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AVALANCHE: Mechanized Division Application

The Mechanized Division is a branch operating within AVALANCHE's Guerrilla forces. Those in the division not only act as AVALANCHE's pilots on land and in the air, but also live a completely different way of life from the average Guerrilla. Their focus is towards that of maintenance, support, and when the time calls for it, heavy combat. Taking on a more tactical and upfront approach, they specialize in close quarters engagements. Members of the Mechanized Division are expected to be an unmovable wall that is erected to hold the line for their allies.

While it is not required, your career within the Mechanized Division could lead to the life of a pilot. Here, you may command one of our finest pieces of machinery; the near unstoppable, Scrap Golem. These automotive masterpieces we have come to know as the Mako Busters have already made a name for themselves by stopping ShinRa in their tracks, and acting as iron shields for all of AVALANCHE. The Mechanized Division also offers training in many practical equipment uses including, but not limited to, bomb making, artillery handling, and general maintenance.

SecondLife Name: Berithon

Character Name: Zell Grava

Callsign: Vamp

Prospect Reasoning: While I am not one to shy away from a fight that is needed, I find that my skills are more to the side, mechanical work, tinkering and anything that goes boom have been where I have had most of my success in my life. That and I'm sure I could make one damn fine pilot no matter what I'm driving/flying with the proper training.

Relevant Skills [if any]: Experienced with most firearms available and I am a practiced and experienced explosives maker. I have also tried my hand, successfully i might add, at dealing with mechanical components and vehicles of different kinds.

Thank you for applying. Please allow 4-6 days for processing and response.

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Re: AVALANCHE Mechanized Division Application [Zell Grava]
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Will contact in character ASAP