radius, you will be automatically clocked out, and not be rewarded for staying within the Range, and Roleplaying.

If you have any potential questions that's not listed here, don't be afraid to ask!


Gil Salary Registration Form!

SL Name:
Avatar Key:
Character Name:
Character Faction:
Character Current Tier:

1) If your Character is a Civilian, do they currently have a Job? If No, Skip Question numbers 2 [Y/N]

2) If Yes If they have a Job, is it at the the Aforementioned Eligible Civilian Faction places?
3) What is the Job? :


Date of Signature:

Please Return this back to Izenagi Resident, packaged in a folder, or in a private message and please be patient! As Izuna will be sifting through potentially many Gil Requests, the Process may take from One Day, to 1-2 Weeks.

Special events known as Materia Fusions occur usually once a month, wherein players are able to fuse together their materia to form new, stronger materia.  The rules for Materia Fusions are as follows.

Fusion Rules
  • Once a player's Materia Fusion begins, it cannot be ended. Players get three (3) rolls of a d100 to determine the outcome of the fusion. The GM/GMiT handling the fusion event will roll the dice. These dice rolls do not stack. These dice rolls are not, "best out of three." The final roll accepted by the player is the roll they must use.  For instance, if a player's first roll is 60 and they wish to attempt to achieve a higher roll, that roll of 60 is discarded and cannot be reclaimed.
  • Up to 3 additional materia can be sacrificed to your fusion to increase the dice roll result. You will receive a +1 to your roll for each level of additional materia submitted (example: Three (3) Level 3 materia would provide a maximum of a +9 to your roll.) However, additional materia points will not carry over into your third and final roll. These 'modifier' materia cannot be insured and will not be returned regardless in the event of a failure.
  • You MUST use a fusion recipe from the recipe guidelines. This means, you CANNOT fuse eight of the same level 1 materia it get a level 4 of that materia.  No double fusions, triple fusions, or quadruple fusions are allowed.
  • Anyone caught using an alt to fuse materia, or paying/begging others to fuse for them will be temporarily or permanently banned, depending on severity.  This also pertains to people who fuse materia on behalf of someone else in place of their own. No exception.
  • All who were investors PRIOR to the monthly Fusion announcement will be accounted for. This information will have been recorded before the official announcement, so investments AFTER Fusion announcements will not be considered.
  • Please make sure that you are prepared by the time your Fusion begins.  Your materia need to be placed in a folder with your name and your intended fusion (example: Lightning 2 [Izenagi]).  Failure to comply with this guideline will result in denial of your Fusion.  You will be sent to the back of the line so that you may resubmit in the proper format.
  • Please be patient with the GM team, as fusions aren't easy.  We will send out notices to let you know when Fusions are taking place.

Dice Success Guide

The success of your fusion is entirely dependent upon dice rolls, plus the number of modifiers you elect to add with sacrificed materia.

1 = Super Critical Failure: Lose all materia; no further rolls.
2 - 25 = Critical Failure: Lose all materia.
26 - 35 = Failure: Get 1 materia back.

36 - 60 = No Change: Get all materia back.
61 - 95 = Success: Get desired materia.
96 - 99 = Critical Success: Get desired materia + 1 materia back.
100 = Super Critical Success: Get a higher level version of desired materia, or your materia back.

NOTE:  For Critical Success/Super Critical, only the RAW Roll counts, not rolls modified by added (sacrificed) materia.


Fusion Insurance

Fusion insurance assures that your materia are returned to you in the event of a fusion failure.  Depending on a materia's rank, there is a respective gil cost associated with insuring it.  You can view Materia Ranks here.

Tier 5: 640 Gil
Tier 4: 1440 Gil
Tier 3: 2560 Gil
Tier 2: 4000 Gil
Tier 1: 4840 Gil
Tier S: ? ? ? ? Gil

Recipe/Formula Guidelines
Community Rules & Information / SLFFVII Midgar: Management Team [Updated 9/10/17]
« Last post by Izuna on December 13, 2016, 02:51:41 AM »
SL Name [Forum Name]

Floyd Gilmour [Floyd Gilmour]
Izenagi [Izuna]


Atomsk Blinside [Lyra]
bash Arkin [Bash Arkin ]
Maxx Johin

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
Community Rules & Information / SLFVII Midgar: [Official] Investors Program 2.0!
« Last post by Izuna on December 13, 2016, 02:42:14 AM »
Hello! And thank you for your interest in  SLFFVII Midgar's Investor Program 2.0! To many of us, this sim is like our home, and we want to do whatever we can to not only share this roleplay experience with everyone, but to make this sim the best it can be.

