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What is SLFFVII?

SLFFVII (Second Life Final Fantasy VII) is a Final Fantasy 7 roleplay with MMO elements constructed in the Metaverse of Second Life. We were first opened in November 2006, with an expansion to a larger sim opening in March 13th 2007. You can read more about our history on our About page.


Who owns SLFFVII/Midgar?

The Midgar sim is owned by founding manager Floyd Gilmour, but is actively managed by the SLFFVII Management Team. This team consists Game Managers, Arbiters (Who handle minor disputes.) and our Community Support Team (Who monitor prim usage and deal with trolls and griefers who enter the sim.)


Is SLFFVII sanctioned by Square-Enix?

SLFFVII has never been officially sanctioned by the Final Fantasy copyright holders Square-Enix, we have made attempts to pursue this and have contacted officials from Square-Enix North America and Square-Enix Germany regarding our legality, we were informed that they would be unable to provide any sort of sanctioning, but at the time of contact there would be no interest in targeting us for any sort of legal action. SLFFVII is non-profit with all financial proceeds invested into paying for the Midgar simulator, we consider the roleplay to be a work of fanart and therefore fair usage.

Should Square-Enix wish to challenge us on this they are free to contact us at Floyd@SLFFVII.com.


Where are you set in the FFVII Timeline?

We operate in a real-time moving timeline, currently set during the events of both Crisis Core and Before Crisis. You can check our current date and year on the front page of our Wiki.

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"SL" and "Second Life" are registered trademarks of Linden Labs and are used in accordance with their guidelines. "FFVII", "FF7" and "Final Fantasy" are copyright of Square-Enix. Our community and use of this copyright falls under fan-art and fair use. We are a non-profit entity.