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SLFFVII Midgar: Materia Fusion Guidelines [Updated 12/12/2016]
« on: December 13, 2016, 03:13:32 AM »

Special events known as Materia Fusions occur usually once a month, wherein players are able to fuse together their materia to form new, stronger materia.  The rules for Materia Fusions are as follows.

Fusion Rules
  • Once a player's Materia Fusion begins, it cannot be ended. Players get three (3) rolls of a d100 to determine the outcome of the fusion. The GM/GMiT handling the fusion event will roll the dice. These dice rolls do not stack. These dice rolls are not, "best out of three." The final roll accepted by the player is the roll they must use.  For instance, if a player's first roll is 60 and they wish to attempt to achieve a higher roll, that roll of 60 is discarded and cannot be reclaimed.
  • Up to 3 additional materia can be sacrificed to your fusion to increase the dice roll result. You will receive a +1 to your roll for each level of additional materia submitted (example: Three (3) Level 3 materia would provide a maximum of a +9 to your roll.) However, additional materia points will not carry over into your third and final roll. These 'modifier' materia cannot be insured and will not be returned regardless in the event of a failure.
  • You MUST use a fusion recipe from the recipe guidelines. This means, you CANNOT fuse eight of the same level 1 materia it get a level 4 of that materia.  No double fusions, triple fusions, or quadruple fusions are allowed.
  • Anyone caught using an alt to fuse materia, or paying/begging others to fuse for them will be temporarily or permanently banned, depending on severity.  This also pertains to people who fuse materia on behalf of someone else in place of their own. No exception.
  • All who were investors PRIOR to the monthly Fusion announcement will be accounted for. This information will have been recorded before the official announcement, so investments AFTER Fusion announcements will not be considered.
  • Please make sure that you are prepared by the time your Fusion begins.  Your materia need to be placed in a folder with your name and your intended fusion (example: Lightning 2 [Izenagi]).  Failure to comply with this guideline will result in denial of your Fusion.  You will be sent to the back of the line so that you may resubmit in the proper format.
  • Please be patient with the GM team, as fusions aren't easy.  We will send out notices to let you know when Fusions are taking place.

Dice Success Guide

The success of your fusion is entirely dependent upon dice rolls, plus the number of modifiers you elect to add with sacrificed materia.

1 = Super Critical Failure: Lose all materia; no further rolls.
2 - 25 = Critical Failure: Lose all materia.
26 - 35 = Failure: Get 1 materia back.

36 - 60 = No Change: Get all materia back.
61 - 95 = Success: Get desired materia.
96 - 99 = Critical Success: Get desired materia + 1 materia back.
100 = Super Critical Success: Get a higher level version of desired materia, or your materia back.

NOTE:  For Critical Success/Super Critical, only the RAW Roll counts, not rolls modified by added (sacrificed) materia.


Fusion Insurance

Fusion insurance assures that your materia are returned to you in the event of a fusion failure.  Depending on a materia's rank, there is a respective gil cost associated with insuring it.  You can view Materia Ranks here.

Tier 5: 640 Gil
Tier 4: 1440 Gil
Tier 3: 2560 Gil
Tier 2: 4000 Gil
Tier 1: 4840 Gil
Tier S: ? ? ? ? Gil

Recipe/Formula Guidelines
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