To help reach this goal, we have created the SLFFVII Midgar Investor Program. There are five different tiers, so that anyone can help with a monthly amount that is within their reach.  Each tier has their own unique set of rewards, and thanks, which are outlined below.

Once you find the right amount that is right for you, please don't hesitate to contact one of our GMs so that we can help you help the sim!

Thank you for your interest and generosity!
Midgar Management

L$500/month | Sapphire Tier
  • +5 to all fusion dice rolls
  • 1 free Tier 5 Materia per month (Player's Choice, Must Contact a GM to file a claim)
  • Recognition on the "Sapphire" investor board/plaque

L$1,000/month | Emerald Tier
  • +8 to all fusion dice rolls
  • 1 Free Tier 5 Materia per month (Player's Choice. Must Contact a GM to file a claim. ES Materia Excluded.)
  • Priority fusions (expedited queue)
  • Recognition on the "Emerald" investor board/plaque

L$3,000/month | Ruby Tier
  • +8 to all fusion dice rolls
  • 2 Free Tier 5 Materia per month (Player's Choice. Must Contact a GM to file a claim. ES Materia Excluded.)
  • Priority fusions (expedited queue)
  • Double Fusion every January, July, and November
  • Recognition on the "Ruby" investor board/plaque

L$5,000/month | Diamond Tier
  • +10 to all fusion dice rolls
  • 2 Free Tier 5 Materia per month (Player's Choice. Must Contact a GM to file a claim. ES Materia Excluded.)
  • 1 Free Tier 4 Materia On Even-Numbered Months (February, April, June, August, October, December) (Player's Choice. Must Contact a GM to file a claim. ES Materia Excluded.)
  • Priority fusions (expedited queue)
  • Secret Slums base with 50 prim allotment (Player's Choice, Must Contact a GM to file a claim. Must not be already taken by another Diamond Tier Donator)
  • Chance to do Class change to another class once every 4 months (Player's Choice, Must Contact a GM to file a claim)
  • Double Fusion every odd-numbered month (January, March, May, July, September, and November)
  • Recognition on the "Diamond" investor board

L$10,000/month | Unobtanium Tier
  • +10 to all fusion dice rolls
  • 2 Free Tier 5 Materia per month (Player's Choice. Must Contact a GM to file a claim. ES Materia Excluded.)
  • 1 Free Tier 4 Materia On Odd-Numbered Months (January, March, May, July, September, and November) (Player's Choice. Must Contact a GM to file a claim. ES Materia Excluded.)
  • Chance to do Class change to another class once every 3 months (Player's Choice. Must Contact a GM to file a claim)
  • Priority fusions (expedited queue)
  • Double Fusion every odd-numbered month (January, March, May, July, September, and November)
  • Upper Plate Penthouse with 90 Prim allotment (Player's Choice, must not be already taken by another Unobtanium tier donator)
  • Recognition on the "Unobtanium" investor board.
Community Rules & Information / SLFFVII Midgar: Faction Leaders [Updated 09/01/2016]
« Last post by Jade on February 03, 2016, 10:30:25 PM »
Advisor | Izenagi

Military Police/Mechanized Armor Division
Diabolicalsaint Cioc
Samson Caudron

Razuun Wrexan

Morita Kazuma
Stellato Francois

Investigative Affairs (Turks)
Casey Harden
Haleigh Indigo

Advisor | Razuun Wrexan

Bash Arkin

Katianna Mynx

Tatara Ling

Advisor |GM Team

ShinRa Science Department
Kera Sharkfin

ShinRa Administrative Department
Diabolicalsaint Cioc

ShinRa Medical Department
Alecto Sciarri

ShinRa News Network
Community Rules & Information / SLFFVII Midgar: Feedback Submission Form
« Last post by Jade on February 02, 2016, 12:30:13 AM »
If you have formal complaints or general feedback for the Management Team, please fill out this form and send it via Private Message to a GM, GMiT, or Arbiter!  From there, your feedback will be posted to a private management board for consideration!

Code: [Select]
SLFF7 RP Community: Complaint Submission [NAME HERE]

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We as Management and members of the community understand that disputes can be incredibly frustrating.  However, you are encouraged to handle yourself maturely and professionally, particularly when submitting this formal complaint.  Use of excessive profanity and inflammatory dialog may result in dismissal of your complaint until you are able to compose yourself and submit again.

Your SL Name:

Involved Parties [By Name]:

Today's Date:

Date of Incident:

Location of Incident [IMs, Local Chat, Community Chat, IC/OOC]:

Description of Incident:

What would you like to see the SLFF7 Management Team do to rectify the problem?


When you are finished, please return this notecard to a member of the Management Team for further review.  We will be back in contact with you as soon as we are able to come to a decision.

