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SLFFVII Midgar: Gil Salary Registration Guide
« on: February 06, 2017, 08:07:59 AM »
Welcome to the Gil Salary Guide. Everything here will be geared to help how things will work around for the Gil Salary! For the upcoming one, as we're soon ready to move onto a newer system, the Scale will be Tier Rank based for the BASE Pay, but through various jobs that the Character decides to apply for, they can still get some Gil on the side, Whether it be through events, or even Hourly pay, so do not fret! To Register for certain spots of the Hourly Pay, and to be amongst the Base Pay, please Fill this out accordingly and send it to Izenagi Resident! Do note that expecting a tons of request, the process may take from One day, to 1-2 Weeks, so please bear with me!

Do remember, you have to do this every time your character who is hooked to the system is elevated a tier!

The ATM in the Skybox will still be there for anyone, however, For the Actual IC ones, the Character -must- at least have a Job to be eligible for said Daily/Hourly Payment!

-To be eligible, you have to pick 1 Character,  Per Faction, to be qualified to receive Gil Payment from. [AVALANCHE/Shin-Ra/Civilian]
-You cannot jump between different characters in a faction at once! To Switch between Character's Wages, there is a Four Week Wait Period before being Eligible to switch off to another character.
-Character Must still be Alive. Deceased Characters cannot receive payment.
-Alt Characters must be around for Three and a half Months to become Eligible for Pay.
-Canon Characters Cannot be eligible to receive Pay from.
-Story/Event Characters Cannot be eligible to receive Pay from.
-If you are a Civilian, and wishing to Attain this jobs, Inquire about it FIRST before Turning in any notecards.


Please make sure to Turn in The Notecard for Each of those Characters all within a folder! If you can't do it in a notecard, please send it to my forum PMs!

The Folder's name should be Clearly labeled like this With all of your Gil Salary Registration Notecards inside:

Example: Gil Salary Folder [SL Name Here]

If put in any other format than this, it will be potentially ignored, so please make sure that:
1)All Gil Salary Registration Notecards are sent within the Notecard
2)Gil Salary Folder is Clearly labeled like what was seen within the example.
Daily Base Pay Rate:

Starter (Tier 5): 20

Established (Tier 4):40

Veteran (Tier 3):60

Eminent (Tier 2):80

Prestige (Tier 1): 100


Hourly Wage Locations (Each of these Locations require a Certain Group to be activated! If your character is working there, and you do not have said Tag, Give us a IM to inquire about where to get said Group Tag! Do note, that said Civilian Character, would be locked to Said location, until they decide they want to get a new Job. To Switch Jobs, there is a Two week Cool-Down Period before being eligible to switch jobs once more.)

Shin-Ra Faction:
Shin-Ra Power Electric Company Tower - Miss Syndra (Daily)
Shin-Ra Outpost (Hourly)

Shin-Ra Medical (Still Considered Civilian, but runs under the Shin-Ra Medical Tag!):
Queens Hospital - Third Floor (Hourly)

North Haven -Scruffy The Janitor (Daily)
Desperado (Hourly)

Bank of Midgar (Daily)
McTonalds (Hourly)
Chubby Chocobo (Hourly)
Kupo Arcade (Hourly)
Blue Tuesday (Hourly)
Learning Center (Hourly)
Aquacure (Hourly)
7th Heaven (Hourly)
Les Marronniers (Hourly)
The Struggle (Hourly)
Nepenthe (Hourly)
Makology (Hourly)
Aijin Restaurant (Hourly)

And Many more will be on the way in later versions, so please bear with us!


Now, here's the Magic rules if you're going to be at an hourly Pay spot! You -must- be actively IC, and Role-playing in there! No AFKing. or OOCing within those spots! If you need to AFK, please move away from the spot's Radius. If you are found to be within those spots, and camping/Farming it out, you may get a bit of. . .just a boot away from there if you've already been given the first warning on it by us, so make sure to be constantly Roleplaying within there once you're checked in, and if you need to AFK, check out of there! We understand even some RL emergencies can happen, so just a small boot away would be the most of it, leaving the singular warning being as the first chance.

For those seeing folks potentially not responding there, as it takes varying lengths for folks to make a post, Always make sure to give a poke in IMs to see if the Other Player's there!



Q:What is Considered Camping/Farming?
A: AFKing, or hanging out OOCly within these Hourly pay hot-zones for more Than Two Hours can be considered Camping/Farming within there. If you are caught doing this, you will be subjected to either a First Warning, or just a boot away from the spot. (Remember. Just a boot, not a Ban! HOWEVER. Multiple Repeated Offense can potentially subject you to not receiving payment from there for One Week, don't let this be a habit!)

Q:How Much will the Hourly Pay give?
A:Hourly Pay, no matter what Job you are currently working at, will be a set rate of 5 Gil per hour.

Q:What is this spot Radius you speak of?
A:Each Hourly Wage Pay station have a varying set Radius. If you leave the Radius, you will be automatically clocked out, and not be rewarded for staying within the Range, and Roleplaying.

If you have any potential questions that's not listed here, don't be afraid to ask!


Gil Salary Registration Form!

SL Name:
Avatar Key:
Character Name:
Character Faction:
Character Current Tier:

1) If your Character is a Civilian, do they currently have a Job? If No, Skip Question numbers 2 [Y/N]

2) If Yes If they have a Job, is it at the the Aforementioned Eligible Civilian Faction places?
3) What is the Job? :


Date of Signature:

Please Return this back to Izenagi Resident, packaged in a folder, or in a private message and please be patient! As Izuna will be sifting through potentially many Gil Requests, the Process may take from One Day, to 1-2 Weeks.