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    Love is in the Air

    13 February 2016 , by Floyd Gilmour

    Love is in the air this weekend, and as such Loveless Plaza has been transformed into a romantic hotspot. Check it out, and you might even run into a wild Cupidberry! Everyone’s favorite Romantic Encounter monsters are back to spread love and cheer this Valentine’s weekend, so don’t miss out. Read more

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    Join us in Midgar.

    6 February 2016 , by Floyd Gilmour

    SLFFVII is a fully graphical and immersive Final Fantasy VII roleplay experience and community built within Second Life, a 3D metaverse with powerful build, customization and scripting tools. We have been established since 2007 and are hosted on Second Life’s Midgar simulation, which is home to recreated iconic game locations and characters, ... Read more

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