©2016 SLFF7 Midgar RP Community
Community Rules & Information / SLFFVII Midgar: Forum Guidelines
« Last post by Jade on February 01, 2016, 11:43:23 PM »
  • Treat members as you would like them to treat you. Keep personal grudges and arguments off of the forum. If you feel that you are being harassed by another member, please contact an administrator or moderator and we will look into the problem for you. Everyone here is responsible for behaving in a civil manner, and showing respect to the posts of their fellow members.
  • Personal attacks, slander/libel, insults, flames, and other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. These posts may be deleted or locked, at the judgement of the Management Team.
  • There is no automatic censorship, but please keep in mind that our members have varying ages and life experience. If there are complaints about a topic, post, avatar, or signature, you may be asked to remove the offending image or text, or have them removed for you.
  • Bumping topics is frowned upon, as is spamming the forum in order to increase your post count.
  • Please try to stay on-topic with your posts. If a discussion begins to veer too far off-topic, an administrator or moderator may request that the topic be brought back on course.
  • Proper grammar and spelling are appreciated. "'Net speak" and "1337 speak" are frowned upon. We understand that not everyone who visits has English as their first language, but please try your best!
  • Administrators and moderators are here to keep the SLFFVII forum running efficiently and smoothly. They are also here to address the concerns of members. Please contact them if you notice a problem on the forum, rather than dealing with that problem yourself (aka, "wanna-modding").
  • You are expected to listen to the moderators and administrators when they have told you to stop breaking the rules or to stop behaving inappropriately. Moderators and administrators are in charge of the forum and making sure that members obey the rules.
  • Breaking the rules repeatedly or maliciously may lead to your account being suspended.
  • Most of all, have fun! The SLFFVII forum is meant to be a place for the community to gather and enjoy each other's company.


  • Avatars should not exceed 150 tall x 150 pixels wide.
  • No graphic or offensive content is permitted.

  • Signatures should not exceed 300 pixels tall by 700 pixels wide.
  • If you have an image in your signature that is 150 pixels or taller, keep in mind that the 300 pixels limit is still in effect. You may not have more than 1-3 lines of text below your image.
  • If you prefer to have text in your signature with no image (or a very small image), please keep in mind that 300 pixels tall is still the limit for a signature.
  • You should be able to right-click on your image and look at the properties to see what the size is in pixels.  If everyone would just check their image sizes before they post them, it would save you guys the trouble of having to change the images later after you've already spent the time on them.
  • The words "moderator", "administrator", "mod", "admin", "GM", "Arbiter", or anything that could be misunderstood to be those words, are not allowed in signatures or avatars. This is to avoid any confusion over who are the official Management Team Members.
  • If you find that another member's avatar or signature is offending you in some way, contact them privately and politely explain why you are offended. If you would rather not contact them yourself, PM a moderator or administrator. Offending avatars and signature are dealt with on a case by case basis. There is no guarantee that it will be removed; freedom of speech is also important here.


We are now running on a "three strikes" warning system.

  • After receiving three official warnings, your account will be suspended & deactivated for a minimum of 7 days, depending upon the severity of the offense. This will be decided upon by the administrators and moderators of the forum on a case-by-case basis. You will be notified by email of the date when your account will be reactivated. You will still be able to read messages on the forum, but you will not be able to log in to your account and post.
  • Official warnings will be received via PM from one of the administrators or moderators, clearly stating that it is an official warning and the reason behind it.
  • Warnings do not expire over time. If you are given a warning, you will always have that warning on your account UNLESS you have shown a marked improvement and behavior and the Management Team reviews your previous strikes to determine if they should be removed.
  • If your account has to be suspended more than once, your account or IP address may be banned and you will no longer be allowed to participate at the forum. This is an extreme, but an action which will be taken if deemed necessary.  In more extreme instances, this may also result in a ban from the in-world sim.
  • Members will be told to stop breaking the rules before a warning is given (depending upon the severity of the offense). If they continue to break the rules, or repeatedly break the rules after being told to stop, an official warning will be given.
  • These are some examples of things that could lead to an official warning:
    • Continuing to break the rules, after being told by a moderator or administrator to stop.
    • Posting spammy comments all over the place. Spam is anything that has absolutely nothing to do with the topic at hand, gibberish, inside jokes that have nothing to do with the topic, etc.
    • Attacking another member: throwing insults, screaming obscenities, threats, insinuating that another member is stupid, etc.
    • Being told multiple times during the week to stop double posting.
    • Everyone on the forum begins with zero warnings as of the start of this system.

    If there are any questions or suggestions about the rules, members can PM the administrator or moderators for a clarification or post in the Suggestion Box forum area.

    The site administrator reserves the right to edit, delete, and add new rules as they see fit.

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