Author Topic: AVALANCHE - Monthly Update [8/11/2017]  (Read 430 times)

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AVALANCHE - Monthly Update [8/11/2017]
« on: August 11, 2017, 09:35:49 PM »

            Due to popular request we are going to bring the monthly update back to the forums in a format
        that will be easy to read by all. This will contain any upcoming missions (hints only, we're not giving
        everything away), concepts, promotions, and anything important for the past month and next month.
        Keep an eye open!



    Your feedback has been received and Management have discussed the findings at length, and i
      would like to think we've found a solution to several of the issues that were brought up to us, so do
      keep an eye out for those. Everyone is totally welcome to give your community directly to you're local
       FL though if you wish to give continued feedback, we are always willing, and eager to listen!

       AVALANCHE Recruitment Program

             That's right, it has been teased a few times but i think we are finally able and willing to put this
         out. A google doc containing exactly how AVALANCHE recruitment should be handled after an
         application has been accepted, approved, and has been assigned to a NCO/Officer to roleplay in.
        There is only one thing that everyone needs to keep in mind, permission is key here, only recruit
         those that have been approved fully by the FL team, and you have personally asked, or have been
         asked to roleplay in. Otherwise we cannot accept them properly. Logs are also required for those
         that take part in this, as to make sure quality of roleplay is kept in high standard.


AVALANCHE Promotions August 2017

                 Zell Grava [Vamp]- Cadet > Private [Rebel career Upgrade]

                Celeste Estheim [Buttercup]- Cadet > Private [Rebel Career Upgrade]

                Ayane Mayuzuma [Ice Queen]- Cadet > Private [Rebel Career Upgrade]

                 Sally Crystalia [Cheshire]- Cadet > Private [Rebel Career Upgrade]


              ***Update to Officer ranks, from now on, as an rebel comes Ensign, they will have a standard 30
       days to prove themselves as an officer. Under extreme circumstances they will be allowed more,
       however otherwise they will ether move on to become a Lieutenant, or move back to Sergeant Major

      Jacob Warden [Lancer]- Sergeant Major > Ensign [AVA Veteran Career Upgrade]

      Lance Maxwell [Q]- Ensign > Lieutenant

      AVALANCHE Sub Divisions

                 Mechanized is in the process of being fine tuned to be in line with how Guerrillas operate
           from day to day, with additional responsibilities. As of right now, they are generally accepted as
          Guerilla+ and while that wont change, they will be given more exclusive tasks in the very near
          future that fit their division alot more closely.


                   As well as a small sneak peak in to the next coming months.

Closing Notes

Several large changes are going to be made to the main faction of Gureillas in how tiers flow in to ranks very shortly as well, however as this has not been hammered out completely details are not going to be disclosed at this time, however it will be something for everyone to look forward to in the near future. I hope this month has been enjoyable for everyone, and that the next will match it!